Soup-puree for children - dishes from the space menu! A selection of different soups for children with cereals, vegetables, meat

Soup-puree for children - dishes from the space menu! A selection of different soups for children with cereals, vegetables, meat

At the end of the first year of life, first courses are introduced into the child’s diet, most often these are mashed soups, which are easier for children to eat because of their creamy texture.

Basically, they are made from potatoes, carrots, and zucchini, and this is where the parents' fantasy ends.

In fact, you can make the diet of the child much more diverse and tasty, for this there are a lot of interesting recipes.

Cream soup for children - general cooking principles

You can make pureed soups for children in vegetable, fish or meat broth. Salt, cream, sour cream, vegetable or butter are used as dressing. You can add dill and green parsley, but in small quantities. It is not recommended to add various aromatic spices and herbs to first courses for children before two years.

General cooking principles:

1. Meat or fish is cut into pieces, poured water and put on the stove. Remove the foam and boil until cooked.

2. Vegetables cut into cubes or rubbed, sent to the soup. Add salt and boil until soft.

3. Prepared products are rubbed with a sieve or crushed with a blender. Broth regulate the thickness of the soup. If the dish includes cereals, then it must be borne in mind that it will become even thicker as it cools.

4. The soup is again brought to a boil, seasoned with butter, sour cream, greens.

Fry vegetables in children's dishes is not worth it, you can only slightly sauté in a frying pan in oil or smother them with liquid. With all the products that are laid in the soup, the child must be familiar. If there are new ingredients, they need to be introduced gradually and in small quantities.

When cooking soups for a child, you should use lean meat and fish, carefully add fat. Children's digestive system can react badly to them. For a portion of the first dish enough 5 grams of butter.

Recipe 1: Potato Soup for Kids with Semolina

In the preparation of this soup-puree for children, in addition to potatoes used semolina with milk. They give the dish a fullness and rich, unusual for vegetable dishes taste. In the recipe used butter, but if the child has problems with the chair, then you can take and vegetable.


• 2 potatoes;

• 1/4 part of carrots;

• a spoonful of butter;

• 170 ml of milk;

• salt;

• 1 tsp. semolina


1. We clean the potatoes and carrots, cut into slices, pour a glass of boiling water and set the soup to cook.

2. Pour half the liquid from the cooked and soft vegetables, scroll the mass in a puree with a blender.

3. Add milk to vegetables, adjust the thickness of the soup, perhaps not all will go away.

4. Salt the contents of the pan and send it back to the stove.

5. As soon as the contents of the saucepan begin to boil, add the butter and gently add the semolina, continuously stir, so as not to form lumps.

Recipe 2: Cream Soup for Kids with Pumpkin and Veal

Pumpkin is often used as the first vegetable food and mashed potatoes, then parents forget about this healthy vegetable. In fact, it can be the basis of the soup-puree for children of any age, including school. The first pumpkin dish is tender, fragrant, pleasant to the taste, and many children like it more than from potatoes.


• 150 grams of veal;

• 300 grams of pumpkin;

• 1 carrot;

• 30 grams of oil;

• 1/4 onion;

• salt.


1. Cut the veal into cubes, pour in a liter of water and boil until soft. Do not forget to remove the foam during boiling broth.

2. Cut pumpkin, onion and carrot into cubes and send to beef. Cook until the vegetables are completely soft, at the end add salt and butter.

3. Remove the soup from the stove, cool a little and pour some of the broth into another saucepan.

4. Twist in a puree blender, gradually add the broth from another pan, bringing the desired consistency of soup.

5. In the finished dish to taste in a children's dish pour a little cream or milk.

Recipe 3: Cream Soup for Kids with Cauliflower

The first dish of cauliflower can be entered into the baby food from 1 year old. For the preparation of soup-puree for children, you can use meat or vegetable broth. If desired, instead of rice, you can add any other cereal, for example, millet or buckwheat.


• 150 grams of cauliflower;

• spoon of butter;

• a spoon of rice;

• one potato;

• half carrots;

• salt.


1. We clean the potato, wash it and cut it into cubes. Lay in a pot of boiling water or broth.

2. Add the carrot sliced ​​with ringlets. Boil a minute.

3. We wash the rice and send it to the soup.

4. Disassemble cauliflower into inflorescences. If they are large enough, then cut with a knife into several parts.

5. Boil the pledged products to complete softness, then pour part of the broth into a bowl and chop the soup in a blender. We adjust the density using the drained fluid. You can drain the entire broth, rub through a sieve and dilute.

6. Put the soup back on the stove, add salt, oil, boil for 2-3 minutes. If you want to add sour cream or cream, then they also need to boil at this stage.

Recipe 4: Basic mashed potato soup for children with yolk

This is a basic recipe for soup, which can be administered to a child from 8 months of age. Gradually, adding new ingredients, you can expand the diet of the baby and shape the taste. Milk can be used baby, cow, breast or the mixture that baby eats.


• one potato;

• 20-30 grams of carrots;

• 50 ml of milk;

• 1 tsp. oils;

• salt;

• egg.


1. Peel potatoes, cut into small cubes. Wash well in cold water to wash off the starch.

2. We cut the carrots a little smaller than the potatoes and also send them to the saucepan.

3. Fill all with a glass of water and cook the vegetables until soft.

4. Separately boil the chicken egg, clean and remove the yolk. For one serving of soup to a child of 8-12 months, put half, after a year you can put a whole yolk. 5. Drain the broth, wipe the mass through a sieve together with half of the yolk.

6. Add milk, evaluate the thickness of the soup. If necessary, add a portion of broth merged from vegetables.

7. Put the soup on the stove, boil, add oil and turn it off. To put salt or not is up to the parents, some do not introduce spices in the first year of life.

Recipe 5: Rice puree soup for children

To prepare this cream soup for children will take a little time and a minimum of ingredients. As a result, you get a very tender and nourishing dish, which not only adults, but also children will eat for both cheeks. From this amount of products 4 servings will turn out.


• 400 grams of carrots;

• 100 grams of rice;

• salt;

• 2 tablespoons of melted or plain butter;

• 150 ml of cream.


1. Put in a saucepan 1.3 liters of water. Bring to a boil.

2. Wash the rice with cold water, send it to the pan. Cook for 5 minutes.

3. We clean the carrots, grind on a coarse grater, send to rice. Soup we will salt and cook until the flour state of cereals.

4. Remove from heat and whip soup with a blender.

5. Add cream, ghee and re-set on fire. Give boil and immediately turn off.

Recipe 6: Meat soup for children

Some kids love meat and eat it much more readily than soup and cereal. In this case, the parents will not hurt to know the recipe for a hearty first course that does not require long chewing and is easily digested. In the preparation of such soup-puree for children, it is better to use tender meat, which blender easily breaks into a homogeneous mass. For example, turkey, rabbit, chicken.


• 200 grams of meat;

• 100 grams of potatoes;

• half carrots;

• a spoonful of butter;

• salt.


1. Cut the meat into random slices, the smaller the slice, the faster it will cook. Fill with water and boil until cooked.

2. Cut diced carrots and potatoes, send to the meat. Cook for another 25 minutes, at the end we slightly salt. 3. Drain part of the broth and grind the products with an immersion blender.

4. Dilute the soup to the desired consistency, fill with oil and you can feed your beloved child.

Recipe 7: Cream soup for kids with broccoli

The recipe for a light and quick cream soup for children with broccoli, which will take only half an hour to cook. Instead of sour cream, you can use the cream.


• 200 grams of broccoli;

• 100 grams of potatoes;

• 50 grams of carrots;

• half a small onion;

• salt;

• Sour cream spoon.


1. Clean the potatoes, onions and carrots. Cut into small cubes.

2. Boil 700 ml of water. Optionally, as a basis, you can use beef broth.

3. Put the vegetables, boil for 3 minutes.

4. Broccoli dismantled inflorescences, put in the pan. Cook all together for 20 minutes. Then add some salt. You can enter the vegetable or butter.

5. Remove the saucepan from the heat, chop the vegetables with a blender, add the sour cream and stir.

Recipe 8: Tomato cream soup for children with vegetables and fresh tomatoes

The recipe for a creamy soup with a very delicate texture and a pleasant tomato flavor. It is recommended to give children from one and a half years. The number of vegetables can be changed at your discretion. If the child has not tried something else, then you can replace the usual product with Bole or exclude it. White cabbage can be used instead of cauliflower.


• 0.5 carrots;

• 2 tomatoes;

• 300 grams of cauliflower;

• 400 grams of broccoli;

• 300 grams of zucchini;

• 1 celery;

• 1.5 liters of broth or water;

• spoon of butter;

• salt, cream to taste.


1. Three carrots and gently fry in a frying pan with a spoonful of butter.

2. Tomatoes are scalded with boiling water, then put into cold water and remove the skin. Chop the tomatoes. Spread to carrots and stew together until soft.

3. We wash the zucchini, if the skin is tough enough, then clean. Remove the seeds if they are large. Cut into small cubes and send in a pot of boiling water. 4. Broccoli and cauliflower are disassembled in inflorescences and sent to soup. There we chop celery.

5. All together we cook 15 minutes, add the browned carrots and boil for another 3 minutes, salt.

6. Grind all the blender, to taste, fill with cream or add more oil.

Recipe 9: Milk cream soup for children with zucchini

The undoubted advantage of this first dish is that it can be given to a child cold. Great soup for the summer menu, which you can easily take with you on the road and at any time to feed the baby. Can be given to children from 12 months.


• young zucchini 400 gr .;

• 200 ml of milk;

• carrot;

• a spoonful of flour;

• spoon of butter;

• salt.


1. For this soup, it is better to take zucchini with delicate skin. We grind them on a grate, add 300 ml of water and put them on the stove. If the zucchini is mature, then it will need to be cleaned, remove the streaks with seeds and only then be cooked.

2. We also rub the carrots and ship them to the pan with warmed butter, pass over a small fire.

3. Add a spoonful of flour, fry together and at the end dilute the browning with milk, mix well and bring to a boil.

4. Enter the milk mixture into the boiled zucchini, mix and grind with a blender.

5. Salt and bring to a boil again, turn off. You can add a little dill.

Recipe 10: Chicken cream soup for children with barley

Barley groats do not often appear on our table, but this can be easily corrected. Cook this wonderful soup for your child and maybe it will be enjoyed by the whole family.


• 200 grams of chicken fillet;

• potato;

• 50 grams of barley grits;

• half carrots;

• half onions;

• salt and butter.


1. Cut the chicken into small cubes and boil until soft in a liter of water.

2. Cut the potatoes with carrots and onions, all together throw in the pan. Add some salt to the soup and cook for 10 minutes.

3. Pour barley grits and continue to cook until it is fully cooked. 4. Punch soup with a blender, dress with butter, add chopped greens to taste.

Cream soup for children - tips and tricks

• In order to delight your beloved child with healthy soups at any time of the year, you need to prepare vegetables for the future. Pumpkin, zucchini, asparagus, peas, the easiest way to freeze. But this should be done in pieces, each individually, and then poured into the bag. And in the winter there will be no problem to get the right amount of vegetables and throw in the pan.

• In order not to spend a lot of time on cooking the broth and twisting the meat, you can pre-chop the minced meat, roll the meatballs out of it and freeze. It remains to take the right amount and throw in the soup. Minced meat is cooked much faster than a piece.

• Meat soup for young children is better to cook on the second broth. The meat is laid in cold water, boiled for 5-10 minutes, then rinsed well and filled with clean boiling water. Thus, with the first broth, the excess fat and unwanted substances in the meat go away.

• If you need to cook rice or millet soup, you can wash the grits, dry and grind on a coffee grinder. And at any time you can do it quickly.

• If the baby refuses the first course, then boil carrots or beets separately, cut them into various shapes: triangles, asterisks, circles, squares, and put the soup down. And the dish will immediately become much tastier. Also, kids love to catch green peas and corn.

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