Chopped pork cutlets: every day in a new way. Classic and unusual recipes for minced pork cutlets

Chopped pork cutlets: every day in a new way. Classic and unusual recipes for minced pork cutlets

The habit of chopping meat in humanity appeared quite a long time ago: most likely since the ancient people taught their kids to meat food, but have not yet been able to file patents for inventions.

But minced meat is the greatest discovery of mankind in the field of cooking, because without it, people would not know a lot of minced meat dishes.

True, the very name of the “cutlet” was invented by the French relatively recently - only three centuries ago, and this word was originally not minced meat, but a piece of good tenderloin, battered, breaded and fried.

But now every lover of a dish can make chopped pork chop in its own way, turning on its culinary imagination at full power and not denying itself this addiction.

Chopped pork cutlets - the basic technological principles

Pork is a type of meat to which you can pick up dozens of various products from other types of meat, meat and dairy products, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and even berries, with which it will be very harmoniously combined, and the spices and herbs that people have discovered will complement the picture for myself too much. It turns out that pork pulp can be three hundred and sixty-five days a year to fry chopped pork cutlets, never repeating the recipe for a year. Of course, writing, in this case, a detailed routing for each recipe is extremely difficult.

It remains to highlight the main points of cooking minced pork cutlets on which to focus.

Selection of quality products. Everything is clear here: compliance with this condition is directly related to food safety.

Pretreatment of ingredients for the dish. The meat is washed, cleaned of films, crushed, like all the other components that make up the cutlets. For cutlet meat, depending on the type of meatballs, the meat is chopped with a sharp knife or use special kitchen appliances. For minced schnitzels, cutting meat with a knife is used or a large mesh in a meat grinder is used. For knellnogo mass of meat is ground in a meat grinder twice, for the formation of a more tender mass with a homogeneous consistency. In accordance with one or another recipe for minced pork cutlets, additional ingredients are used, which must, together with the meat, make up a uniform structure of minced meat. Forming semi-finished products from cooked minced meat. The size and shape of the cutlets can be different. It is important to remember that during the frying process the cutlet must not be burnt outside and be roasted inside. Therefore, the shape and size matter: and these indicators depend on the composition of cooked minced meat. If the volume of the semi-finished product is 100 - 120 g, then it is better to form a flat patty so that it is roasted inside. For complex recipes of meatballs, with minced meat inside (zraz), a special mode of heat treatment is provided - cooking in deep fat.

Heat treatment. To prevent the burgers from scattering during the frying process and not sticking to the pan, heat the fat to a boil, and only then place the semi-finished products in the pan. Fry one side over high heat until sufficient mass is obtained. After a golden brown crust appears (check, slightly raising the cutlet), the products are turned over, fried for another 4-5 minutes, removed by intense fire and covered with a frying pan lid, in order to surely fry the stuffing inside.

Properly fried cutlet should have a crispy consistency on the outside, if it is breaded, and juicy - on the inside. For cutlet patties, the consistency must be uniform, both inside and outside.

Juiciness of the cutlet mass is achieved by adding water or milk, products containing a large amount of moisture. But do not be zealous with additives: a cutlet not less than 60% should consist of meat, not onions or bread.

Recipe 1. Chopped natural pork cutlets

Product List:

Pork (neck) 800 g

Salt pepper

Egg 2 pcs.

Rusks, white (for breading) 200 g

Water 50 ml

Fat 100 ml


Pulp wash, remove the film, dry and cut into cubes 0.5 x 0.5 cm, or use a meat grinder with a large grid. Add pepper, salt. Stir the cutlet mass to evenly distribute the flavorings and repel: the slices of the chopped mass must stick together and not crumble. Keep the stuffing in the fridge for ripening.

Get no earlier than half an hour and divide into portions of 130 g. In a deep bowl, break the eggs, whisk them with a whisk and add water. Spread the bread crumbs on a wide and flat dish and spread them over the entire surface. Heat the fat in the pan. Form a flat oval cutlets. Dip them in beaten eggs and, putting in breadcrumbs, put in the heated fat. Fry until golden brown on both sides, one by one.

Recipe 2. Chopped pork cutlets at home


Pork pulp (fatty portion) 1.0 kg

Roll 200 g


Egg 2 pcs.

Onion 250g


Milk 100 ml

Oil or fat (for frying)


Garlic 40g


Pieces of stale rolls wet with milk. Add minced onion, minced garlic, spices, bread soaked in milk and beat the eggs to minced meat. Stir mince and form cutlets. Roast on medium warm fat. Turning the cutlets after 3-4 minutes on the other side, fry until golden brown and cover the pan with the lid, steaming the cutlets for 3-4 minutes.

Recipe 3. Chopped Pork Cutlets

Component List:

Low-fat beef (pulp) 0.5 kg

Pork (fatty portion) 500 g

Pepper Mix

Shallot 50 g

White mushrooms, fried 300 g

Potatoes 100 g

Egg 1 pc.

Semolina and sesame (breading 50/50)

Onions 150g




Finely chop the fried mushrooms, season them with spices and combine with chopped shallots. Prepare minced meat from minced meat, onions and peeled raw potatoes. Season the mass with pepper and salt, repel and form flat round tortillas. In the center of each semi-finished product, put the mushroom mince and wrap it with minced meat. Roll the balls, dip them into the egg and into the mixture of semolina and sesame and fry the cutlets in boiling deep-fried.

Recipe 4. Chopped pork cutlets with apples


Apples (puree) 350 g


Low-fat pork 1.0 kg

Crackers, white



Salt the minced meat and combine with applesauce. Roll the cutlets in breadcrumbs. Cover the baking sheet with foil or parchment, brush with butter. Cutlets bake in the oven. Serve with sour cream.

Recipe 5. Chopped Donbass Pork and Beef Cutlets


Mince, pork and beef 900 g

Fine salt

Butter 160 g

City loaf or long loaf 350 g

Eggs, raw 2 pcs.

Oil (for deep fat)

Water 100 ml

Preparation: Chopped meat, salt and repulse. Fresh white bread rub on a large grater. Beat eggs with water in a blender. Frozen butter and cutlet mass divided into 6 servings. Form round and flat cakes of 6-6.5 cm in diameter from meat. Lubricate the surface of their egg mass and put on a piece of butter. Wrap it in mince, giving the cutlets the shape of an elongated and voluminous oval. Dip twice in the egg, and then - in bread crumbs, lightly pressing each time so that the breading is held tightly. Heat the oil in a deep fryer to a boil and fry until crisp.

Recipe 6. Minced pork and beef liver cutlets








Pork, chopped




Peel the liver of film and bile ducts with beef liver, cut into small bars, slightly beat off and fry for 2 minutes on both sides. Pass randomly chopped onions and garlic. When the liver and onions cool down, put them in a combine or submersible blender, add butter, spices and turn into a paste of fluffy consistency.

Divide the cut pork into 100 g portions and form flat circles no more than 1 cm thick. Spread the liver paste and cooled balls in the center. Wrap the pate in the stuffing. Bread semi-finished products in eggs and breadcrumbs twice. Fry ball-shaped cutlets in boiling deep-fried.

Recipe 7. Chopped pork cutlets with zucchini


Chicken egg, raw1 pcs.

Zucchini 250g


Pork pulp (minced meat) about 1.0 kg

Spices (ground pepper, cloves, coriander)




Fat (for frying)


Season cutlet meat with a mixture of ground spices, fresh lemon peel, salt and form balls, 50-60 g. Each. In a bowl, beat an egg, squeeze the juice of half a lemon, add a finely chopped clove of garlic, mix. To this mixture, add the zucchini grated on a medium trowel and stir the mass again. The mixture should not be too liquid: therefore, if necessary, add flour so that the mass is glued together. Boil the meatballs, roll in flour and in the prepared dough of zucchini and eggs. Immediately immerse in boiling oil and fry until golden brown. Spread on a sieve or cloth to remove excess fat. Lemon sauce and a side dish of boiled rice are perfect for such cutlets.

Chopped Pork Cutlets - Tips and Tricks

A well-beaten cutlet meat produces collagen-containing juice, an adhesive that helps preserve the shape of the semi-finished product. But it happens that the burgers are scattered in a frying pan.

There may be several reasons for this.

Quickly correct the situation will help in the mince a small amount of starch, flour, eggs.

In this case, the stuffing should be thoroughly mixed again, beat off and give time to stand a little in the cold.

Therefore, when starting to fry cutlets, first try to fry only one to check the consistency of minced meat and taste the cutlet.

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