Fresh cabbage cabbage soup in a slow cooker is a modern soup soup. Recipes cabbage soup from fresh cabbage in a slow cooker: with mushrooms, beans, olives

Fresh cabbage cabbage soup in a slow cooker is a modern soup soup. Recipes cabbage soup from fresh cabbage in a slow cooker: with mushrooms, beans, olives

Shchi is the first dish of Russian cuisine. In the old days it was believed that it gives strength and even has healing properties.

Fresh cabbage soup in a slow cooker - the basic principles of cooking

In the past, cooked soup in Russian stoves. Thanks to this heat treatment, they were nourished and very tasty. The slow cooker allows modern housewives to cook soup just like our grandmothers cooked. The dish languishes in it for several hours, thanks to which the ingredients are impregnated with each other's aromas.

There are many variations of cooking soup. Depending on the time of year, they add dried or canned mushrooms, fresh or canned beans, sorrel, nettles, etc.

Traditionally, soup cooked in meat broth. But also, there are cooking options with fish or canned fish.

First of all, prepare the broth from any kind of meat. Pork or beef in the bone is best for this. An easier option to get out of the chicken.

In addition to fresh cabbage, for cooking soup you will need potatoes, onions, tomatoes, carrots and sweet peppers. In principle, you can use absolutely any vegetables that you like.

Soup in a slow cooker is prepared in two ways. In the first case, first prepare the broth, separately cook the onion and carrot roasting. Then in the broth lay the vegetables and roast and stew soup until tender. In the second case, all the ingredients are placed in the pan multicooker immediately.

Recipe 1. Schi from fresh cabbage in a slow cooker


pork pulp - 200 g;

freshly ground black pepper;

300 g of beef on the bone;

cabbage - half fork;

table salt;

three potato tubers;

60 ml of lean refined oil;

two fresh tomatoes;


sweet pepper pod;

carrot - one piece

Method of preparation

1. Onions and carrots cleaned from the skin. Onion finely crumbled, chop the carrot into fine chips, or cut into thin strips. 2. Potatoes are cleaned and cut into cubes or cubes.

3. Remove from the cabbage top sheets. Shred it with a sharp knife.

4. Pepper pod and tomatoes wash, wipe with a napkin. Remove the stalk from the pod with seeds. Tomatoes cut into thin slices, pepper - oblong pieces.

5. Meat the two varieties thoroughly washed under running warm water. Cut it into small pieces.

6. Turn on the device and start the “Frying / Frying” mode. Pour vegetable oil and fry onions in it. We do not cover the lid, stir it occasionally with a spatula. Add carrots to onions, mix and fry vegetables for another three minutes.

7. Disable the “Frying” mode. Put potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, meat and pepper into the bowl of the device. Fill the contents with water so that its level reaches the mark of 4 liters indicated on the tank wall. Pepper and salt.

8. The cover is lowered and fixed. Move the valve to the “Closed” position (under pressure). Cook soup in the mode “Cooking / Soup” for forty minutes.

Recipe 2. Shchi with fresh cabbage with stew


jar of beef stew;

black pepper;

fresh cabbage - 300 g;

sea ​​salt;

potatoes - 300 g;


onions - 75 g;

tomatoes - 100 g;

carrot - 75 g

Method of preparation

1. Pour filtered water into the pan of the multicooker, salt it and lay out the cabbage, finely chop it beforehand.

2. Start the “Soup” mode, close the lid and cook the cabbage for about five minutes.

3. Clean the onions from the husk, rinse and finely crumble. Peeled carrots chopped into small chips. In a frying pan with hot vegetable oil, put the onion and fry, stirring, until light rosy. Add carrots and continue to fry until soft.

4. Peel the potatoes, cut them into pieces and send them to the soup. Cook for another ten minutes.

5. A can of stews is opened and the meat is ground with a fork or knife right in the can. We shift it to the soup, prepare it for another 5-7 minutes, then fill it with fresh herbs, salt, put bay leaf and spices for the soup.

6. Cooking soup with stew in a slow cooker for another five minutes. Then pour in plates, sprinkle with herbs and serve.

Recipe 3. Fresh cabbage cabbage in a slow cooker with chicken


two chicken legs;

ground black pepper;

potatoes - three tubers;


cabbage - 300 g;

coarse salt;


bay leaf - two pieces;


purified water - two liters;

a tomato;

a couple of garlic cloves;

small pod of Bulgarian pepper;

piece of celery root.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the chicken legs and cut them in half. Put in a multicooker container and fill with two liters of water. Start the device in fire mode and cook for 40 minutes. In the process of cooking, remove the foam. Put the finished meat on a plate, cool.

2. While preparing the broth, clean, wash and chop the vegetables: remove the top leaves from the cabbage and chop it thinly. Chop the potatoes into cubes. Pour boiling water over the tomato and remove the thin skin. Pepper, tomato and celery root crumble into pieces. Carrot rub on a grater with small holes. Crumble onion finely.

3. Put all the prepared vegetables in the ready broth. Here send the bay leaf and other spices for soup. Separate the meat from the bones and place it on the other ingredients. Close the lid, start the extinguishing mode and quench for an hour.

4. After the signal, open the lid and season the soup with chopped green onions, chopped garlic and greens. Pepper, salt and leave for 15 minutes in the “Heating” mode.

Recipe 4. Fresh cabbage soup in a slow cooker with sprat in a tomato


potatoes - six tubers;

drinking water;

fresh cabbage - 300 g;




vegetable oil;

pod of red sweet pepper;

bay leaf - two pcs .;


two cans of sprat in tomato sauce.

Method of preparation

1. Remove the top leaves from the cabbage. Crumble it with a thin straw. Sprinkle with salt and crush your hands so that she pours the juice. Put the cabbage in the crock-pot.

2. Wash peeled potatoes and crumble in small pieces. Peel the carrots, wash them and chop them into large chips. Onion free from the husk and finely chop. Cut a stalk out of a pepper pod and clean the seeds. Crumble the vegetable into thin strips. Put all prepared vegetables into the container of the device. 3. Open the cans with sprat in the tomato. Put the contents into the container of the device.

4. Pour all the ingredients with boiling water. Pour in vegetable oil. Start the device in extinguishing mode. Time set for half an hour.

5. A quarter of an hour before readiness, open the multicooker lid, mix and add chopped greens and bay leaf.

Recipe 5. Cabbage soup from fresh cabbage in a slow cooker with beans


two bell peppers;


five tubers of potatoes;


fresh cabbage - 200 g;

bunch of parsley;

three tomatoes;

30 ml of mustard oil;

100 g canned beans;

clove of garlic;



Bay leaf;

30 liters of olive oil.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the carrots, peel and chop them on a coarse grater. Peel the onion, chop it finely. Rinse the paprika, remove the core and remove the seeds. Cut the pepper into small pieces. Chop the cabbage. Wash the tomatoes. One tomato cut into cubes, and the remaining grate on a coarse grater. Peel the clove of garlic. Peel the potatoes and cut into small pieces.

2. Place the carrot and onion in the container of the appliance. Add the Bulgarian pepper, potatoes, shredded cabbage and tomatoes.

3. Drain the liquid from the canned beans and place it over the rest of the vegetables. Season with spices that you like and season with salt. Put a clove of garlic and bay leaf.

4. Pour olive and mustard oil into the container. Add hot boiled water until you get a soup of the consistency you want. Start the slow cooker in fire mode for half an hour. Sprinkle the prepared soup with beans in a slow cooker with chopped parsley and serve to the table.

Recipe 6. Shchi with fresh cabbage in a slow cooker with bacon


two carrots;


brain bone - 600 g;

canned green peas - 100 g;

three liters of purified water;


two bulbs;

two tomatoes;

Bay leaf;

half a head of cabbage;

bacon - 200 g;

black pepper.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the cerebral bone and place it in the bowl of the device. Fill with purified water, close the lid and start the “soup” or “cooking” program. Cook for an hour. During cooking, open the lid and remove the foam. 2. Peel the carrots and onions, wash them, cut them in half and dry them in a dry frying pan. Place the vegetables in the broth. Send peppers and bay leaves here. Cover and cook for another hour and a half.

3. Take out the bone and vegetables from the broth. Bacon cut into small cubes and send in a container of broth.

4. Cabbage thinly chop and lower into broth. Cut the carrots into thin strips and send them after the cabbage. Put onion finely chopped here. Rinse the tomatoes, cut the stem and add to the soup. Close the lid, put the appliance into quenching mode and cook until vegetables are ready.

5. Five minutes before the end of cooking, add chopped greens and canned peas. Salt soup, cook for another five minutes. Put the device into heating mode and infuse the soup without opening the lid, 15 minutes.

Cabbage soup with fresh cabbage in a slow cooker - tips and tricks

  • It is better not to use young cabbage for cooking soup.
  • In order for the broth to become saturated in color and taste, add a whole peeled onion and carrot to it.
  • You can fry the onions and carrots, or you can add them raw.
  • Mushroom soup is made from fresh, pickled or dried mushrooms.
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