Cottage cheese casserole in the microwave with semolina, apples, lemon. Recipes for cottage cheese casseroles in the microwave

Cottage cheese casserole in the microwave with semolina, apples, lemon. Recipes for cottage cheese casseroles in the microwave

Many housewives use the microwave oven mainly to heat food, or defrost food. But it can be used for cooking different dishes, and the cooking time is reduced significantly.

Cottage cheese casserole in the microwave turns out to be tender and tasty, while it is cooked easily and quickly.

We used to cook cottage cheese casserole as a dessert, with sugar, berries and fruits. But if you add vegetables, herbs and spices to the curd, you get a healthy, and no less tasty dish that is suitable for dinner.

Cottage Cheese Casserole in the Microwave - Basic Cooking Principles

Cottage cheese fray with sugar, butter and eggs, add semolina or starch, and knead the dough. You can put raisins, berries or fruits into it.

The dough is laid out in the form and baked for several minutes at maximum power.

Served with casserole with berry or fruit sauce, condensed milk or jam.

Recipe 1. A curd casserole in the microwave


fat cottage cheese - pack;

two spoons of manna cereal;

75 g sugar;

vanillin - 5 g;

eggs - two pcs .;

35 g raisins;


condensed milk.

Method of preparation

1. Curd we fall asleep in the bowl of a food processor, add eggs, granulated sugar and vanillin. Grind all together to a creamy, smooth.

2. Pour the semolina and mix well. Wash the raisins, and pour it with boiling water for five minutes. Drain the water, slightly squeeze the raisins, and put them in the dough. Stir so that it is evenly distributed throughout the mass.

3. Pour the dough into silicone molds. We set the power of the microwave oven to 800 W, and set the molds with dough for two minutes. After turning it off, wait another two minutes without pulling out the casserole, and turn on the oven again for the same power and time. We take out the casserole from the mold, decorate with berries and pour with condensed milk.

Recipe 2. Cottage cheese casserole in a microwave with sour cream

Ingredients half a kilo of cottage cheese;

a slice of butter plum .;

sour cream - three quarters of a glass;

salt and vanilla sugar;

four art. spoons of sugar;

three eggs.

Method of preparation

1. Put the curd in the bowl of the blender and finely grind it. Add yolks, vanilla sugar and salt to it. Stir the ingredients into a homogeneous mass.

2. Beat whites with sugar until firm foam. Gradually add protein mass, mix it into the curd.

3. Grease the deep glass mold with melted butter, and transfer the curd mixture into it. Smooth the surface with a spatula and lubricate with oil. Cover with a lid and place in the microwave. We set the power to 600 W, and bake the curd casserole for a quarter of an hour.

4. Put the casserole on a flat dish and serve with honey or sour cream.

Recipe 3. A curd casserole in a microwave with raisins



fat cottage cheese - 350 g;

granulated sugar - 85 g;

semolina - 50 g;

1 egg;


70 g plums. melted butter.

Method of preparation

1. Drop the curd on a sieve or colander, and wait until all the moisture has drained.

2. In an deep bowl, beat the egg and whisk it into the thick foam. Then add sugar and semolina to the egg mass, and also put the curd. Beat all with a mixer until smooth.

Leave the dough to infuse for ten minutes.

3. Wash and dry the raisins. Put it in curd-yachnoy mass, add vanilla sugar and whisk.

4. Grease the glass form with melted butter and put the dough in it. The surface of the dough also grease with melted butter.

5. Turn on the microwave at maximum power, and bake the curd casserole for about ten minutes. Serve casserole can be for breakfast, or as a dessert.

Recipe 4. Microwave curd casserole with lemon juice


fat cottage cheese - 700 g;

lemon zest;

lemon juice - 50 ml;

eggs - four pcs .;

dried fruits;

starch - 60 g

Method of preparation

1. Separate the whites from the yolks. Whisk the last separately with sugar and lemon juice. Beat in a separate bowl, in a strong foam squirrels. 2. Put the curd in a bowl of blender and grind well. Put it in a deep bowl, pour in the whipped yolks, add starch, salt and add the lemon zest. Whisk everything until smooth with a blender. Then lay out the washed and dried dried fruit and mix with a spoon.

3. Lubricate the form for the microwave with melted butter, put a lot of curd into it, and grease the surface with melted butter. Turn on the 650 W microwave, and set the dough on for 12 minutes. If the oven is equipped with a grill, then turn it on for five minutes, so that a delicious crust appears. Cut the casserole in portions, and pour the fruit sauce.

Recipe 5. Microwave cheesecake casserole with pear


eggs - two pcs .;

homemade cottage cheese - 300 g;

300 g pears;

salt and vanilla;

three spoons of starch;


a piece of melted butter;

granulated sugar - 50 g

Method of preparation

1. We wash the lemon under the tap, wipe it with a napkin, remove the zest and squeeze out the juice. Grind the zest.

2. In a skillet, melt half of the butter. Pour sugar, stir, and put in a microwave for a minute. The oil should start to boil.

3. Add the yolks, lemon zest and lemon juice, vanilla sugar and starch to the hot mixture. All components are whipped with a mixer. Continuing to beat, gradually lay out the cottage cheese.

4. Wash my pear, wipe off, remove seeds and cut into thin slices.

5. Grease the glass or ceramic container with melted butter and put the curd dough into it. From above, over the entire surface, lay the pear slices.

6. Turn on the microwave oven at an average power, and set the capacity of the curd dough for four minutes. Then we increase the power and continue to bake for the same amount of time. After the signal, leave the casserole in the oven for another five minutes. Served with sour cream or condensed milk.

Recipe 6. Cottage cheese casserole with broccoli in a microwave oven


150 g low-fat cottage cheese;

bunch of greens;

a pinch of salt;

broccoli - 100 g;


Method of preparation 1. Disassemble broccoli into inflorescences. Put them in a colander and rinse under the faucet. Leave until all the water is drained. Shift on disposable towel and dry. Then cut the broccoli in small pieces.

2. Put the cottage cheese in a blender, add the egg, salt it, and grind it into a homogeneous mixture.

3. We wash a bunch of greens, and dry them with a paper towel. Finely chop it with a knife and shift to broccoli. Mix and lay out in a form for the microwave oven. Add curd to vegetables and mix.

4. Turn on the microwave oven at maximum power and set the form in it for five minutes. Cool the casserole, and serve, watering with sour cream sauce.

Recipe 7. Microwave Diet Cottage Cheese Casserole


low-fat cottage cheese - 0.5 kg;


honey and sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Cottage cheese fray through a sieve so that it becomes airy.

2. In a deep dish, beat the egg until foam appears.

3. Pour the beaten egg into the ground cottage cheese and mix.

4. Pour into the mass of liquid honey and mix again.

5. The resulting dough is poured into a special form.

6. Turn on the microwave at high power, and set the form with the dough for 10 minutes. After cooking, we leave the casserole for another seven minutes in the oven. Serve cottage cheese casserole, watered with sweet fruit syrup.

Recipe 8. Curd casserole with bananas in the microwave


cottage cheese - 350 g;


30 grams of sugar;

two bananas;

40 g of semolina.

Method of preparation

1. Remove peel from bananas and cut into slices.

2. Put an egg and cottage cheese in a blender bowl, fill up the semolina with sugar, and grind it until smooth. Add bananas to dough and mix.

3. We cover the glassware with oil and spread the dough. The surface is leveled.

4. Turn on the microwave oven at full capacity, put the dough into it, and bake for seven minutes. Chill and serve to the table, decorated with crushed nuts or sprinkled with coconut.

Recipe 9. Cottage cheese casserole with apples and bananas in the microwave


fat cottage cheese - 450 g;

cinnamon - 3 pinches;

125 g of oatmeal flour;

vanillin - 2 pinches;

100 g of semolina;

2 apples;


2 eggs;


half a cup of kefir;

drain butter;

120 grams of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. With bananas, remove the peel and cut into circles. Put all the ingredients in the bowl of the blender and grind everything until smooth. In a blender do not put butter and apples. Leave a little decorating semolina.

2. My apples, we wipe and small we cut. Put in the dough and mix well so that all the pieces are evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

3. We grease glassware with oil, sprinkle it with semolina and pour dough into it. Turn on the microwave at full capacity, and send it to the dishes with dough for five minutes.

Recipe 10. Curd microwave casserole “Heavenly delight”


fat cottage cheese - 0.5 kg;

salt and vanilla;

90 g of sugar;

2 eggs;

cocoa powder - 30 g;

100 g of semolina;

milk - 100 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Break eggs into a bowl and beat them with a whisk. Add vanilla, sugar and salt to it. Stir. Add grated cottage cheese and semolina, pour in the milk and continue to beat until smooth.

2. Divide the mass from the curd in half. Pour cocoa powder into one piece and mix.

3. Put the dough into a silicone mold, alternating light with chocolate.

4. Microwave turn on 600 watts. Place the casserole in it for 12 minutes. Remove the dessert from the mold and pour with condensed milk or fruit syrup.

Recipe 11. Cottage cheese casserole with poppy seeds in the microwave


a pack (250 g) of cottage cheese;

poppy - 250 g;

two eggs;

60 g of semolina;

70 g sugar;

lemon juice - half tsp

Method of preparation

1. Beat eggs with sugar, adding vanillin immediately. Continuing to whisk, salt, add baking powder and a little lemon juice.

2. Pour the egg mixture into the curd, and beat with a mixer until smooth. Pour poppy and semolina, and continue to beat.

3. Spread the dough into three-quarter silicone cake tins. Microwave turn on the maximum. Put the silicone mold in the oven for three minutes. Leave the casserole in the oven for another couple of minutes. We spread the casserole on a flat plate, and pour over with yogurt or jam.

Recipe 12. Cottage cheese casserole with berries in the microwave


200 g of nonfat cottage cheese;

ground cloves, cardamom, cinnamon;


vanillin and salt;

50 g of honey;

any berries - two handfuls.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the berries thoroughly under a tap and dry.

2. Beat egg with sugar and salt. Add spices and mix.

3. In a spicy egg mixture, lay out the cottage cheese and beat until smooth.

4. Spread half of the dough into a silicone mold, then put a layer of berries, and evenly pour the remaining dough over it.

5. Turn on the microwave oven at full power. We put in her silicone form with dough, and bake for a quarter of an hour. After the beep, leave the casserole for another five minutes.

Cottage Cheese Casserole in the Microwave - Tricks and Tips from Experienced Chefs

  • Cottage cheese for casserole, choose only fresh. Fatness does not matter, as long as it is not acidic and watery.
  • Cottage cheese can be replaced with a sweet curd mass with various additives.
  • Set time exactly as prescribed. If this is not enough, add more time and control the baking process.
  • For baking, use only ceramic or glassware. Also suitable silicone form.
  • You can add any seasonal fruits, berries or vegetables to the casserole.
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