Sweet cherry pouring with sugar, vodka, wine and spices. How to make a delicious and healthy curd liqueur?

Sweet cherry pouring with sugar, vodka, wine and spices. How to make a delicious and healthy curd liqueur?

A close relative of the cherry, black cherry is distinguished by a special aroma and a pronounced sweet taste.

She does not have the cherry sharpness and acid, but enjoys no less popular with hostesses.

Sweet sweet liqueurs are made from sweet cherries, which can decorate any feast.

A glass of sweet cherry liqueur can be an excellent prevention of some ailments.

Sweet cherry pouring - general cooking principles

To make a drink, you need a ripe, selected berry. Therefore, before using the cherry, it is necessary to sort out, throw away all the spoiled specimens, garbage, branches and leaves.

Then the berry is washed in cold running water and used according to the recipe. Each housewife has his own, with some removing the cherry bones, while others make the cherry juice with them. Opponents of whole berries are sure that prussic acid in the pits is dangerous for health. Their opponents claim that it is thanks to the bones of the liquor that it receives a characteristic almond tone.

In order not to rush to extremes, you can remove the bones from the bulk of the berries, leaving a handful of whole cherries to add a magical flavor to the alcoholic beverage.

For its preparation you will also need sugar, water, high-quality vodka or other alcoholic drink, as well as glass jars. After infusion, the resulting product must be filtered. For this purpose, housewives use different filters. For example, a piece of cotton wrapped with gauze.

Classic cherry pouring

The easiest option homemade pouring can be prepared from a minimum of ingredients. There would be berries, and a glass of water and sugar will be found in every home.


• two kilograms of sweet cherries;

• a glass of water (250 ml);

• eight hundred grams of granulated sugar.

Cooking Method:

Remove bones from washed and dried berries. Three-liter jar wash, let the water drain.

At the bottom of the bank pour a glass of sugar, put a layer of cherries.

Alternate the sugar with the berry, gradually filling the entire volume of the jar.

Pour in water.

In one “finger” of a medical rubber glove, make a hole with a needle and put it on the jar.

So that the juice during the fermentation does not rip off the glove, it must be wound with scotch tape, rope or bandage.

Jar put in the sun to start fermentation.

The glove will gradually inflate and then deflate. This means that the juice is fermented. It usually takes from two to three weeks.

When the fermentation cycle is completed, the glove should be removed, and the drink should be drained and left in the jar for another three days, covered with a lid.

Then filter the sweet cherry pouring through a cotton-gauze filter and pour it into containers for further storage.

Keep in a cool place: cellar, basement, on the insulated balcony.

Cherry pouring on vodka

This recipe liqueur can also be called traditional. The pouring is stronger due to the use of vodka.


• kilogram of sweet berries;

• 400 ml of water;

• pound of sugar;

• two liters of vodka.

Cooking Method:

Prepare the berries, remove the bones.

Pour the pulp into the bottle or jar, pour the juice released.

In vodka pour boiled water cooled to room temperature, mix.

Pour the berry with diluted vodka.

Close the vessel tightly with a lid and store in a dark pantry for ten days.

Open the bank, strain the contents through a gauze filter.

Cherry spirit infusion clean away, it is not needed.

Strained berry pulp fall asleep with sugar, mix everything with a spoon and cover the neck of the bottle with gauze.

Put the sweet cherry in the heat for fermentation for a week (room temperature from 20 to 25 degrees).

Strain the berries a second time.

The resulting fermented juice pour into the main part of the liqueur (vodka).

Mix both parts thoroughly and keep warm for a day.

Pour into a bottle, tightly, if possible, hermetically sealed and insist in a cold dark room for at least four months. Suitable temperature is from 10 to 16 degrees.

Pouring dried cherries “Quick”

If there is no fresh sweet cherry, and the liqueurs are very desirable, you can make it from dried berries. Well, if a cherry leaf is stored, it gives a very pleasant aroma. If the leaves do not, you can do without them.


• 80 pieces of dried sweet cherries;

• litere of water;

• a handful of cherry leaves;

• 800 grams of granulated sugar;

• liter of vodka is more expensive;

• one and a half spoonful of citric acid.

Cooking Method:

Cherry and cherry leaf pour water.

Bring to a boil and boil over low heat for twenty minutes.

Strain the decoction.

Pour sugar into it, mix until completely dissolved and cool.

Add citric acid.

Pour vodka, mix and strain again.

Bottle and store in closet. Pouring ready.

Sweet cherry pouring with cinnamon and oak chips

This recipe uses spices. Oak wood chips give a piquant touch to the drink. It turns out a gourmet drink that can compete with the taste and with other vintage brandy.


• kilogram of sweet cherries;

• 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon;

• a glass of sugar;

• oak chips (4-5 pieces);

• ground nutmeg at the tip of a knife;

• 400 ml of high-quality vodka.

Cooking Method:

Pure sweet cherries crush hands or a rolling pin. Berries should be slightly burst, but will not turn into a mess.

Tie a vessel with crushed cherries with a piece of gauze and leave to warm for three days.

Sweet cherries will begin to roam, highlighting the characteristic smell.

In the fermented berry add spices and sugar, mix.

Then pour in vodka and mix again.

Close the vessel with a lid leave to infuse for two or three weeks.

Strain the drink, then filter.

Bottled, putting in each bottle two oak chips.

Put the bottles for a month in the cold (cellar, basement, cold garage or just on the balcony).

A month later, when the precipitate falls, the pouring can be drunk.

Pouring Sweet Cherry with Bones

This liqueur recipe is the golden mean that allows you to prepare a safe drink without stones, but with a characteristic almond note. You can not add spices: the recipe allows variations. Ingredients:

• kilogram pitted cherries;

• one third cup of cherry pits;

• liter of high-quality vodka;

• three hundred grams of sugar;

• half spoonful of cinnamon;

• three buds cloves.

Cooking Method:

Grind sweet cherries in a meat grinder or grind in a mortar.

Mix all the ingredients of the brandy in a glass bottle or jar.

Pour vodka.

Tightly cork and send in a dark cool room for two weeks.

Strain, then filter the infusion.

Pour sugar into it, mix.

Again, close the container and send to the same room for another two weeks, until the sugar is completely dissolved.

When this happens, sweet cherry juice is ready. It must be poured into bottles and sent to a closet for storage.

Pouring cherries on wine

An unusual recipe of liqueur, which does not need vodka, but a red fortified wine like sherry. This is a variant of the previous recipe, in which for a larger flavor you can add a cherry leaf.


• a kilo of pitted cherries;

• third of a glass of sweet bones;

• bud of carnations;

• ten pieces of cherry leaves;

• cinnamon on the tip of a knife;

• liter of fortified red wine;

• 150 grams of sugar (optional).

Cooking Method:

Bone cherries crush.

Mix the berries and their juice, crushed bones, spices.

Pour all the wine, close the lid, shake.

Leave for a month in a dark cool room for infusion.

After a month, pour the filtering and filtering.

Pour into a clean jar.

If desired, add sugar, mix.

Close the container with a lid and infuse for another four to five days.

When the sugar is dissolved, the liqueur is again filtered.

Pour into glass containers and clean.

Pouring from frozen sweet cherry

Frozen sweet cherry is also good for making sweet liqueur. A simple recipe by which a wonderful drink can be prepared very quickly.


• half a kilo of frozen sweet cherries;

• a glass of sugar;

• glass of water; • a bottle of vodka.

Cooking Method:

Remove the sweet cherry from the fridge and defrost it.

Put the berry in the pan, slightly crush hands.

Immediately add sugar and pour in water.


Boil the mixture over low heat for ten minutes.

Pour a bottle of vodka, mix and cool.

Filter liqueur and clean for a day in the refrigerator.

Again, filter the chilled cherries liqueur through a piece of cotton wool, pour into bottles and taste.

Sweet cherry pouring “Original”

The secret of this liqueur is that it does not roam. So, does not contain a hint of fusel oil. It turns out the drink is very similar to expensive liquor. You don’t even need to filter and filter it: ruby ​​liqueur turns out transparent.


• kilogram of sweet cherries;

• a bottle of very expensive vodka;

• sugar (how much the container will take).

Cooking Method:

In a glass liter jars spread out cherry.

Pour the berry with vodka.

Close the capron lid tightly and store in a dark place for a month.

Shake the contents periodically.

Drain the vodka in a separate container, tightly corked and cleaned.

Berries fill with sugar so that the bank was filled to the top.

Put in a dark place so that the sugar gradually melted (the refrigerator will not work).

Periodically mix the contents of the cans.

When the sugar is completely dissolved in the juice, pour the syrup into a large saucepan, add vodka, mix.

Try, add sugar syrup, cooked separately. This is not necessary, but if you want more sweetness, it is permissible.

Pour bottling and clean.

Homemade cherry pouring

Another simplest version of sweet cherry liqueur. His fortress can be adjusted as desired. If you add a glass of vodka to the finished product, you get a drink with a strength of about 15 degrees. If you do not add vodka, then the brandy will be soft, it will not exceed 10 degrees.


• kilogram of sweet cherries;

• four hundred grams of sugar. Cooking Method:

Clean sweet cherries folded in glass jars so that up to the neck remained 7-10 centimeters.

Add sugar to the berry so that the distance to the neck is reduced by half (up to 3-5 cm). The bottom line is to leave space in the bank: the cherry will "walk".

Cork the cans with nylon covers, put in a dark room for three weeks.

After the sugar has completely dissolved, pour the pouring out of the sugar, pour a glass of vodka or half a glass of alcohol if desired.

Pour into container and send to storage.

Sweet cherry pouring - tips and useful tips

  • Homemade sweet cherry liqueur is a natural, perfectly safe drink. His strength and sweetness can be controlled, based on your taste. The pouring perfectly carries everything that the hostess does with her: she takes additional sugar or pleases the taste without it, becomes more or less strong.
  • The production time of liqueurs varies from several days (fast or early) to several months (late). As a rule, mid-season fruit liqueurs, which are prepared in one and a half to two months, are more popular.
  • Instead of sugar, you can take honey. It will turn out not less tasty, but even more fragrant and useful.
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