Apple puree for children: how to properly and tasty cook it. Recipes for apple puree for babies

Apple puree for children: how to properly and tasty cook it. Recipes for apple puree for babies

A juicy filling apple is the very fruit from which the acquaintance of kids with “adult food” begins. It is not suitable for the very first food, too tasty (after the apple pulp there is a boring zucchini or a nourishing porridge the baby refuses). But as soon as the baby eats vegetables and cereals, you can gradually add tasty fruits to his diet.

Vegetable and fruit foods in the shabby form should be given to the baby from six months. Artificial babies have been lured since they were four months old. Apple puree for babies is a real delicacy. That's just to feed the baby is still the best product of their own making. And cheaper, and safer.

Apple puree for children - general principles of preparation

For baby food you need to take apples grown in your region. It is better to refuse purchased foreign fruits, as they may contain allergens and traces of chemicals that are used to treat fruits during long-term transportation.

Apple puree for children should be very tender. Therefore, a blender or a fine sieve is useful. Using a meat grinder is not the best idea. On metal parts can remain bacteria, familiarity with which the crumbs do not need anything.

Puree prepared from fresh mashed or stewed chopped fruit. It can be done little by little and immediately given to the baby or stored for the future and closed in glass jars. The second option is preferred for older children. Baby is better to cook a fresh dish.

If mashed potatoes are prepared for the winter, then it is laid out in sterilized jars. Sterilization of the container can be for 15-20 minutes over steam or in the oven. Covers, which will be corked applesauce, should also be sterilized in boiling water.

Apple puree for babies

Very tasty and gentle mashed potatoes with natural taste - what the baby needs for the first feeding. It is not necessary to add sugar, it is easier to select fresh sweet apples. Quenching time can vary depending on the variety of apples. For example, hard Antonovka becomes soft reluctantly, so it will have to be heated on the stove a little longer. Ingredients:

• one tasty sweet apple;

• a tablespoon of pure water.

Cooking Method:

Apple wash thoroughly and peel.

Cut the seed box with the seeds.

Peeled apple cut into small cubes. The smaller their size, the faster the fruit pieces will soften, the more vitamins they will keep.

Put the apple pieces in the saucepan and pour in the water. Its amount will be purely symbolic. Do not be upset that apple puree for babies will turn out to be watery or less useful. Water is needed in order not to burn and give apples juice.

Turn on a small fire and heat the apples under the lid, waiting for the selection of juice and the start of quenching.

Stew apple cubes until softened. Depending on the variety, this can take anywhere from five to twenty minutes.

Soft apples rub through a sieve or mash with a blender.

Put mashed potatoes in a bowl, cool and start feeding.

Apple puree for children for the winter

Delicate applesauce, cooked with caring mother's hands, will delight any kid. And my mother does not have to spend time on cooking. It is enough to open the product jar and warm it up. Lay out the winter harvesting apple puree for children better in small jars. And if the pot is large, you can use the remaining product for baking or sauce.


• two kilograms Antonovka;

• one hundred grams of sugar (optional, add as desired);

• a glass of clean drinking water.

Cooking Method:

Prepare the apples, completely removing the peel from them, cutting out the core and removing the bones.

Cut the apples into small slices and fold into a suitable saucepan.

Pour water intake, tightly cover the pot with a lid and turn on the slow fire.

Stew Antonovka from twenty minutes to half an hour, stirring occasionally.

When the apple slices are softened enough, to mash the mass in any convenient way (blender, mixer, using a sieve).

If the apples are sour, you can add sugar in a hot mashed potatoes and mix everything well or beat. Return the mashed potatoes to the fire and warm with constant stirring. It is important not to let the product burn.

Hot mash decomposed in banks, after sterilizing them (do not forget about the lid! They also need to be boiled).

Close the jars and cool, wrapped with an old blanket or rug.

Fresh apple puree for children

On the recommendation of the pediatrician, you can gradually introduce fresh fruit puree into the food. Sour apples will not work, but sweet and sour will be just right. Giving sugar to a baby is not worth it. And if you want to pamper the older kids, you can optionally add a spoonful of granulated sugar or powdered sugar to the mashed potatoes.


  • delicious fresh apple.

Preparation Method:

Wash the apple thoroughly with hot water and dry it.

Cut off the skin, remove the seeds and hard partitions.

Grate the peeled apple slices on the shallow side of the grater to make a smooth mashed potatoes.

You can chop the fruit differently: first grate, and then additionally bake with a blender.

Put the finished product in a bowl and feed the baby.

Apples Puree for Baby “Five Minute”

Literally in five minutes you can make a delicious apple puree for babies. The portion will turn out one-time.


• fresh sweet apple;

• litere of water.

Cooking Method:

Boil water in a small saucepan.

Carefully washed fruit dipped in boiling water.

Boil an apple for two minutes to make the flesh soften.

Remove the apple from boiling water and cool.

Fully peel, divide and seed.

Pure in a blender.

Put the mashed potatoes in the feeding bowl and serve.

Apple puree for children in a slow cooker

The home helper of the multicooker allows you to prepare a portion of the delicious apple puree for children without constant hassle and constant supervision. The slow cooker should have a steaming mode.


• Big apple.

Cooking Method:

Washed and completely peeled apple cut into small pieces. Put the apple slices in a container for cooking food for a couple.

Pour a glass of water into the bowl of the multicooker, set the container and turn on the steam cooking mode for 20 minutes.

Ready to take out the apples.

If a variety of apples has a loose structure, the prepared slices can simply be kneaded with a spoon. In order to puree a denser variety, it is better to whip the fruit with a blender.

Serve baby applesauce warm.

Apple puree for children in the oven

In the oven, you can also cook applesauce. The method is useful and simple, allowing you to save all the beneficial properties of the fruit.


• one large or two medium sized apples.

Cooking Method:

Cut the core out of the washed apple with a knife. Apples must remain whole. Peel not to remove.

Fruits to put in silicone molds for cupcakes of suitable diameter. It is necessary to keep the weight of the juice inside the apple.

In an oven warmed to 200 degrees, send the forms with apples.

Cook for 20 minutes until the fruit is tender.

Remove and slightly cool the apples.

Spoon the pulp and send it to the blender.

Pureen apples.

Put the apple puree for babies in a beautiful bowl and serve.

Apple and pumpkin puree for children in a double boiler

Apple goes well with healthy vegetables. For example, with a wonderful yellow pumpkin. Such apple puree for children will be of double benefit. The portion will turn out big, as it is winter preparation. For cooking vegetables need a double boiler. It can be replaced by a slow cooker with the appropriate function, or you can cook a dish on the stove by placing a special container over boiling water.


• kilogram of sweet and sour garden apples;

• kilogram of pumpkin;

• fifty grams of sugar (the amount can be varied throughout the taste);

• a teaspoon of citrus zest (from orange or lemon).

Cooking Method:

Thoroughly wash the pumpkin and apples.

Apples are completely peeled, leaving only the flesh, and cut into small pieces.

Cut the peel from the pumpkin and cut it into the same slices. Put pumpkin and apples in a double boiler and cook for 15-20 minutes.

While the main ingredients are being prepared, remove the zest from the citrus fruit.

Soft hot slices to puree in any way.

Put mashed potatoes in a saucepan, add zest and sugar, mix everything.

Warm up mashed potatoes, stirring it constantly.

If the mass is liquid, you can assure it to the desired consistency.

Spread out into prepared sterile jars and cork.

Apple and cream puree for children

If the pediatrician already allows the baby to eat dairy products, then you should definitely make an apple puree according to this recipe. It will turn out very gently and tasty.


• two apples;

• glass of water;

• two tablespoons of cream.

Cooking Method:

Put prepared apple slices into boiling water.

Fifteen minutes later pour the cream.

Mass puree, cool and serve.

Apples Puree for Kids - Tricks and Useful Tips

  • Delicious mashed potatoes are obtained from Russian apples: Antonovka, white filling or Semerenko variety.
  • If the apples are sour, it is better to sweeten the puree with powdered sugar. It dissolves faster. Honey infants can not be given.
  • Puree in sterile jars should be stored in the refrigerator. In addition, it can be decomposed into plastic containers and frozen.
  • Apple can be mixed with other fruits. Rarely allergic to pears, peaches, nectarines, apricots. Delicious mashed potatoes are made from apples with a banana. Vegetables for mixing is suitable not only pumpkin, but also carrots.
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