Bean soup in a multicooker without the hassle. Recipes bean soup in a slow cooker from dry and canned beans

Bean soup in a multicooker without the hassle. Recipes bean soup in a slow cooker from dry and canned beans

Beans contain a lot of easily digestible protein.

This is a great substitute for meat for vegetarians and those who keep a fast.

If you have a slow cooker, then cooking bean soup does not take much time and effort from you.

Your assistant will do most of the work for you.

Bean soup in a slow cooker - the basic principles of cooking

Cooking bean soup in a multi-cooker is a pleasure. No need to worry that the beans will not melt or burn. There is no need to constantly monitor the cooking process, which means you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Bean soup in a slow cooker boiled in meat, vegetable or fish broth. For meat broth fit any meat: chicken, pork, lamb or beef.

To cook the beans faster, it is pre-soaked for at least several hours, but it is better to do this in the evening.

In the bowl of the multicooker, first chop the chopped onion and grated carrots. Do it in the mode "Frying" or "Baking". Then put chopped potatoes, meat and soaked beans in the container. All ingredients are filled with purified water and spices are added. The slow cooker is switched to the “Soup” mode and boiled for one to two hours.

In the grill, you can add tomato paste or tomatoes chopped and peeled from the skin. Bean soup can be cooked with smoked meats. It can be smoked bacon, ribs or bacon.

A lean version is prepared in vegetable broth.

In addition to beans and potatoes, other vegetables or noodles are added to the soup.

Recipe 1. Bean soup in a slow cooker


one and a half cup of dry beans;


meat - 300 g;


two potatoes;

Bay leaf;


vegetable oil - 80 ml;

onion - 70 g

Method of preparation

1. Soak dry beans in purified drinking water for at least two hours. If you have the opportunity, do it in the evening so that the beans stay in the water overnight. 2. Peel the onion and chop into cubes.

3. Carrot clean, wash and finely three.

4. Take any meat. It can be pork, lamb or beef. My cutting, we clean out of everything superfluous and cut into small pieces.

5. Peel two potatoes, wash and cut into slices.

6. Pour vegetable oil into the multicooker container. Turn on the mode "Baking". Put grated carrots and onions in butter. Fry vegetables until light ruddy.

7. Drain the water from the beans and shift it to the roasted vegetables. Here we put the meat and potatoes. Fill with filtered water. Season with spices and add bay leaf. We switch the slow cooker to the “Soup” mode and cook the soup for two hours. Ready soup is poured into plates and served with sour cream and fresh herbs.

Recipe 2. Bean soup in a slow cooker with tomatoes


250 grams of dry beans;

red chili;

half a kilo of chicken;


two potatoes;

vegetable oil;

80 g onions;

25 g of tomato paste;

two tomatoes;

garlic - clove.

Method of preparation

1. Washing my beans, put them in a suitable dish and pour clean drinking water. Soak it for at least four hours.

2. Cut the chicken into portions, wash well and dry with napkins. We include the slow cooker in the “Hot” mode. We set the time for half an hour. Pour vegetable oil into the bowl, wait about five minutes for it to warm up, and spread the chicken. Fry the meat for five minutes.

3. Clean the bulb and wash. Finely chop and add to chicken. Stir and continue to fry.

4. Chive free from husks and three on the smallest grater. We shift it to the multicooker bowl and mix. Fry all together for five minutes, until there is a bright smell of garlic and onions.

5. Cut the washed tomatoes into small pieces and put them in the crock-pot. Add tomato paste, mix and cook until beep.

6. Cut the peeled potatoes into small pieces. Drain the water from the beans and wash it. Put the beans and potatoes in a multicooker container. We turn on the “Soup” program and continue cooking for an hour and a half. At the end add salt and finely chopped greens.

Recipe 3. Bean soup in a slow cooker






ketchup - 30 ml;

Bay leaf;

potato - half a kilo;


canned beans - can;

lean oil.

Method of preparation

1. Switch on the crock-pot to the “baking” mode. Pour vegetable oil into the bowl and heat for five minutes. Put the peeled and chopped onion into the heated oil. Fry, stirring occasionally, until transparent. Rub the peeled carrot, send it to the onion and continue frying for another five minutes. Add tomato paste and mix.

2. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces. Add in the bowl to the rest of the vegetables, stirring, fry until beep. Open the jar of beans and place the contents along with the liquid in the multicooker bowl. Add water to the desired thickness, put the bay leaf and season it with hot pepper, dried basil and paprika. Put the slow cooker into the “Quenching” mode and cook the soup for half an hour.

3. After the beep, add chopped garlic and cilantro. Hold the soup in “warm up” mode for a few minutes.

Recipe 4. Multivirka Bean Soup with Smoked Meat


100 g smoked bacon;

three cloves of garlic;

two bay leaves;

30 ml of tomato sauce;

30 ml of olive oil;

three celery stalks;

two peppercorns;

5 black peppercorns;


chili peppers;

two carrots;

a glass of white dry beans;


200 g smoked sausage.

Method of preparation

1. On the eve of soaking the beans in cold, filtered water, and leave it overnight. Then the water from the beans are drained and washed. We shift the beans to the pot, pour filtered water and cook for an hour.

2. Clean the onion and cut it into small cubes.

3. Clean the chives and chili peppers from the husks and seeds. Crumble with a sharp knife as small as possible.

4. Pour olive oil into the capacity of the multicooker. Turn on the mode “Frying” and wait for five minutes. Put onion into the container and fry for two minutes, then add chopped garlic and chili pepper and fry all together for another three minutes. 5. Cut the peeled carrots into bars. Add it to the onion and fry, stirring constantly, for another five minutes.

6. Cut into small pieces of celery stalk. Sent in a bowl and fry for the same amount of time.

7. Pour in tomato sauce, salt, season with pepper and simmer for a few minutes.

8. Cut bacon into small cubes. Cut the sausage into bigger pieces. Fry bacon in a pan without butter. When the fat is melted, add sausage and fry it all together until golden.

9. Put boiled beans, fried bacon with sausage in a multicooker bowl and fill it with water to the desired thickness. Add bay leaf and peppercorns. We transfer the multicooker to the “Soup” mode. Cooking for half an hour.

10. After the beep, take out the bay leaf and sprinkle with chopped parsley. Served with sour cream.

Recipe 5. Bean soup in a slow cooker with noodles


two liters of broth;

a glass of white beans;

100 grams of noodles;

10 g fresh parsley;

30 ml of refined vegetable oil;


two pinches of black pepper;

two potatoes;

5g of salt.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the beans well and fill it with drinking water overnight. Then drain and transfer the beans to the multicooker bowl.

2. Fill the beans with broth, close the multicooker lid and turn on the “Soup” program. Boil her for an hour.

3. Peel the onion and carrot. Finely chop the vegetables and fry in the pan for ten minutes.

4. Peel the potatoes, wash them and cut into cubes.

5. Open the multicooker lid, add potatoes and vegetable fry to the broth. Cook the soup in the same mode for another quarter of an hour. Salt and pepper.

6. At the end, add the noodles and cook for another seven minutes. In the soup, add chopped, fresh greens, and hold for a few minutes in the “Heating” mode.

Recipe 6. Bean soup-mash in a slow cooker


400 g canned beans;


large onion head;

a pinch of chili powder;

large carrot;

a pinch of coriander;

celery stalk;

olive oil - 50 ml; two potatoes;

200 g smoked ribs;


sour cream.

Method of preparation

1. Peel the onion and carrot. Cut vegetables not very finely.

2. Pour lean oil into the multicooker container. Turn on the “Frying” program. As soon as the oil warms up, put the vegetables. Fry, without closing the lid, stirring for two minutes.

3. Fill in the water, close the lid of the unit and place it in “Soup” mode. Cook for half an hour.

4. Peel and dice the potatoes. Celery wash and chop into small pieces. Smoked ribs cut into portions. Add all prepared ingredients and close the lid.

5. Throw the beans into the strainer and add it to the soup. Salt, season with spices. When the soup is ready, remove the ribs on a separate plate. Vegetables shift into the bowl of a blender and perebite everything in mashed potatoes, adding broth, to the desired consistency. Pour the soup into plates. In each place an edge and a spoonful of sour cream.

Multicooker Bean Soup - Tips and Tricks

  • In order not to waste time soaking beans, you can make canned bean soup. It should be added to the soup for a quarter of an hour before the end of cooking.
  • If there is no “Frying” mode on your multicooker, you can replace it with the “Baking” mode.
  • Bean soup in a multicooker salt at the end.
  • Cooking time depends on the power of your multicooker.
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