Cherry jelly: recipes for quick desserts, blanks for the winter. Technology of making cherry jelly with thickeners and without gelatin

Cherry jelly: recipes for quick desserts, blanks for the winter. Technology of making cherry jelly with thickeners and without gelatin

Tastes differ. But many people think that cherry is ideal for making jelly. Moderately sour, moderately sweet, with rich color and delicate pulp, cherry tree fruits give the opportunity to create delicious desserts quickly and easily. Using different techniques and recipes, cherry jelly can be prepared immediately before use or procured for future use, for the whole winter.

General rules for making cherry jelly

As in the quince, apples, cranberries and black currants, a lot of pectin in cherries. This is a natural gelling agent, due to which cherry jelly is often made simply with sugar. This is enough to make the product thick, acquired a gelatinous consistency.

Cherry for jelly is used whole (with or without bone), in the form of mashed potatoes or juice (with pulp and pure). Fruits pick ripe, juicy, without damage and rot. The smell of cherries should be pleasant, without hints of fermentation.

Variations on the theme of “cherry jelly” dozens. But whichever recipe is used, the process of preparing fruits for processing is always the same:

1. Fruits are poured with cold water for 60 minutes so that the worms living in them float to the surface.

2. Cherry washed, cut off the tails.

3. If indicated in the recipe, remove the bones.

After that, the product is ready for further processing.

Cherry gel jelly may serve as a thickener (plain or instant), agar-agar, pectin. Each of them has its own characteristics.

So, gelatin when exceeding the proportions can give a specific flavor to the dessert. Therefore, in the cherry jelly, this ingredient must be added exactly as indicated in the recipe. In addition, it must be borne in mind that gelatin does not interact well with acidic fruits, which is why the whole cherries jelly may harden badly. Finally, gelatin cannot be added to boiling liquids — the gelling properties of the thickener disappear at high temperatures.

Pectin, by contrast, can be boiled. Jelly with such a thickener is always dense. Pectin is equally well suited for quick desserts, and for the preparation of cherry jelly for long-term storage. Agar-agar is good because the jelly with him perfectly freezes even at room temperature. The disadvantage is that this thickener needs to be soaked in water a few hours before the start of the dessert. Plus, for the winter, cherry jelly with agar is not prepared. This gelling agent is more suitable for making jams, cherry confitures.

The proportions of sugar for cherry jelly vary depending on the recipe. Average indicators - 700 g per 1 kg of fruit. In some cases, for dessert, take less sugar - from 100 to 300 g per 1 kg of cherries.

Cherry Jelly: a classic recipe

Light summer dessert, with whole berries and pleasant sour taste. Prepares quickly and easily.


· Fresh cherry - 600 g;

· Sugar - 300 g;

· Water - 1.2 l;

· Regular gelatin - 25 g.


1. Gelatin is soaked according to the instructions.

2. From water and sugar boiled syrup.

3. Washed pitted cherries poured into boiled syrup. Cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Removed from the stove.

4. The swollen gelatin is heated over steam to dissolve completely, filter through a sieve. Poured into a sweet fruit mass. Stir.

5. Allow jelly to cool. Poured into forms. Put in the fridge.

After 3-5 hours, the cherry jelly will completely harden. Before serving, dessert is decorated with whipped cream.

Transparent cherry jelly without thickener for the winter

The easiest and fastest way to prepare jelly from cherry long-term storage. The dessert has a clear ruby ​​color, a pleasant sweet-sour taste.


· Processed pitted cherries - 2 kg;

· Sugar - 0.7 kg per 1 liter of liquid;

· Water - 300 ml.


1. Cherry poured into the bowl, pour water. Bring over medium heat to a boil. Cook until softened.

2. Broth twice filtered through cheesecloth, without grinding the fruit.

3. Return the cherry juice to the stove. Boiled twice.

4. In the fruit mass, constantly stirring, injected parts of the sugar. Cook until thick.

5. When the jelly becomes viscous, like honey, the process of boiling is finished.

The finished product is hot bottled in sterilized jars, sealed. Stored sweet billet along with the rest of the winter preservation.

Thick cherry jelly for winter (without gelatin)

According to this recipe, cherry jelly is obtained rather dense, with a rich aroma and delicate taste. Bones from the fruit are not previously removed, which speeds up and simplifies cooking. The proportions of the ingredients are determined in the cooking process.


· Washed cherry with pits;

· Sugar;

· Water.


1. Cherry poured into the basin. Fill with water so that the liquid is 1 cm covered fruit.

2. Cook at a slow boil for 50 minutes. The foam rising to the surface is periodically removed.

3. The broth is poured into another container. Soft cherries are cooled, fray through a sieve, separating the flesh from the seed.

4. The resulting mash is weighed (measure the volume of the glass). Measure out an equal amount of sugar, mix it with cherries.

5. Mass put on medium heat. Stirring, bring to a boil. The flame of the burner is reduced and boiled for 15 minutes. The foam which forms on the surface is removed.

6. After evaporation of the liquid, the jelly will acquire an average consistency. At this point, it is removed from the heat, poured into sterilized jars and rolled.

Banks turn down the neck, wrap. Leave for 2 days in this form. The cooled cherry jelly is transferred to storage in the pantry.

Cherry in jelly for winter (with gelatin)

A variant of a very beautiful, tasty, healthy sweet dish. Thanks to gelatin, the cherry liquor hardens well. Jelly can be harvested for the winter or for dessert for a festive meal.


· Fresh washed washed seedless cherries - a full 3 liter pot;

· Water - 0.5 l;

· Sugar - 1000 g;

· Regular gelatin - 70 g.


1. Gelatin is filled with water. Leave to swell.

2. Cherry is poured into the cooking pot, mixed with sugar.

3. Sweet fruit mass is put on the stove. Cook since boiling for 5 minutes.

4. Gelatin is heated over steam to completely dissolve the granules. Strain through a fine sieve. Combine with cherry.

5. The mass is stirred and immediately removed from heat.

Ready jelly from whole cherries hot is poured into jars (sterilized). Rolled up. Store in the refrigerator or dry cold basement.

Raw cherry jelly for the winter

A very simple recipe for a delicious dessert. Since there is enough pectin in cherries, you can make live jelly from it for the winter. Fruits are not subjected to heat treatment, so that in the finished product is stored a maximum of vitamins and nutrients.


· Washed cherry pitted - 2 kg;

· Sugar - 1 kg.


1. Cherry is poured into parts in a blender bowl and mashed.

2. Pour sugar. Continue to grind the mass until the sugar crystals dissolve.

3. Leave the cherry puree for 15 minutes alone. Stir.

The finished raw cherry jelly is poured into jars, covered with nylon caps and stored in a refrigerator.

Cherry jelly with apple juice (without gelatin)

Another option for making healthy vitamin sweetness for the winter. Prepares easily and quickly. Thanks to pectin in apple juice, jelly hardens well, acquires a mild flavor.


· Washed pitted cherries - 1 kg;

· Sugar - 0.5 kg;

· Natural apple juice - 250 ml;

· Water - 100 ml.


1. Cherry poured into the container for cooking, pour water. Steam until soft on a slow fire.

2. Fruits hot fray through a fine sieve.

3. Combine cherry puree with apple juice and sugar. Stir.

4. Boil the mass on low heat 2 times.

Ready cherry jelly with apple juice is poured into jars, sealed. After cooling, transferred to storage in a cold basement.

Cherry jelly in a slow cooker (with bones)

This version of the sweet preparation for the winter is good because it practically does not require the presence of a person in the kitchen. The preparation of ingredients and packaging of the finished jelly takes a maximum of 15 minutes. Stone gives the dessert an unusual almond flavor.


· Washed ripe cherry - 1 kg;

· Sugar - 4 tbsp .;

· Regular gelatin - 4 tbsp. l


1. Fruits are placed in the multicooker bowl. Pour sugar. Leave for 2-3 hours for the cherry to start up the juice.

2. Multicooker included in the mode of "Quenching" for 1 hour.

3. Gelatin pour 50 ml of water for swelling. 4. When, until the end of work, the multicooker will remain 5 minutes, the swollen gelatin is heated above the steam to completely dissolve the granules. Filter out.

5. After the signal about the end of cooking, thickener is poured into the hot cherry mass. Stir.

6. The finished cherry jelly with a bone is immediately poured into sterilized jars and sealed.

After cooling at room temperature, the workpiece is transferred to storage in a refrigerator or cellar.

Cherry Jelly Cooking Tips

The variety of cherries for jelly is suitable for any. Fruits can be taken sour or sweet, small or large. In most recipes use fresh cherries, walking from frozen berries or canned juice also produces a delicious dessert. For a variety of flavors, zest or lemon / orange juice, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, and dry wine are added to cherry jelly.

Cooking utensils for fruit pulp should be enamelled, with a thick bottom. For gelling without adding thickeners, cherries are boiled for a long time. Make it easier and faster in wide basins. Aluminum utensils in the preparation of sweet billets do not use - during the oxidation of the jelly can darken and get an unpleasant metallic taste.

Cherry jelly served in ice-cream bowls, drinking bowls, glasses. Or removed from the molds and turn the gelatinous mass in portioned saucers. Decorate the dessert with whipped cream, fresh berries, fruit pieces, mint leaves. Homemade winter preparations are used as jam, served with tea, used for filling pies, layers of cakes, etc.

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