Frozen apples: different ways to freeze juicy fruits. How to freeze apples for the whole winter, in slices, in the form of mashed potatoes

Frozen apples: different ways to freeze juicy fruits. How to freeze apples for the whole winter, in slices, in the form of mashed potatoes

Frozen berries are classics of the genre. About this method of long-term storage of the summer harvest knows any hostess. But the fact that you can freeze and apples, not everyone knows.

Meanwhile, frozen apples are a tasty and cheap source of vitamins in the winter months. In the summer, when there are a lot of garden apples and the prices are cheap, you can freeze fruit for the whole winter. It is much more useful than buying apples from afar in a supermarket. Purchased fruit can be tasteless, and useless, and even potentially dangerous to health. In addition, their cost all year round is so high that it is easier to buy bananas or oranges - it will be cheaper.

It is important, that when frozen, apples do not lose any vitamins or taste. Therefore, they are much more useful than the same apple jam. You can feast on slices just like that or use frozen apples for cooking various dishes. How to freeze apples for the winter? Very simple.

Frozen Apples - General Cooking Principles

The whole process will take from 20 minutes to one hour. It is not necessary to select the perfect apples. If the fruit is a little spoiled, it will also fit to freeze, just need to cut out all the defects.

Fruits need to be thoroughly washed, and then no less thoroughly dried. You can freeze and whole apples, and apple slices. In whole fruits, it is desirable to cut the core, although it can be frozen along with the bones.

Most often, apples are cut into quarters or slices: so they will occupy less space in the freezer. It is not necessary to peel the skin, you can freeze the apple slices with it. But to cut hard partitions and remove the seeds will have. Optionally, you can cut the skin with a sharp thin knife.

For harvesting, depending on the recipe, you will need:

• cutting board or baking sheet;

• packing bag or food plastic containers; • knife;

• powerful freezer.

On the last point you need to pay special attention. Weak freezer for freezing apples is not suitable, although it copes with berries. Ideal - if the freezer can keep the temperature of -23 degrees.

Apples can be frozen simply or with the addition of homemade preservatives. Of the role of citric acid, lemon juice, ascorbic acid, salt or sugar. You can store frozen apples for a year.

Frozen Apples “Tasty Slices”

The recipe is suitable for freezing small apples. If the garden tree is covered with such apples, then you can make them tasty slices in just a few minutes. The number of fruits indicated is approximate. You can load more slices into the larger camera. How to freeze apples for the winter in this way?


• two kilograms of apples.


Cut the prepared apples with a sharp knife so that they are rounded slices of the same thickness. The boll should remain untouched.

Put sliced ​​slices into several packing bags in small portions (approximately one glass of sliced ​​pieces into one bag).

Be sure to let the air out of the bag and tie.

Put the bags in the freezer in one layer.

When the apples are well frozen, they can be folded in several layers and set the usual temperature of the freezer.

Frozen Frozen Frozen Apples

The taste of frozen apples prepared in this way is unusual. The recipe is suitable for large ripe fruits.


• apples in any desired quantity.


Cut the dried dried fruits into halves, cut the core and cut into thin neat slices.

Clean and completely dry baking trays, kitchen boards or trays cover with a piece of cellophane. He will save the apples from freezing to the surface. You can do without cellophane, but only if the surface is as dry as possible.

Arrange apple slices in even rows so that the pieces do not touch. Switch the freezer to shock freezing (-23 degrees).

Send the board or baking tray in the freezer for two hours.

Frozen lobules decompose into packing bags and store in the freezer.

Switch the camera to normal freezing mode.

Frozen apples with citric acid

To keep apple slices dark and stored for a long time, citric acid can be used as a home preservative. Citric acid can be replaced by lemon juice.


• two kilograms of apples;

• two liters of water;

• ten grams of citric acid.


Prepare a solution of citric acid (per liter of clean drinking water you need to take five grams of powder).

Slice the clean apples into slices.

Dip apples into the solution for twenty minutes.

Remove with a slotted spoon and dry the apple slices.

Packaged in packages and freeze.

Instead of citric acid, you can squeeze the juice from lemon into a water (a spoonful of juice per liter of water).

Frozen apples in saline

The salt solution will extend the safe storage of apples in the freezer for up to one year. Salted slices can be used to prepare sauces for meat and vegetable dishes or salad dressings. How to freeze apples for the winter with salt?


• two or three kilograms of apples;

• four liters of water;

• thirty grams of salt.


In a measured amount of water to dissolve the salt.

While the salt diverges, cut the apples into even beautiful slices.

Dip apple slices in brine for five minutes.

Remove the apples and dry them completely.

Immediately decompose into packages or freeze first on a sheet, and then packaged.

Frozen apples in sugar syrup

Another excellent and well-known preservative mistress is white sugar. Frozen apples prepared according to this recipe can be used exclusively for the preparation of sweet dishes.


• one and a half kilograms of apples;

• three glasses of water;

• two glasses of sugar.


Dissolve sugar in water. Prepare apple slices.

Immerse them in syrup and mix well.

Disintegrate into pouches or food containers and freeze.

Frozen apples in mashed potatoes

How to freeze apples for the winter, turning them into mashed potatoes? Very easy. And you can vary the consistency according to your taste. It is tasty to add applesauce to cereals for kids.


• kilogram of apples;

• one hundred grams of sugar (optional, you can not add).


Cut apples into slices of arbitrary shape.

Grind in a blender or food processor to a state of mashed potatoes.

Fold, add sugar and mix.

Send the pot to a small fire.

Protests three minutes.

Spread out in plastic containers and put them in the freezer.

Whole frozen apples with ascorbic

If you want to feast on the wonderful frozen apples or you want to bake them with sugar and cinnamon, then you need to freeze whole fruits. A pharmacy askorbink will play the role of a preservative.


• kilogram of apples;

• one and a half liters of water;

• fifty grams of ascorbic acid.


Crush ascorbic acid tablets or take the finished powder.

Dissolve in cold water.

Take out the core of the washed and dried apples.

Immerse the apples to the solution of ascorbine for five minutes.

Pack each apple in a tight freezer bag (be sure to release air).

Send to freezer.

Frozen apples with sugar and lemon

A delicious winter treat can be prepared by mixing slices of apples with sugar, zest and juice of fragrant lemon.


• one and a half kilograms of apples;

• one lemon;

• a glass of sugar.


Wash and dry ripe apples thoroughly.

Remove lemon zest from lemon.

Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice.

In a suitable bowl or saucepan, combine the zest and juice.

Cut the fruit into beautiful slices, pre-cutting the middle. The skin can not be cut off.

Put the apple pieces in a saucepan with lemon juice and mix well. Pour the sugar, stir again. Too zealous is not necessary, so as not to break the apple slices.

Decompose the tasty mass into durable packages and smooth out so that a thin layer is obtained.

Arrange on the bottom of the freezer in a single layer. After the apples are frozen, fold the bags one on top of the other.

Frozen Apples - Tricks and Tips & Tricks

  • Frozen apples must be cut quickly so that the slices do not have time to oxidize and turn yellow. In the process of cutting new portions of apples can be sprinkled with lemon juice.
  • Apples should be frozen in small portions, because after opening a bag or container, their contents should be used.
  • The use of frozen apples is different. You can make sweet pastries from them: apples in the text, pies, charlottes, open and closed pies, strudel, muffins, gingerbread. Very tasty and pancakes with apple filling.
  • Excellent compotes are made from frozen slices. You can add frozen berries to apples, flavor compote with cinnamon, lemon.
  • Beautiful light dessert - baked apple halves stuffed with cottage cheese, nuts, honey and cinnamon sugar.
  • Apple puree is a great dietary option for sweet sandwiches. It can well replace high-calorie butter or sweet jam. And from fresh frozen apple puree you can make a marshmallow, marshmallow, sorbet - light, amazingly delicious treats.
  • It is also possible to use sliced ​​frozen apple slices for the preparation of savory dishes. For example, a liver or a duck with apples is excellent. In addition, the apple component is appropriate in various sauces for meat or vegetable salad.
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