Non-alcoholic mulled wine - without a degree, but fragrant and hot. Recipes non-alcoholic mulled wine at home on juices and tea

Non-alcoholic mulled wine - without a degree, but fragrant and hot. Recipes non-alcoholic mulled wine at home on juices and tea

This hot tart drink is traditionally prepared on the basis of wine - red or, much less often, white. However, it is quite possible to cook it from various juices. The main thing is to add the necessary spices and observe the technology. And then you get a delicious non-alcoholic mulled wine, and the most interesting recipes for its preparation at home are collected here.

General principles of making non-alcoholic mulled wine

How to choose juice? Of course, the closest to the original alcohol will get a hot drink based on the juice of dark grapes. But you can also take apple, cranberry, cherry, pomegranate juice. These fruits and berries, especially cranberries and pomegranates, contain many useful substances, so mulled wine will not only be very tasty and fragrant, but also serve to prevent colds and strengthen immunity. This is the main advantage of such mulled wine - they not only warm, but also saturate the body with vitamins from natural juices. And since there is no alcohol in these drinks, they can be offered even to children. True, with spices and spices in this case it is better not to overdo it.

In order for mulled wine not to get an unpleasant boiled flavor, juice can not be overheated. 70 degrees, not higher - this should be the heating temperature. Do not boil the drink in any case. Otherwise, nothing useful will remain in it.

Spices are used the same as for traditional mulled wine on wine. The base is clove and cinnamon, it is they who give the drink its easily recognizable taste. Add gustatory flavor, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, allspice. Also often put fruits - oranges, apples, lemon, pear. You can sweeten with sugar or honey, which is best added to the already slightly cooled mulled wine, so as not to lose a single drop of healing properties. Also note that many juices themselves have a sweet taste. Do not put too much sugar at once, so that the drink does not turn out to be sugary. There are also interesting recipes for making non-alcoholic mulled wine at home on the basis of strong black tea and a drink made from sudan rose petals - karkade.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine "Grape" - a recipe for cooking at home

To your taste, such mulled wine is very similar to the classic drink brewed from red wine.


Liter of juice from dark grapes;

a piece of ginger root;

cinnamon stick;


two stars star anise;

four buds of carnations;

pinch of nutmeg.

Method of preparation

Put the spices in the pot. There we put the lemon, cut with skin. Fill with juice.

On a weak flame we heat, we notice the first bubbles - we remove. Let stand under the lid for about twenty minutes. Now it remains only to strain the drink and pour into mugs.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine “Apple” - a recipe for home cooking

If the apple juice itself is sweet, you can not add sugar to such mulled wine.


Liter of apple juice;

rind of one lemon;

half a glass of water;

single orange peel;

a handful of raisins;

half an apple;

four peas allspice;

two cinnamon sticks;

three buds of carnation;

on a pinch of ground ginger and nutmeg;


Method of preparation

The juice is mixed with water in a suitable size pot. We put on a weak fire.

Cut half of the apple into several pieces, remove the core. Add to juice. We also send citrus zest and spices there. Heated to the desired temperature. Without boiling! Cover the pot with a lid. Leave to insist on a quarter of an hour. Before filling the mugs, filter the drink. We try. If necessary, add some sugar to each serving.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine "Orange" - a recipe for home cooking

You can take as a basis fresh juice or ready-made purchased. And if it seems too concentrated, sourish, mix it with apple or grape juice. Ingredients

Liter of juice from oranges;

two pieces of cinnamon sticks, clove buds and star anise stars;

four boxes of cardamom;

a pair of thin pieces of fresh ginger.

Method of preparation

Orange juice is poured into a saucepan, put on the stove. We make a weak fire. Slowly heat up. Temperature - 70 degrees, no longer needed.

On the surface of the juice foam is formed, remove it. Put all the spices in hot juice. Turn off, cover, insist fifteen minutes. To keep the drink cool, you can insist it not in a saucepan, but in a thermos. It remains only to strain and pour into circles.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine “Cherry” - a recipe for home cooking

Spicy, with a delicate cherry aroma. A nice bonus is that cherry juice has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and along with orange juice, which is also used in the recipe, it also improves brain function.


Liter of cherry juice;

glasses of orange juice;

two cinnamon sticks and cloves;

ginger root.

Method of preparation

Cut a couple of small slices from the ginger root. Its taste is very intense and can overlap all others, so take a bit. Put the ginger, cinnamon and cloves in the saucepan. Pour cherry juice, add orange to it. We mix.

We put on the stove. The fire is weak. Heat to the required temperature (70 degrees). Before pouring, let it be infused for five to ten minutes.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine “Cranberry” - a recipe for home cooking

A powerful charge of vitamin C and antioxidants - all this is cranberry. Mulled wine, prepared on the basis of its juice, will surprise with an unusual taste and will help support the immune system. Especially good if the juice is homemade, 100% but natural.


Liter of cranberry juice;

half a cup of sugar;

three or four mugs of orange;

three sticks of cinnamon;

six cloves; six pea-scented allspice;

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg.

Method of preparation

We put all the spices, as well as orange circles in a saucepan. Pour cranberry juice. We put on a weak flame. Put the sugar, stir. Heat to the required temperature. You can filter the drink, pour and serve.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine on black tea - a recipe for home cooking

Strong black tea with juice and spices - what could be better on a frosty winter evening? If desired, it can be sweetened with natural honey - add a small spoon directly to each cup of drink.


Black tea, strong brewed - half a liter;

half a glass of apple and cherry juice;

two cloves;

cinnamon sticks;


Method of preparation

To begin with, we brew a good strong tea, letting it stand for a while so that it reveals its taste. Then we filter so that tea leaves do not get into our mulled wine. Give a little cool.

Pour tea into a saucepan. Add juices to it, put carnation buds, cinnamon sticks.

Turning on a weak flame, put the saucepan. Slowly warm up. We remove hot, but not boiling drink from fire, we spill. Cut lemon into slices, add to each cup. To taste - honey or some sugar.

Non-alcoholic carcade-based mulled wine - a recipe for home cooking

Hibiscus has pleasant sour taste and rich ruby ​​color - it turns out a good basis for mulled wine. Preparing this version of a hot drink especially quickly and simply, you just need to brew it like regular tea.


A handful of hibiscus petals;

700 ml of water;

five buds of carnations;

five thin slices of ginger;

cinnamon stick;


Method of preparation

Pour the water into the saucepan and bring to a boil.

Choose a beautiful transparent teapot or another container for brewing. In a glassware, such a drink will look especially beautiful, but if there is no such container, take any other one. Put the hibiscus petals inside, add cinnamon, chopped ginger root, clove into thin slices. Fill with boiling water. Wrap a teapot with a towel so as not to get cold. Now you need to brew the drink, give it about twenty to thirty minutes, and you can pour, add the desired amount of honey for sweetness to taste and enjoy the pleasant tart taste.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine “Fruit” - a recipe for home cooking

In this recipe is a classic set of fruits for mulled wine - apples, citrus. But you can also put in a drink peaches, plums, raspberries, currants, cherries. The basis will be dark grape juice.


Liter of grape juice;

an Apple;


half a lemon;

two dozen grapes;

three buds of cloves;

cinnamon sticks;

pinch of nutmeg.

Method of preparation

Fruit is mine. The peel is not removed. We cut the apple, lemon and orange into slices, remove the seeds and seeds.

Juice pour into the pan. We put on a quiet fire. Put the sliced ​​fruit, add spices. Heat to the desired temperature. We see the first bubbles - immediately remove.

Insist under the lid with a quarter of an hour. Before serving, you can strain or pour into cups directly along with the fruit.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine “Pomegranate” - a recipe for cooking at home

Pomegranate mulled wine saturated with vitamins will not only please you with its pleasant sweet-sour taste, but also give you strength and energy. The main thing is to choose for him a truly high-quality and natural pomegranate juice.


Liter of pomegranate juice;

glass of water;


five boxes of cardamom;

three carnations;

two cinnamon sticks;

a teaspoon of ginger (fresh, grated);

a pinch of nutmeg (grated);

two tablespoons of honey.

Method of preparation

To begin with, we make an infusion of all spices. Boil water. Put ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg in a small container. Pour boiling water. Let us stand under the hood for about an hour. Strain out.

Now pour the pomegranate juice into the saucepan, get a spicy infusion, put the tangerine peeled and disassembled into slices. We warm up. Do not boil. After we remove from the heat, add honey. Can be poured into glasses.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine - secrets and tricks

· In order for non-alcoholic mulled wine to bring maximum benefit, boil it on the basis of high-quality and natural juices, ideally homemade juices.

· Drink immediately, before it has cooled. Of course, you can reheat it again, but then its flavor can lose its brightness and intensity.

· If you do not really like any spices mentioned in the recipe, for example, the smell seems too harsh, reduce their number or put it at the very end so that their taste is not too pronounced.

· You can add a couple of tablespoons of cherry or currant jam to a hot drink brewed on light apple juice, then it will get a beautiful “wine” shade and look like the original mulled wine.

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