Cherry in its own juice for the winter is a vitamin stick. We can preserve cherries in our own juice for the winter with and without sugar

Cherry in its own juice for the winter is a vitamin stick. We can preserve cherries in our own juice for the winter with and without sugar

In home canned cherries takes a worthy place. After processing the strawberries and cherries, you can prepare several jars of this berry.

It grows in almost every garden, so it is sold at an affordable price.

Preserving cherries in their own juice for the winter is a much simpler process than cooking jam or jam.

This preparation will help to create a variety of mouth-watering dishes, including cherry dumplings, pies and sweet-stuffed pies. It is useful in the preparation of compotes and jelly.

Such a cherry can be decorated with cottage cheese, semolina, or just eat a few fruits just like that. It has not been subjected to prolonged heat treatment, and therefore retains its shape, smell, and taste. In addition, it contains plenty of vitamins.

Cherry in its own juice for the winter - general principles of preparation

Fresh cherries need to wash and sort. We leave only the whole fruit, without wormholes.

It is advisable to hold the berries for half an hour or an hour in cold and salted water, in order not to meet the unpleasant little worm in the finished product.

The most time-consuming process in the harvesting of cherries in its own juice for the winter is the removal of seeds. The easiest way to do this is with a special device. But if not, then a toothpick, pin, hairpin, or even a nail file will help. Remove bones should be careful not to crush the fruit.

The further process depends on the recipe.

Jars and lids should be prepared in advance. They need to be washed with hot water and soda and steamed. Then the container is turned over and dried to dryness.

Jars of cherries need to be sterilized. You can do this:

one). In a gas or electric oven. It turns on only after the banks are already inside. The usual sterilization time is 20 minutes. Most often, the process occurs at a standard temperature of 180 degrees.

2). In a saucepan with water. The dishes are taken larger to fit at least four jars. At the bottom of the saucepan should put a cotton towel, a thick napkin or a wooden circle. This should be done for your own safety: the banks will not exactly burst when heated. The glass container is placed in a saucepan, cold water is poured and heating is turned on. The liquid should not reach the neck of the banks for a centimeter two. Do not let the water fall into the jar.

After boiling a half liter container with cherries is in the water for about fifteen or twenty minutes. Time sterilization liter containers - up to half an hour.

For the preparation of conservation will need sugar and cherries. In rare cases, starch and water are added.

A large spoon, a container for pits, an enamel saucepan, a ladle, a colander, potholders and towels will be useful in the work.

When rolling cherries, it is desirable to observe the following proportions: a glass of sugar is needed for every kilogram of fruit. It is possible and so: on a quart jar three spoons of sugar.

Especially ripe and juicy fruits can be preserved and without sugar.

Cans of cherries turn over, wrapped with something warm and big. They should be left in this form until the seaming is completely cooled.

Preservation is stored in a dark and cool place: cellar or storage room.

Recipe 1. Cherry in its own juice for the winter “Fresh berry”


• sugar - three table l. on one liter jar;

• cherry.


  1. We sort out the cherry, remove the spoiled berries.
  2. Soak it for half an hour in salted water.
  3. Wash fruit thoroughly under running water.
  4. Putting it on a colander and letting it drain.
  5. In a sterilized and dry can pour a spoonful of sugar. Then fill it with cherry half. Shake gently to make the fruit more dense.
  6. Add another tablespoon of sugar.
  7. Fill the jar full of cherries and shake.
  8. Top another spoonful of sugar. It should be noted that if the cherry is very sour, the sweet ingredient can be poured more.
  9. Cover the jars with lids.
  10. Sterilize in hot water for about 15 minutes. We start counting the time from boiling the liquid.
  11. It is possible to perform this operation in the oven. Banks need to hold there for 20 minutes at a standard temperature.
  12. Tightly roll up the covers. Turn over tara with cherries. Do not forget to properly wrap the jars.

Recipe 2. Cherries in their own juice for the winter for making desserts


• one kg of ripe pitted cherries;

• 0.3 kg sugar;

• 50 ml of water;

• two dining l. starch;


  1. Berries fall asleep with sugar and set on medium heat.
  2. Boil the cherries five to seven minutes after boiling the juice.
  3. Remove the plate from the fire.
  4. Dilute starch in cold water. There should not be a single lump. Add it to the hot, but not boiling juice with cherries.
  5. Again, place the dishes with the fruit on the fire and wait for boiling. Immediately turn off.
  6. Spoon the cherries in their own juice for the winter in clean jars, spin them, cover and wait until they cool.
  7. Hide the container away and open it not earlier than late autumn.

Recipe 3. Cherry in its own juice for the winter “Winter sweetness”


• sugar - four tablespoons per jar 0.7 l;

• cherry.


  1. Prepared cherries are laid in a jar with a layer of approximately four centimeters.
  2. Fall asleep a tablespoon with a sugar slice.
  3. Then we proceed in the same way: put a layer of cherries and sprinkle with a spoon of sugar. Berries can be quite a bit to press.
  4. In the bowl where the fresh cherry lay, juice was formed. Pour two spoons on the surface of the fruit.
  5. Cover the filled glass container with lids and send to the oven for 30 minutes.
  6. We take out hot cans, covering our hands with a tack or towel.
  7. We twist, turn over and cover with something warm.
  8. Already cooled jars are hiding on the shelf in the pantry or cellar.

Recipe 4. Cherries in their own juice for the winter “Cottage recipe”


• two kilograms of cherries;

• half a pound of sugar.


  1. Pitted cherries are poured into a large saucepan. Pour the sugar and gently mix with a spoon or spatula.
  2. You need to try whether the sweet juice that the cherry has started is sufficient. If necessary, you can add more sugar.
  3. We put the saucepan on the stove and turn on the small fire. Stirring occasionally, bring to a boil. Boil the cherries for about fifteen minutes.
  4. The finished product is laid out in clean jars. Lid roll, turn over.

Recipe 5. Cherries in their own juice for the winter without sugar


• cherry.


  1. Remove the bones from each cherry.
  2. Fill the prepared jars with the help of a spoon. Lightly tamp down the berries so that they actively squeeze the juice. Between the top layer of cherries and the edge of the jar, leave a distance of approximately three cm.
  3. We cover each glass container with prepared lids.
  4. We place the jars on a baking sheet and load them in an electric oven. Place them on the second level below.
  5. Set the temperature to 150 degrees. Heating mode: top and bottom.
  6. We follow the jars until boiling cherry juice in them. After this happens, we maintain the preservation in the oven for about twenty minutes.
  7. Remove the jars of cherries in their own juice, harvested for the winter, and tightly tighten the lids.
  8. We give the glass container to cool to room temperature, and send for storage until the winter cold.

Recipe 6. Cherry in its own juice for the winter “Sour Berry”


• one kilo cherries;

• sugar - one table l. on a half-liter jar.


  1. Cooking cherries and tara. In each jar poured fruit. Shake so that they fit tightly.
  2. Put the jars in the saucepan. We put on one spoon of table sugar. Covering with covers.
  3. Pour cold water into a saucepan. Turn on the fire.
  4. The jars are sterilized for ten minutes after the water boils.
  5. We take out the banks and quickly roll up. We turn over, we wrap and after full cooling we move to the prepared place for storage.

Recipe 7. Cherry in its own juice for the winter in Eastern Europe


• cherry;

• sugar - five spoons each. per liter jar; • water.


  1. We load pitted cherries into clean jars.
  2. After half the glass container is filled, add sugar.
  3. Fill jars of cherries almost to the top. We leave the distance to the edges of the container in one centimeter.
  4. Pour clean water into each jar. She must fill the container completely.
  5. Cover the jars with clean lids and twist. We turn each over and make sure that they are sealed.
  6. Put the jars in a large saucepan and pour water on the neck.
  7. After boiling we screw the fire to an average level and note the time in twenty-five minutes.
  8. Turning off the heat, cover the saucepan with lids. We leave the preservation right in the water until the morning.
  9. Unload jars, wipe with a towel and turn over. Once again we check if they are sealed.
  10. We remove away and remember cherry preservation only at the end of autumn.

Cherry harvesting in its own juice for the winter - tricks and tips

  • When sterilizing in the oven, the jars should be placed on the wire rack and a baking tray placed below to prevent contamination of the entire inside of the plate. After all, when heated, the juice can flow out of glass containers.
  • If there are many cans, the sterilization process is best carried out in the oven. If their number is limited to three or four - more suitable pan with water.
  • When the bones are removed with a toothpick, one of its sharp tips can be broken off.
  • In order not to confuse the ratio of sugar and cherries, it is necessary to use jars of the same capacity.
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