Pine cones jam: how to cook properly

Pine cones jam: how to cook properly

Pine cones jam - general description

Who among us did not feel, getting into the pine forest and breathing in the pine air with a full breast, how the whole body is filled with energy and the sun. City dwellers simply adore this sweet coniferous air, especially useful for those who suffer from respiratory diseases. The most common coniferous tree in our country is pine. This tree gives us the most valuable thing that a person uses for treatment - needles, buds, sap and, of course, pine cones.

Pine needles are used in perfumery, medicinal oils are used by both traditional and official medicine, while green pine cones, while they are still in a solid and sticky state, are quite suitable for making life-giving preserves, which collects the unceasing sun's warmth and strength of the earth.

Healing “lively” honey made from young green pine cones is really good for the body if it is properly harvested and prepared using the technology. In a long rainy autumn and frosty winter, you will have a tasty and healthy cure for chronic fatigue, tonsillitis, colds, lack of sleep, overwork. Just one spoon of pine honey will help the body fight weakened immunity, especially for children and the elderly.

Pine cones jam - preparation of dishes

For cooking jam, take the usual dishes - enamelled or copper pans, basins or stainless steel products. You can pour the finished jam into small cleanly washed and dried jars, keep it in the refrigerator or in a dark, cool place, depending on the lids.

Pine cones jam - preparation of fruits

So, about collecting cones. In different climatic zones, their formation on trees occurs in different ways. In Ukraine, they are ready for use from mid-May to early June, in Russia, from 21-25 June. Only cones that can be cut with a knife or pierced with a fingernail are suitable for cooking jam, their length varies from 1 to 4 cm. The process of collecting cones turns into an exciting adventure, stunning air and beautiful nature around combined with warm May or June weather turns into real holiday It is necessary to choose only those bumps that are just beginning to open, they are green and have not yet had time to stiffen. Pay attention to the tree was not hit by insects - in this case, move away from him. Choose about a kilogram of cones the size of a walnut.

Pine cones jam - recipe 1

Cook jam in three stages. On the first one we sort out and wash the pine cones in cold water, put them in the cooking tank and pour water in such a way that it covers the cones a couple of centimeters above. Cover with a lid and boil for 30 minutes on the fire, leave for 12 hours in a dark place to infuse. The second stage: we separate the liquid from the cones and mix the resulting decoction of green color and delicious aroma with sugar (1: 1). Cook the syrup over low heat for as long as the jam stops flowing. The finished jam has a rich dark raspberry color. At the last stage, add a few cones of broth into it and, after 5 minutes of boiling, pour them into glass jars. Ingredients - 1 kg of pine cones, 1 kg of sugar, 10 glasses of water.

Enjoy delicious jam all winter!

Pine cones jam - recipe 2. “Honey” from pine cones.

Fill the collected and reassembled cones with water so that it covers the cones. In this case, the sugar is added immediately, (sugar and water 1: 1), after dissolving we simmer on a low heat for an hour and a half, while removing the foam. The honey is clear, with a slightly reddish nodule soaked in syrup.

Pine cones jam - recipe 3. “Sunny” jam (without cooking).

Wash young lumps, sort and cut into pieces, roll in sugar. Place the resulting sweet mixture in layers in jars, additionally sprinkling with sugar. The top layer is also covered with sugar and put the jar in the sun. In order to pass the air, you need to cover the jar with gauze or a light natural napkin. As the sugar dissolves and syrup is formed, periodically shake the jam, after the sugar has completely dissolved, the “sunny” jam is ready. Store it in a dark cool place under a tight lid.

Pine cones jam - recipe 4, “Firm”.

This recipe differs from the others in that the syrup is first prepared. Cooking jam occurs in several “approaches”, while the mixture is brought to the boiling point (80-85 ° C), but not boiled, and left to cool completely, the procedure is performed several times. The finished jam has a dark brown color, it must be stored in the refrigerator. Sugar and cones of 1 kg, water 1.5 cups.

Pine cones jam - useful tips from experienced chefs

- When pouring water into the bumps, do not “overdo it,” consider the fact that they can float.

- Leave the bumps to soak until cool, so the process will be better. Too thick jam can be diluted with water and boil.

- This jam has its contraindications. It is not recommended to take it in food to people with acute hepatitis, pregnant women. For young children prone to diathesis and allergies, let's try jam in small doses.

- Breaking the boiled cone, you can find the most useful substance - pink resin, pleasant to the taste. This delicacy can be given to children with poor appetite, bronchitis or a strong cough. Syrup consumed in a teaspoon with green tea.

You will definitely enjoy a pleasant tarry jam with a tart-sweet taste and mint aftertaste.

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