Vanilla - description, properties, use in cooking. Recipes for dishes with vanilla.

Vanilla - description, properties, use in cooking. Recipes for dishes with vanilla.

Vanilla - Description

The concept of vanilla for our fellow citizens is rather mysterious - we all know its breathtakingly sweet-spicy taste, but the real pod is a rarity. In fact, it is a perennial plant in the form of a liana family of Orchids. It came to us from Mexico or the countries of Central America. Even in the time of the Aztecs, long before the discovery of the New World, people enjoyed its delicate aroma. In 1502, Christopher Columbus appreciated her deservedly, and he also brought her to Europe. Today, half of the entire global turnover of this spice is produced on the islands of Madagascar and Reunion.

Collect the fruits without bringing to full maturity. First, they are immersed in hot water. Such pods have absolutely no familiar taste. This is only later, after 2-3 months of drying in the shade in the open air, they acquire a dark brown smell and form white crystals of vanillin. A delicate characteristic taste and aroma develops. There are 8 main varieties of vanilla, they are distinguished by the length of the pod. The most exquisite is long vanilla. This is the most expensive spice in the markets around the world. Natural pods are able to retain their flavor for decades.

Therapeutic and beneficial properties of vanilla

In medicine, they use not only vanilla itself, but also vanilla essential oil, which is obtained from pods. It is part of herbal medicines, used in flavoring drugs and for aromatherapy. Oil is widely used in massage parlors. Natural substance is the strongest aphrodisiac, and men and women use it to increase libido and potency. In addition, it normalizes the work of the digestive system, is useful for stress depression. By the way, reduces intoxication when exposed to alcohol. It can also be used for sleep disorders, anemia, diabetes and other diseases.

Contraindications to the use of actually not detected, except for hypersensitivity and individual intolerance. Only very small children and pregnant women need to limit its consumption.

Vanilla - use in cooking

Cookery widely uses vanilla, primarily for the preparation of desserts and sweet dishes. These are puddings, cheese cakes and pastries, creams, mousses and various pastries. Vanilla ice cream is loved by both adults and children. Basically - it is a spice. It is especially widely used in the chocolate industry. Among the liquid products can be distinguished vanilla syrup. It must be admitted that it is rather difficult to get real vanilla in the pods, most often synthetic analogs are sold in stores. Real vanilla is used in the most expensive and exquisite dishes.

Recipe Examples with Vanilla

Recipe 1: Vanilla Biscuit

With a thin and delicate spice, you can make a fragrant sponge cake; we will need only a teaspoon of vanilla and other ingredients for this, as for a regular cake. It is better to prepare a mixer for mixing products so that you do not have to work for a long time with spoons or halos.

Ingredients: flour (2 cups), vanilla (1 teaspoon), sugar (1, 5 cups), baking powder (3 tsp), salt, cold water (3/4 cup), eggs ( 7 pieces), vegetable oil (1/2 cup, citric acid.

Method of preparation

Sift the flour and place it in a large bowl. Add salt, sugar, baking powder. In the center of the hill pour vegetable oil (very tasty with peanut or corn), and add the yolks and vanilla. Mixer mix until smooth consistency. Separately, beat the proteins (cool!) With citric acid or the juice of half a lemon. Gently mix everything with a spatula. Prepare the form in advance, lubricate it with oil. We spread the dough and set for half an hour in the oven at about 180 degrees. Ready biscuit is easy to check - click on it with your finger - if it takes its original form - that's it! The taste is simply amazing.

Recipe 2: Bavarian Vanilla Cream

If you managed to get a real vanilla pod - hurray! You can cook a dessert worthy of the most famous culinary salons.

Ingredients: light gelatin (2 plates), vanilla (1 pod), eggs (must be fresh),

2 plates of light gelatin, sugar (70 grams), cherry vodka (1 spoon), cream (300 grams),

Mashed potatoes: raspberry (300 grams), sugar (2 spoons), raspberry tincture (2 spoons).

Method of preparation

Soak gelatin in water (about 5 minutes), the plates should be soft and slippery. Vanilla cut in length, take out the grain. In a bowl, mix the yolk and sugar, rub well, add vanilla, whisk. Dense mass should have a light foam. Melt the gelatin in a saucepan and add cherry vodka to the solution, a few tablespoons of cream and pour everything into the yolks. Whisk continuously with a whisk. Add the remaining cream, continue to beat. Fluffy mass laid out in molds.

Berry puree: wash the raspberries and let the excess water drain. Leave some of the most beautiful berries to decorate and rub the mass through a sieve. Mix mashed potatoes with sugar, and pour in raspberry tincture. We set to freeze in the cold. If the forms are not serving, drop them in water for a minute so that you can separate the cream from the walls and turn it over on a saucer. We decorate with selected berries and pour mashed potatoes. This German dessert entered the world cuisine, served in the best restaurants in the world. Sometimes hot chocolate or candied berries are served.

Recipe 3: Vanilla Ice Cream Sauce

Well, if we have vanilla in the pod, then use the original recipe. But with no less success, you can make this sauce with vanilla. Or vanilla sugar.

Ingredients: Vanilla (pod), cream (300 grams), egg yolks (3 pieces).

Heat the cream and sugar in a thick-walled saucepan. Cut the entire length of the vanilla pod and scrape off the seeds with a knife. Mix with cream and send the same pod to the same place. Bring the mixture to a boil and mix until the yolks are uniform. Remove from the heat cream and pour a thin stream into the yolks of about a third. Then add the rest and put it on fire again. The sauce should be boiled down, constantly stirring, to the state of liquid condensed milk. Leave until frozen in the refrigerator. He will become even thicker. Delicate taste is complemented by a beautiful view of black grains. For the “vanilla” version add it at the very end.

Vanilla - useful tips from experienced chefs

How to remove seeds from a vanilla pod?

To do this, it is better to take soft pods, and pre-dried dried ones in water or in the liquid in which the dish is prepared (milk, sour milk, cream). Prepare a thin sharp knife, (it is possible for cleaning vegetables). The pod itself is oily to the touch, brown in color. We cut it from the thin side, in the place where the “leaves” are touching. Hold the skin on one side with your fingers and scrape the seeds. The pod can be used to obtain vanilla sugar. Just put it in a glass with sugar for about a week or two - the entire contents will get the vanilla flavor.

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