Cottage cheese casserole with milk - no crumbs will be left! Indulge homemade cottage cheese casseroles on milk - with cherries, condensed milk, raisins

Cottage cheese casserole with milk - no crumbs will be left! Indulge homemade cottage cheese casseroles on milk - with cherries, condensed milk, raisins

Curd casseroles, not without reason, are considered to be one of the most tender, and, perhaps, therefore the most beloved.

If men fill the menu in your family, and the most popular dishes are brutal pasties, chops or roast beef with blood, offer a cottage cheese casserole, they say that a small, playful lion cub lives in each lion.

Cottage cheese casseroles on milk - general principles of cooking

• Cottage cheese - the main component of the “test” for cottage cheese casseroles. His choice is not limited to certain rules. In cottage cheese casseroles with milk, cottage cheese of any fat content and graininess will be suitable, as long as the fermented milk product is fresh.

• When preparing mass for casseroles, cottage cheese is mixed with other ingredients and well whipped with a mixer or interrupted by a blender. If the recipe does not involve beating with a blender, the curd is pre-ground on a rare sieve or passed through a meat grinder, with an installed fine grid. This allows you to make the "dough" more uniform, without admixture of grains.

• Milk use low-fat, 3.2% fat content of dairy product is the most suitable. You can take homemade milk, but it should be diluted with water.

• Eggs are added to curd casseroles with milk for juiciness and better bonding of ingredients. If the recipe requires putting semolina, it is always soaked in milk to make it well swollen.

• Cottage cheese casseroles on milk can be prepared with the addition of dry or fresh berries and fruits, with boiled cereals and oatmeal. They are baked in the oven or multi-cooker in the “Baking” mode. Cooking time and temperature is always specified in the recipe.

• To make the finished dish freely out of the mold or bowl of the slow cooker, a thin layer of butter is applied to their bottom and walls and only after that they spread the curd mass. For reliability, the oil layer is sprinkled with flour or semolina. • Cottage cheese casseroles with milk are separate dishes. They are usually served with sour cream, high-quality condensed milk, jam or specially prepared sauces.

Cottage cheese casserole with milk and raisins


• 250 gr. elastic 9% cottage cheese;

• two eggs;

• half a cup of cow's milk;

• two spoons of sugar;

• a small bag of vanilla;

• semolina - two spoons;

• creamy, “Peasant” butter - 30 gr .;

• spoon of pure vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the semolina into cold milk, mix and leave for swelling for 10 minutes. Do not skip this action, otherwise the casserole will come out hard and too thick.

2. Wash the raisins with hot water and dry it from excess moisture, throwing it back onto a sieve.

3. Grind cottage cheese with a meat grinder or grind the product through a rare sieve.

4. Beat eggs with salt in a separate bowl with a mixer, granulated sugar and vanilla. Beat until the mass is lush and smooth.

5. Then add in it the sliced ​​softened butter, swollen semolina, cottage cheese and again mix everything well with a mixer. You can just stir with a spoon. Add raisins at the end.

6. On the inner surface of the refractory form, apply the butter and sprinkle well semolina.

7. Put the “dough” for the casserole into the mold, flatten the surface and clean for up to 40 minutes in the hot oven.

8. In the first half of the time, the cabinet door cannot be opened, otherwise the dish will settle.

Cottage cheese casserole on milk - “Gentle as a souffle”


• a pound of cottage cheese;

• three eggs;

• creamy, “Traditional” butter - 60 gr .;

• three spoons with a pile of sugar;

• three spoons of semolina;

• 3 spoons “with a hill” of fat sour cream;

• pinch of vanilla.

Cooking Method:

1. Melt any way, at low temperature butter and cool it well.

2. Add sour cream, sugar, semolina and vanilla. Stir everything with a spoon and break into the egg mixture. Put the curd and perebeyte all blender. The mixture should be homogeneous, resembling its consistency paste. After that, beat the mixture with a mixer, but not for long, ten minutes at an average speed will be enough. 3. Lubricate the inside of the form, approximately 25 cm in diameter, with oil, sprinkle with flour and fill with curd mass.

4. Put in the oven and bake at 160 degrees until cooked. Cooking time can vary from one to one and a half hours and depends on the power of the oven.

5. The degree of readiness can be checked in an hour by piercing the surface in the middle with a wooden stick. If it stays dry at the same time, take out the casserole, it is ready.

Simple cottage cheese casserole on condensed milk - “Marching”


• whole condensed milk can;

• a pound of cottage cheese;

• three large eggs.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the condensed milk into a bowl. Break eggs into it and mix at low speed using a mixer. Given the “marching” version of the recipe, beating with a fork or a strong whisk is also acceptable.

2. Add the curd and mix again with a mixer.

3. Pour the resulting mass into the prepared round shape and place in the oven.

4. After about 45 minutes, when the food is ready, check it out by checking it with a toothpick puncture.

Airy cottage cheese casserole on milk with sour cream


• 900 gr. cottage cheese;

• refined sugar - 2/3 cup;

• three raw eggs;

• half a cup of dry decoy;

• half a cup of 20% sour cream;

• a small bag of vanilla powder or sugar;

• A handful of pitted dark raisins;

• pasteurized milk, medium-fat - 1/2 tbsp.

Cooking Method:

1. Scald raisins with boiling water and leave it for 10 minutes in warm water. Drain the water, wash the raisins again and dry them, spreading them on a linen napkin.

2. Manka fill with cold milk, and, as well as raisins, soak for a quarter of an hour.

3. Whisk stir the sugar with two eggs.

4. Twist in a meat grinder curd and mix it with a sweet egg mass, sour cream and swelled semolina.

5. Add raisins, lightly salt and add vanillin, mix and transfer into a pre-prepared form.

6. Slightly stir the egg with a spoon of sour cream and brush the surface with the mixture. 7. Bake for about one hour at a temperature not higher than 180 degrees.

Rice and cottage cheese casserole on milk, with apples in a slow cooker


• 70 ml of pasteurized milk;

• 100 gr. dry semolina;

• 150 gr. white sugar;

• 600 gr. cottage cheese 12% fat;

• two spoons of dark sugar;

• eggs - 3 pcs .;

• half spoon of baking soda;

• ten fresh or frozen cherries, pitted;

• spoon of vinegar;

• one sweet and sour apple;

• 70 gr. round grain rice;

• A spoon of ground cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

1. Enumerated, well-washed rice cereal, put in a cooking bowl. Pour one and a half liters of water, and boil in the mode of "Porridge". Be sure to salt and rinse the prepared rice and dry.

2. Pour milk in semolina, mix and leave for half an hour. Then mix the swollen semolina with soda slaked in vinegar.

3. Beat eggs with regular sugar until frothy. Add to them, mixing, cottage cheese and semolina.

4. In the boiled rice, add the cinnamon with dark sugar and mix thoroughly.

5. Press the juice out of the cherries. Mix it with half of the curd dough and transfer the cherry mass to a moistened cup with oil.

6. Spread the rice evenly over it, and cover it with thin slices of apples, spreading the pieces in a spiral.

7. Fill the rest with curd mass and close the lid of the multicastry pan.

8. Start the device in the “Baking” mode, having programmed it for 1.3 hours.

9. As soon as the program is completed, immediately remove the ready-made dessert from the bowl so that it does not become damp.

10. Such a casserole is recommended after cooling to stand overnight in the refrigerator and only then serve, watering with sour cream.

Cottage cheese casserole on milk with dried apricots - “Childish taste”


• 400 gr. fat cottage cheese;

• a tablespoon of ground almonds;

• incomplete cup of dried apricots;

• two eggs;

• small lemon;

• 150 ml of pasteurized milk;

• refined sugar - 4 tbsp. l .;

• two spoons of semolina;

• 30 gr. white coconut shavings;

• light honey - two spoons; • a tablespoon of starch;

• half a cup of white dessert wine.

Cooking Method:

1. Leave the dried apricots scalded with boiling water in warm water for 10 minutes. Drain the liquid, and in the dried fruit pour in the wine mixed with honey.

2. Wash the lemon with hot water. Scrape zest with a small grater with citrus and add it to the dried apricots. Stir, bring to a boil and boil on low heat for seven minutes. Cool, strain the broth and do not pour it.

3. On a rare metal sieve, grind the cottage cheese, pour the milk and expressed fruit decoction into it. Stir the mixture to a smooth, pasty consistency.

4. In a fluffy foam, beat the sugar with eggs and add the sweet egg mass to the curd.

5. Add coconut, ground almonds, starch, swollen semolina and mix thoroughly.

6. Cover the bottom of the mold with parchment and apply a thin layer of butter on it.

7. Then put dried apricots cooked in wine on the parchment and pour it with cottage cheese dough for casserole.

8. First, bake for 25 minutes, keeping the heat in the range of 180 degrees, then reduce the heating of the oven to 150 degrees and continue baking for another 15 minutes.

9. Ready the dessert slightly cool, and turn the dried apricots up on a flat dish. Decorate the surface with coconut flakes.

Cottage cheese casserole with milk and oatmeal - “Cherry delight”


• 120 gr. oatmeal;

• 450 gr. non-granular fat cottage cheese;

• 50 gr. butter, sweet cream;

• four eggs;

• two spoons of milk;

• 450 gr. cherries (fresh berries or frozen);

• tablespoon of liqueur;

• two spoons of starch;

• teaspoon ripper for dough;

• 110 gr. Sahara.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour one hundred grams of oatmeal into a bowl. Add sugar, melted, unboiled butter and lightly salted. Stir and set aside for a while. Oil should not be hot, it is desirable to melt it in advance.

2. Pour the remaining porridge with milk mixed with liqueur. 3. Put the washed dried cherries into a small bowl, and mix the berries with the starch.

4. Divide the yolks with the whites, mix the first with the curd, and beat the whites in a separate container.

5. Add sugar to the curd mass, baking powder for the dough and beat with a blender.

6. Mix the resulting pasty mass with cherries, in gentle movements, from the bottom up, enter the proteins.

7. On the bottom of the prepared form, spread the flakes mixed with butter, and the curd mass on them. Use the next layer to distribute the flakes soaked in liquor milk, and send to the oven for at least 40 minutes. Maintain heat strictly no more than 180 degrees.

Cottage Cheese Casseroles with Milk - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• The soda added to the curd must always be quenched in vinegar or lemon juice. Milk does not have acidity, which allows to repay it.

• If the curd contains a lot of whey, place it for a while on a sieve. Excess moisture will leave, and the mass will not float. In an overly dry fermented milk product, add a little kefir.

• If you use a mixer when stirring, the cooking time will be significantly reduced and the curd mass will be more uniform than when stirring with a spoon.

• Try to get the prepared casserole from the mold as early as possible, otherwise it may be damp.

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