How to drink Bacardi rum

How to drink Bacardi rum

Rum belongs to elite alcohol, it is not cheap. However, so many legends and pirate stories are associated with it, that it is difficult to resist even not getting a bottle of this drink for a sample. If you chose Bacardi rum, you are unlikely to be disappointed. The company has been manufacturing the beverage since 1862, and its products are of the highest quality. The experiment will be unsuccessful only if you do not know how to drink “Bacardi” rum correctly in order to evaluate its unique taste.

General Rules for Using Roma

When tasting Roma "Bacardi" it makes sense to adhere to the general rules of the use of this type of alcoholic beverages.

  • Elite varieties of rum, whose aging in oak barrels exceeds 5 years, are not diluted. Other types of rum can be diluted with clean water, cola, ice. White rum, whose aging period is minimal, is rarely drunk in its pure form, but it is better suited for making cocktails than others.
  • The taste of rum is best revealed when the temperature of the drink is around 20 degrees.
  • Drink rum medium in size and not too frequent sips.
  • They serve rum in wide glasses with a thick bottom. Dark rum can be served in brandy glasses.
  • To soften the taste of rum, you can put a slice of citrus fruit in a glass with it.

When applying these recommendations in practice, consider the specific variety of rum “Bacardi”, as the type of drink leaves an imprint on the specifics of its use.

Recommendations for consuming popular varieties of rum “Bacardi”

The Bacardi company produces several varieties of rum, which differ in the place of origin of the raw materials, aging, filtration and other parameters. To enjoy them to the full, does not prevent to learn some subtleties of their use.

  • Bacardi Carta Blanca (white) or Superior (superior) aged in oak barrels for a whole year, carefully filtered. Transparent, has a mild flavor and a faint vanilla-fruity odor. In its pure form, it is not accepted to drink it, but in cocktails it shows itself perfectly. It goes well with fruit and fruit juices, including pineapple.
  • Bacardi Carta Oro (golden) has a two-year exposure; it is not filtered. The color of the drink is light golden, caramel-citrus aroma. In its pure form is served as an aperitif. Delicious when diluted with cola, fruit juices.
  • Bacardi Carta Negra (black) is aged in burnt oak barrels for 4 years. It has a dark shade, has a rich aroma of tropical fruits with vanilla notes. It is good both in pure, and in the diluted look. Bred it with cola or tropical fruit juice. Served as a digestif.
  • Bacardi Oakheart is a somewhat unusual kind of rum, as it is aged in burnt barrels with spices. The strength of the drink is 35%. Most often it is diluted with ice, water or coke. Special connoisseurs prefer to drink it undiluted.
  • Bacardi Ocho Anos diluted is considered sacrilege. It is aged in oak barrels for more than 8 years. Its strength is 40%. Tasting it in small sips, you will enjoy a bouquet with notes of prunes, vanilla and apricot.

Rum, especially strong, is worth a snack. However, not all products are suitable for this equally well.

What to eat rum “Bacardi”

The best snacks to rum "Bakardi" are tropical fruits such as pineapple, avocado, papaya. You can also eat it with oranges, kiwi.

Seafood is also considered a good snack to rum. Preference is given to lobsters, mussels, squid, oysters. No less harmoniously with caviar.

Cheese and chocolate are also considered good choices.

Rum is well revealed in cocktails in the company of fruit, coconut milk and similar ingredients.

The choice of rum “Bacardi” depends on the specific recipe of the cocktail.

Cocktail “Cuba Libre” (“Free Cuba”)


  • golden “Bakardi” - 50 ml;
  • Coca-Cola (or Pepsi) - 150 ml;
  • lime - 40 g;
  • ice cubes - 0, 2 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Pour ice cubes into a tall glass.
  • Cut a circle from lime for decoration. From the rest of the fruit squeeze the juice into a glass with ice.
  • Pour in the rum first, then the coke.
  • Stir the drink with a bar spoon.
  • Decorate the glass with a slice of lime.

Cocktail is served with a straw. Drink it slowly. It is very refreshing. The drink turns out not too strong, it is enjoyed with pleasure by both men and ladies.

Cocktail “Hot Orange”


  • white bakardi rum - 50 ml;
  • orange juice - 100 ml;
  • strawberry syrup - 30 ml;
  • strawberries - 5 pcs.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash the berries, pat dry with a napkin. Put a couple of strawberries for decoration, put the rest in the bowl of the blender.
  • Squeeze juice out of oranges.
  • Pour orange fresh juice into a container where strawberries are already waiting.
  • Add syrup and rum.
  • Whisk.
  • Pour into a metal kettle and heat to about 60-70 degrees, not allowing the beverage to boil.
  • Pour the cocktail into an irish glass.
  • Cut the delayed berries into several slices, put in a glass with a cocktail.

Cocktail made according to this recipe is served hot. It is rare for rum-based beverages, so it’s worth a try.

Pacha Ibiza Cocktail


  • black bakardi rum - 50 ml;
  • cherry jam - 50 g;
  • sugar syrup - 25 ml;
  • Kiwi - 70 g;
  • cocktail cherry - 2 pcs .;
  • crushed ice - 150 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Peel the Kiwi, cut into small cubes, send it to the blender bowl.
  • Put the jam on top.
  • Turn on the unit and mix the ingredients, at the same time grinding the fruit pieces to a puree state.
  • Pour in syrup and rum to the resulting mass. Whisk.
  • Add ice, whisk together a cocktail.
  • Pour into a cocktail glass.
  • Place two cherries on top.

The recipe is invented by Pacha, which owns a network of elite clubs in different parts of the world.

Cocktail Sweet Memories


  • white bakardi rum - 30 ml;
  • dry vermouth - 30 ml;
  • orange liqueur - 20 ml;
  • crushed ice - 0, 2 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Mix beverages with a shaker.
  • Pour into the bowl of the blender, add ice, whisk.
  • Pour into a chilled cocktail glass.

The cocktail made according to this recipe was recognized as the best in 1961. The Norwegian bartender Egil Moom who invented it decorated a glass with a pineapple leaf and a cocktail cherry.

Whichever “Bacardi” rum you choose, you will enjoy using it if you drink it properly. Many types of rum are well revealed as a part of cocktails.

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