Dough for muffins with milk - we cook at home! Recipes for quick, classic, sponge dough for buns with milk

Dough for muffins with milk - we cook at home! Recipes for quick, classic, sponge dough for buns with milk

Home-made buns cannot even be compared with purchased baked goods! Lush, fragrant, soft products with raisins, cinnamon, jam, sugar, like adults and children. There are lots of options for toppings, but the main thing is to make a good dough. Success depends on him in 99%.

The dough for muffins on milk - the general principles of cooking

The dough for the buns are always made with yeast. It loves warmth, it takes several hours to rise and ripen. Yeast is usually dissolved in milk, sometimes they are used to make a brew with the addition of other ingredients.

What to put in the dough:

• Flour. Used white wheat. It is desirable to sift the product before use to saturate it with oxygen.

• Sugar. It is added to taste and activate the yeast.

• Salt. Yeast dough is not prepared without it. Lack of salt will negatively affect the appearance and taste.

• Fats. This butter, lard, margarine. Added melted or melted. Vegetable oil just pours into the dough.

• Eggs. Added in small quantities, in some recipes are missing.

All ingredients must be lukewarm. You need to prepare them in advance, you can leave on the table. Milk and other liquids can be heated additionally, but not to a hot state.

Dough for buns on milk with butter

Recipe for ordinary dough for buns on milk, which is kneaded in a simple way and requires infusion for 2-3 hours. Therefore, you need to prepare it in advance.


• 0.27 liters of milk;

• 100 g butter;

• 650-700 grams of flour;

• 8 g yeast;

• 5 g of salt;

• 6 Art. l Sahara;

• 2 eggs.


1. Heat the milk. We pour out dry yeast and granulated sugar.

2. Shake eggs with salt, combine with sweetened milk, stir.

3. Butter should be melted, cool. Pour almost everything into the dough, leaving half a spoon.

4. Pour the flour into the yeast mass, knead the dough. At the end pour the remaining melted butter. 5. Carefully knead the ball with your hands until smooth.

6. We put in heat. To prevent the crust from drying out on the surface, cover the dish with a towel.

7. An hour later, check the dough. It had to rise well. Clean hands lower it to the bottom of the dish. Cover again and hold for another hour or a little more.

8. If the dough re-rose well, you can proceed to the formation of buns. On the baking sheet, we give the finished products a good rise, then we grease them with eggs, send them to baking.

Quick dough for muffins with milk

One hour is enough for this test to reach readiness. Next, you can form buns or sweet cakes, cheesecakes.


• 1 kg of flour;

• 150 g of softened margarine;

• 120 g of sugar;

• 20 g yeast;

• 1 tbsp. l salts;

• 450 ml of milk;

• 2 eggs;

• vanilla.


1. Activate dry yeast. To do this, mix them with sugar, add milk, it must be warm. To do this, heat up to 37-40 degrees. Stir, leave for 15 minutes. As soon as a fluffy cap of foam appears on the mixture, you can proceed to the immediate kneading of the dough.

2. Beat the eggs with a fork with one spoon of salt, pour it over the milk.

3. Enter half the flour and add the softened margarine. It should be very soft, it is possible to melt slightly, but not to a liquid state.

4. Immediately pour vanilla, start kneading the test. We introduce more flour, knead by hand. We do not do a tough mass, it should stick to your hands a little. Thoroughly knead.

5. Separately, in a saucepan, heat the water, turn it off. Put a bowl over hot water, cover with a towel.

6. After 20-30 minutes, the dough will rise well. You can begin to form the buns.

Dough for muffins with milk in the sponge method

Sponge dough preparation method allows to get tender, airy and soft buns, cheesecakes, and other yeast products. It can also be used to bake large fruit pies. Yeast fresh, you can take a third of the dry product.

Ingredients • 25 g yeast;

• 0.3 liters of milk;

• a pound of flour;

• 150 g butter cl;

• 50 g of races oil;

• 150 g of sugar;

• 4 eggs;

• salt 5g.


1. Heat the milk. Add at once all the tremors and a spoonful of sugar, dissolve.

2. Enter 100 grams of sifted flour into the dough. Stir. Leave for an hour in a warm place.

3. During this time, the mass will increase, it will be foamy, then it will fall off. A sour smell will come from the dough.

4. Beat eggs with the rest of the sugar, add prescription salt to them, stir until dissolved. If necessary, you can leave one yolk to lubricate the buns.

5. We melt the oil or soften it very well, mix it with eggs, pour it all into a dough.

6. Begin to stir and gradually introduce flour. At the end pour in vegetable oil. Knead dough until smooth. It should not stick to dishes or hands.

7. We shift in a large bowl, re-cover with a towel.

8. Waiting for a good climb. After about 30-40 minutes, you can butcher the dough, sculpt buns of any kind. Before baking grease with yolk, you can add one or two spoons of milk to it.

Dough for buns with milk and vegetable oil

You can mix the dough for tasty buns not only with margarine or butter. If you use vegetable oil, then baking turns out even softer, stays fresh longer. Choose only the refined product, so that the buns do not have any foreign smell.


• 300 ml of milk;

• 80 ml of oil;

• 1 egg;

• 90 g of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• flour;

• yeast 10 g.


1. Dough without a dough, but it is prepared with a chatterbox. Diluted sugar in milk, pour yeast and five tablespoons of flour, stir and forget about the mash for a quarter of an hour. If there are lumps in it, then nothing terrible. They disperse when kneading.

2. While the talker stands, you need to dissolve the salt in the egg, mix them with almost all the vegetable oil, leave a spoon to lubricate the dough at the very end.

3. Enter the butter and egg into the talker, put the flour and knead the dough. 4. At the end, pour in the left spoon of oil. We make a soft, smooth mass that will spread slightly in the hand.

5. Cover with a napkin dough. We wait for the test increase in half. Now you can besiege it.

6. After the second ascent, you can start making buns, smearing, baking.

Dough for muffins on milk with water

For this test two types of liquids are mixed. Milk can use any fat content, but not less than 3% is better. It is better to use softened butter, but if it is hard, it is allowed to melt the product.


• 250 ml of milk;

• 150 g of water;

• 100 g of oil;

• 110 g of sugar;

• 15 g yeast;

• 1 tsp. salts;

• egg;

• vanilla extract.


1. Dilute milk with hot water to make a warm liquid that the hand suffers.

2. Dilute sugar first with salt, then add powdered yeast. Stir.

3. Beat the egg until light peki, pour into the yeast mixture.

4. Add a glass of flour, stir.

5. Enter the softened butter. As already mentioned, you can take melted, but it should not be hot. The same applies to margarine, which can be replaced in the dough butter.

6. Fill the flour with vanilla, knead the soft and smooth dough, transfer it to a high saucepan.

7. Put the pot in the heat, throw a linen napkin on top, wait for the first climb.

8. Considerably in 70-80 minutes, the dough should be lowered. We are waiting for the second rise. It will happen earlier.

9. Now knead the dough is not necessary. Just put it on the table, make buns of any size and shape.

Dough for muffins in milk with sour cream

Recipe short pastry on milk with sour cream. Buns from it are very tasty, even if nothing else is added. Fat sour cream arbitrary, butter, you can take any in this recipe, it is used in a small amount.


• 250 ml of milk;

• 80 g sour cream;

• 11 g yeast;

• 3 spoons of butter;

• 80 g sugar;

• flour and salt;

• one egg and vanilla.


1. Mix the egg with sour cream and sugar, put salt to them. Enough one teaspoon without a slide. Stir until smooth. 2. Separately mix dry yeast with warm milk.

3. Combine the milk mixture with a mass of sour cream and egg, stir until smooth.

4. Add vanilla and flour to them, knead the dough.

5. As soon as the mass becomes thick, in a spoon, add vegetable oil or melted margarine, butter. Make the dough smooth.

6. It remains only to place the dough on the milk in the heat and wait for the second rise.

Dough for muffins on milk without eggs on margarine

Economical version of the test for buns, which is prepared from a minimum set of products. If done correctly, the pastry will delight in taste.


• 300 g of milk;

• 100 g margarine;

• 80 g sugar;

• salt;

• 11 g yeast;

• flour.


1. Margarine need to melt, cool.

2. Combine yeast with sugar and salt in warm milk, stir it.

3. Add margarine, which should be lukewarm.

4. Now we enter flour, for aroma it is possible to add vanilla. Stir the dough.

5. We leave in heat for 2-2.5 hours. During this time, it can be pressed 1-2 times. Then proceed to the manufacture of buns.

Dough for muffins with milk - tips and tricks

• If there is no time to wait for a few hours to raise the dough, you can add one spoon of 40 ° vodka when mixing. The process will go much faster.

• Accelerate the rise of the dough pan with hot water. It is necessary to put a bowl on it, if necessary, the water is additionally heated.

• For flavor, you can add not only vanilla to the bakery dough, but also cinnamon, ginger, various essences and extracts.

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