Fried jam pies - the very taste, the same flavor! Recipes of fried pies with jam from different dough

Fried jam pies - the very taste, the same flavor! Recipes of fried pies with jam from different dough

Fried jam pie is a real miracle! Everything is magical in it: sweet stuffing, ruddy crust, airy dough. Can someone refuse?

Fried jam pies - general principles of cooking

Traditionally fried pies with sweet fillings are made from yeast dough in milk or water. But you can always deviate from the rules, especially from the puff or cottage cheese dough products turn out just as good. Tasty and quick patties can be made from kefir dough with baking powder. This recipe is below.

Jam for pies you can take any:

• apple;

• pear;

• plum;

• cherry.

You can take a mixture of different species, add cinnamon, zest, vanilla. But it is worth remembering that the jam is very sweet. Therefore, no need to impose in every pie "from the heart." Also, a large number of sweet fillings can lead to sticking. If the jam is liquid, then you can add to it a little crumb from biscuits, crushed crackers, starch. Well thicken the filling dry jelly.

For frying pies usually used odorless vegetable oil. It is very important to determine the correct temperature. If the fat is not warm enough, the dough will absorb it, the products will be oiled and tasteless. If the deep-fryer is heated too much, then the patties will quickly burn, not having time to bake themselves inside.

Yeast Fried Jam Pies

The recipe for ordinary yeast pies in a skillet filled with jam. To the dough does not burn, but it turned out soft, tasty, strictly respect the proportions of ingredients. Dough on milk.


• 500 g flour (approximately);

• 250 ml of milk;

• 11 g yeast;

• 2 spoons of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• jam;

• egg.

Oil for frying.


1. Heat the milk. If it is not enough, then you can mix with a small amount of water.

2. Dissolve granulated sugar with yeast and salt in a warm liquid, add an egg and shake well. 3. Pour the flour, if desired, you can add a little vanilla, stir. Flour can take a little more. Make a soft dough.

4. We shift in a large pot, cover with a kitchen towel, leave for lifting. Since the pies will roast in a pan, it is enough to go well with the dough once.

5. If the jam is thick, then you need to rub it with a spoon or fork, you can beat it up by adding a little water.

6. Divide the dough into 15-18 pieces, if you need small and neat cakes. But you can make products larger or smaller.

7. Flatten or stretch each ball into a small cake, the thickness should be the same everywhere. You can use a rolling pin. In this case, you need to pour a little flour on the dough or oil it so that the rolling pin does not stick.

8. Spread the jam, sculpt cakes of the classical form.

9. Fry in hot oil on both sides.

Fried pies with jam “Lenten”

Recipe for lean yeast pies with jam, which are also very economical. Despite the absence of milk, eggs and other familiar ingredients, the dough turns out tasty and soft.


• 2 tbsp. flour;

• 1.5 tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• 150 ml of water;

• 1 tsp. with a mound of yeast;

• salt;

• spoon of sugar;

• 200 ml cooking oil;

• 150-200 g jam for the filling.


1. To make the dough soft, it is better to knead it in a sponge manner. Combine warm water with yeast and one incomplete cup of flour, stir.

2. Leave the talker warm for at least half an hour.

3. As soon as bubbles appear on the surface, the mass will increase in size and the sour flavor will go, you can add salt with sugar, pour 1.5 spoons of vegetable oil, stir, knead the dough with the remaining flour.

4. Again, leave him alone, give doubled.

5. Now you can make patties. Slightly above described the method of forming products.

6. Fry the patties in preheated vegetable oil, serve cold or hot.

Fried pies with puff pastry jam

For some reason, puff pastry products are usually baked in the oven. But after all from it wonderful fried pies with a crispy and fragrant crust turn out.


• dough packaging;

• jam;

• egg;

• butter.


1. The main difficulty when working with puff pastry is its modeling. The product is dry enough to prevent the edges from sticking, use an egg. Beat it in a small bowl.

2. Roll out the dough thinly. Cut into squares. You can use a figure knife, it will be even more beautiful.

3. We moisten the brush in the egg, lubricate a few squares, but not completely. We process the edges, leaving the middle dry, so that the jam calmly spreads over it.

4. Fold the filling. We sculpt the pies by folding the pieces in half or diagonally.

5. Lubricate the egg with the following dough, in a similar way sculpt all the patties. While the first products are standing, the puff pastry becomes limp, the seams stick together firmly.

6. Fry puff patties in hot oil. They should float freely, not touch the bottom of the pan.

Fried pies with jam from dough on kefir

Option quick dough on kefir for fried pies with jam. Unlike yeast options, this test is enough to stand for a quarter of an hour. If there is no time at all, then you can sculpt and fry the pies immediately after kneading.


• 250 ml of kefir;

• one spoonful of sugar;

• a pinch of salt;

• teaspoon of soda;

• egg;

• flour as much as leave.

Oil for deep fat, jam or jam for the filling.


1. The dough is cooked quickly. You can use a mixer. Beat egg and salt with sugar, add kefir.

2. Pour soda into kefir, beat together another half minute.

3. Add flour, mix usual pie dough that will not spread.

4. Now it is desirable to leave it for a quarter of an hour so that the mass becomes more elastic.

5. It remains to form the usual jam pies. Since the dough is not yeast, you need to roll the pieces with a rolling pin. Do not make thick flat cakes, when frying the dough will become lush and porous. 6. We spread the products with jam in the hot oil, brown on both sides.

Fried pies with jam from sweet dough

Another version of the test for fried pies. It turns out more rich, contains margarine (can be replaced with butter)


• 2.5 cups of milk;

• 7-8 glasses of flour;

• 70 g milk margarine;

• 2 eggs;

• 40 g fresh yeast (13-15 g dry);

• 1 tsp. salts;

• 2 spoons of sugar;

• Jam any;

• oil for deep fat.


1. Yeast must be diluted in warm milk. Set aside a few minutes. Margarine melt.

2. Smash the eggs in a bowl, pour salt and sugar, stir until smooth. First add the milk with the dissolved yeast, then the melted margarine.

3. Thoroughly mix everything, pour 6 cups of flour. Stir. Fill the remaining flour, adjust the thickness of the dough.

4. Thoroughly rub the mass so that it becomes homogeneous. We shift in a saucepan, give the dough to double.

5. Divide into pieces of 100 grams, lay out on the table, leaving the distance between them.

6. As soon as the lumps rise a little, we stretch our hands to make small flat cakes.

7. Fold out the jam stuffing, make pies, fry in the usual way in vegetable oil.

Fried pies with cottage cheese jam

The recipe for pies made from very tender and tasty dough with cottage cheese. Jam for filling use thick.


• 200 g of cottage cheese;

• 1 tsp. ripper;

• egg;

• 200 g of flour;

• 40 g sugar;

• jam;

• oil for frying.


1. Put the cottage cheese in a bowl, mash with a fork, add sugar and egg, fill the mass with a pinch of salt. Stir thoroughly.

2. Pour the flour ripper into the curd mass. Knead the soft dough. It will stick a little to the hands, so it should be.

3. Table should be sprinkled with flour, put the pieces of dough, roll out.

4. On each piece, put a little jam, tweak the edges of the pies.

5. Pour 0.5 cm of vegetable oil into the pan. Heat up. 6. Fry the patties until tender.

Delicious filling for fried jam pies

You can cook pies not only with a clean jam. You can add poppy, nuts, fresh fruit or berries, cottage cheese, but a particularly tasty option is obtained with raisins.


• 250 g jam;

• 200 g raisins;

• 0.5 tsp. cinnamon


1. Fill the raisins with hot water, but not boiling water. Let stand until the grapes are swollen.

2. Drain the raisins in a colander, dry.

3. Mix the swollen grapes with any jam, fill the mass with cinnamon.

4. Stir the filling thoroughly, use for fried pies and other pastries.

Fried jam pies - tips and tricks

• The pie will not be greasy and oiled, if immediately after frying, put it on a paper napkin. After oil has been absorbed, the paper must be removed.

• If the recipe is raw yeast, and you have dry yeast, you can easily replace them by reducing the amount three times. You can also translate the prescription amount of dry yeast into a pressed product.

• If the yeast dough turned out cool, he needs to stand longer and get well. Otherwise, the cakes will turn out hard and will quickly turn black.

• If the dough turned out weak, it can quickly sour. In this case it is necessary to form products immediately after the first ascent.

• So that the cakes do not fall apart during frying, and the jam does not “shoot,” put the products in the hot oil with the seam down.

• To prevent soot from frying, the room is not filled with smoke, it is better to use vegetable oil rather than flour when cutting dough.

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