Jam from a pear - not ottyanesh by the ears! Recipes mixed and simple jam from pears for the winter in a slow cooker and on the stove

Jam from a pear - not ottyanesh by the ears! Recipes mixed and simple jam from pears for the winter in a slow cooker and on the stove

Jelly from pear is still a delicacy! Just so hard to break away from him.

Hence the conclusion: you need to do many, many! It is good that there are so many wonderful recipes.

Pear Jam - General Cooking Principles

The most delicious jam with a perfect texture is obtained from hard and slightly unripe pears, but soft fruits can also be used. Fruits are cut into pieces, crushed with a blender or fray through a sieve after pre-cooking. Then they put sugar and other ingredients.

What can be added to the pear jam:

• apples, citrus and other fruits;

• berries;

• water;

• cinnamon, vanilla and other spices;

• gelatin.

You can cook a treat on the stove. But increasingly, you can find recipes for the multicooker. If there is a program “Jam”, then you can use it for cooking. Or they combine baking and stewing programs. Cooking time depends on the juiciness of pears and it is impossible to determine it precisely. Satisfied consistency - jam ready!

Simple recipe for pear jam

Variant of the easiest and simple pear jam with citric acid. Fruits are minced in a meat grinder.


• 550 g of sugar;

• 1 kg of pears;

• 4 g lemon.


1. Cut the pears into slices, throw away the stubs.

2. Twist the slices through a meat grinder, combine with sugar, stir and leave for a couple of hours.

3. Put on the stove, cook for a quarter of an hour. We set aside, let stand up to cool.

4. Put it on the stove again, add citric acid, boil the treat for about half an hour.

5. We look at the density, if the jam began to reach behind the spoon, and the droplet does not spread on the saucer, then you can turn it off.

Pear jam for the winter “Lemon flavor”

The recipe is very fragrant pear jam for the winter with lemon. If the citrus is large, then one is enough. Small lemons can take two.

Ingredients • 3 kg of pears;

• 1 lemon;

• 1.5 kg of sugar;

• 200 ml of water.


1. Cut the washed pears into random slices, add them to the pan, add a glass of water to them.

2. Put the pears on the stove, cook for 10 minutes under the lid.

3. Wash the lemon, cut into pieces. It is necessary to remove all the bones from citrus.

4. Remove the pears from the heat, they should be soft. Cool slightly, add citrus slices to fruit and twist it all together with a blender.

5. Add sugar, stir. It is advisable to give the mass a little stand, so that the sand is dissolved. Otherwise, small grains on the walls of dishes can stick, the jam will turn out dark and will have an unpleasant odor.

6. Put the treat on the stove, cook without a lid over moderate heat for about 45-50 minutes. We achieve the desired density, do not forget to stir it regularly.

7. We pack in banks. Cool, remove pear jam for storage.

Pear jam with gelatin “Velvet”

The recipe is thick, velvety pear jam with gelatin, you can call it jam. The peculiarity of the delicacy is an unusual, jelly consistency. Gelatin is used ordinary powder or instant.


• 1 kg of pears;

• 0.5 kg of sugar;

• 0.5 lemon;

• cinnamon, vanilla;

• 200 ml of water;

• 1 tbsp. l gelatin.


1. Cut into pear pieces, add 100 ml of water, boil over low heat until soft. Put to cool.

2. In 100 ml of water, soak the gelatin. Give it a good swell. Usually time is indicated on the packaging.

3. The softened pears need to be ground through a sieve.

4. Add sugar to the puree, put it on the stove.

5. After boiling, pour in lemon juice, cook for 10 minutes.

6. If the delicacy is harvested for the winter, then the banks need to be processed, put at hand. The same with the covers.

7. In the boiling jam add vanilla, cinnamon.

8. Enter the gelatin, quickly stir and immediately turn off. If you allow the mass to boil over, the texture will not be what you need.

9. Pour the jam from pears into sterile jars, constantly stir from the bottom. Quickly close. 10. Put the container upside down, wrap it up with something warm, hold it until the cans are completely cooled, then turn it into a natural position, transfer it to storage.

Simple recipe for pear jam in a slow cooker

A wonderful way to make sweet pear treats. It can be used immediately or removed for storage. Instead of lemon, you can take a diluted acid, enough third of a teaspoon and 30 ml of water.


• 1 kg of pears;

• 1.5 cups of sugar;

• 0.5 lemon.


1. Pears for this jam can not be cleaned, but without a skin the delicacy is more tender. See by grade. If the skin is hard, it is still better to remove.

2. Rub pearl on a coarse grater, mix with sugar. Immediately we lay all this in a multi-cooker saucepan.

3. Pour it all on top with lemon juice. You can add a little peel, but only well crushed, large particles in the jam should not be. Or use an acid solution.

4. Close the slow cooker. We put the extinguishing program for two hours. Periodically we look, we stir.

5. If the pears are watery or just very juicy, the density of the delicacy does not suit you, you can switch to baking at the end, hold the jam in this mode for about half an hour, just do not forget to stir.

Jam from pears for the winter “Vitaminka” with lingonberries

The recipe for a stunning pear pear jam for the winter, which is distinguished not only by its taste, but also by its vitamin composition. Lingonberry is best for him to use fresh. But if there is no such possibility, then the frozen product will also fit.


• 1 kg of pear;

• 0.5 kg lingonberries;

• 1 kg of sugar;

• 2 star star anise;

• 1 lemon;

• 130 ml of water.


1. Slice the pears into pieces, simply wash the cranberries, let the water drain, dry the berries is optional.

2. Mix a glass of sugar with water, put it on the stove, cook the syrup. Add star badies, which will present a special highlight to the treat.

3. The rest of the sugar is mixed with pears and lingonberries.

4. Add the prepared pieces of sugar to the syrup, stir. 5. Squeeze out lemon juice. But you can grind the whole citrus, removing the seeds and add to the total mass.

6. Cook jam for 45 minutes.

7. Remove from heat. Fill mass with a blender.

8. Put the lingonberry-pear delicacy on the stove again, cook to the desired thickness.

9. If the consistency suits, then we just let the mass boil well, boil it for one minute and put it in jars.

Pear jam with apples

Another popular supple for pear jam is apples! Choose sour varieties. They ideally dilute the sweet pears, add sourness, make the taste more interesting.


• 1 kg of apples;

• 1 kg of pears;

• 0.8 kg of sugar.


1. Cook the fruit. To do this, cut apples with pears into slices, do not remove the skin.

2. Throw everything in the pan, pour a glass of water, boil until soft. Be sure to cover.

3. Remove from heat, let cool slightly, so as not to burn your hands. But the mass should not be cold. We rub fruit through a sieve for receiving gentle and uniform mashed potatoes.

4. Mix the fruit with sugar, give a little dissolve the grains, send jam on the stove.

5. Cooking jam for 30-35 minutes. After cooling, the mass will become thicker due to pectin in apples.

Simple recipe for pear jam with oranges (in a slow cooker)

Another version of pear jam, designed for multi-cooker saucepan. You can adjust the amount of vanilla and cinnamon, if you don’t like something, don’t add it.


• 2 kg of pears;

• 2 oranges;

• 1 bag of vanilla;

• 1 tsp. cinnamon powder;

• 1.2 kg of sugar;

• juice from 1 lemon.


1. We twist pears through a meat grinder together with a peel, we fall asleep to them sand, we stir. Leave for half an hour.

2. Remove the zest from the oranges, peel the flesh, remove the bones and white skins. We twist the pulp of citrus and zest, send to the pears.

3. Squeeze lemon juice into the total mass.

4. Add vanilla with cinnamon powder, stir.

5. Turn on the baking, prepare the jam for exactly thirty minutes. 6. Switch to the extinguishing mode, prepare another 1.5 hours.

7. Spill a treat from a pear with an orange in jars, roll it up. Or just cool and put in the fridge.

Jam of pears for the winter with pieces

If there are both soft and hard pears, then you can cook a delicacy for this recipe. Jam turns out interesting and very tasty.


• 1 kg soft pears;

• 0.5 kg of tough pears;

• 1 kg of sugar;

• 1 lemon.


1. Cut hard pears into cubes by centimeter, pour with lemon juice, set aside for a while.

2. Soft pears pruned, get rid of stubs. Twist the blender, mix with sugar.

3. Put the pear mass on the stove, give boil.

4. Add the sliced ​​pears, cook all together for about 45 minutes.

5. Readiness is determined by pieces. They should boil and not remain moist.

6. We spread jam with pieces in jars, remove pear billet for storage.

Pear Jam - Tips and Tricks

• Everyone knows that jam should be laid out in sterile jars. But you can do it another way: arrange the treat in clean and dry jars, put it in the oven, heat until the baked crust is on top, but see that the treat does not start to burn. Remove, cover or roll.

• Sugar in the jam add at least 50%. The calculation is based on peeled fruit without stubs.

• In the jam, you can replace part of the sugar with honey, which goes well with pears. Delicacy will turn out unusually fragrant. By the way, this is a great way to use candied honey.

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