Cutlets in the oven with cheese - the best recipes. How to cook tasty and juicy burgers in the oven with cheese

Cutlets in the oven with cheese - the best recipes. How to cook tasty and juicy burgers in the oven with cheese

There is nothing tastier than mouth-watering, juicy cutlets in the oven with cheese!

So sometimes you want to cook not just burgers, but to create a real masterpiece.

The cheese will give the burgers some zest.

Moreover, the cheese can be used as a filling, and sprinkle patties on top of them to make an appetizing crust.

Cutlets in the oven with cheese - the basic principles of cooking

Minced meat cutlets can be used chicken, pork, beef and mixed. Cheese cutlets are more tender and juicier than usual, especially if cheese is used as a filling. To make the cheese melted and evenly distributed inside the cutlets, they are baked in the oven.

With this preparation, they are uniformly prepared from all sides, and the probability of getting a bad result is minimized.

In minced add squeezed soaked loaf, finely chopped onion, eggs and flavor all with spices, chopped herbs and salt. Use hands to stir until smooth, beating it lightly on a bowl.

Minced form small patties. They are breaded in breadcrumbs or flour and put on a baking sheet. You will have a golden crispy crust. If you like tender cutlets, do not panic them.

Cheese for meatballs using durum or processed.

Cooking cutlets in the oven, allows you to use the minimum amount of butter.

Recipe 1. Chicken patties in the oven with cheese


a pound of chicken fillet;



black pepper;


three slices of white bread;

hard cheese - 100 g;

Method of preparation

1. Thoroughly wash the chicken fillet under the tap, dry, cut into pieces and grind the meat in a meat grinder.

2. Break white bread into slices, place in deep dishes and cover with milk. Then squeeze the bread and grind it in the meat grinder as well.

3. Peel the bulb and chop it very finely.

4. Put the minced chicken in a large bowl, add to it soaked or lightly pressed bread and chopped onion. Season everything with spices and knead thoroughly with your hands. 5. Form of the resulting mass of round patties. Grease a baking sheet with butter and place the cutlets on it. Send a baking tray with chops to the oven for 35 minutes, preheating it to 180C. Then remove the baking sheet and sprinkle with each cheese patty finely grated cheese. Put the pan back in the oven until the cheese is melted.

Recipe 2. Cutlets in the oven with tomato and cheese


two tomatoes;

kg of minced meat;




vegetable oil;


a mixture of spices and herbs;


black pepper and salt.

Method of preparation

1. Transfer the minced meat into a suitable dish, beat an egg into it, season with pepper, a mixture of spices and herbs and salt. Knead the stuffing thoroughly, gently beating it slightly, until smooth.

2. Make minced round, rather large patties and breaded them in flour. Fry each cutlet in a well-heated oil until browned.

3. Deep heat-resistant form grease with a piece of butter. Put the cutlets in it. Wash, wipe, and slice the tomatoes. On each cutlet, place one plate of tomato.

4. Grease the tomatoes with mayonnaise and place a thin slice of cheese on top. Send the form to the oven for about forty minutes. Bake cutlets at 200C. Serve the burgers with a side dish or fresh vegetable salad.

Recipe 3. Turkey cutlets in the oven with tomato and cheese


minced turkey - 600 g;

fresh greens;

100 grams of white bread;

70 ml of vegetable oil;

milk - 100 ml;

a pinch of black ground pepper;

onions - 200 g;

two pinches of salt;

three cloves of garlic;

50 g breadcrumbs or sesame;

two eggs;

tomatoes - 300 g;

cheese - 200 g

Method of preparation

1. Put the minced turkey into the blender bowl. We drive eggs into it. Peel the onion, cut into four parts and add to the minced meat. We also clean the chives and add them to the bowl.

2. Separate the crumb of bread from the crusts, break it, put it in a deep plate and pour it over with milk. Leave for ten minutes. Pressed bread shifts to the stuffing. Add sprigs of greens, pepper and salt. Grind it all together until smooth. 3. We form cutlets from the resulting mass, breaded in breadcrumbs or sesame. Fry them on both sides to a brown crust, putting in a well-heated oil.

4. Shake fried patties on a baking sheet laid with parchment. Wash and wipe the tomatoes with a napkin, cut them into circles. Put a circle of tomato on each patty.

5. Cut the cheese into thin slices. Put a plate of cheese on top of a tomato. Put the cutlets in the oven for 20 minutes and bake at 180C. Serve patties in the oven with cheese as a supplement to the side dish.

Recipe 4. Minced meat cutlets in the oven with cheese


minced pork - 600 g;


black pepper;




three cloves of garlic;

200 ml of filtered water;

two processed cheese;

50 ml of sunflower oil;

100 grams of white bread.

Method of preparation

1. Break stale bread and soak in milk. Peel the onions and cut them into pieces. Teeth clean.

2. Pork mince again through a meat grinder together with onions and pressed bread. Squeeze the garlic into the mincemeat using a garlic crush. Grate the minced cheese into minced meat, add salt and pepper. Knead all ingredients thoroughly until smooth and repel well.

3. With hands dipped in water, take a little ground meat and mold small patties out of it. Each breaded in breadcrumbs.

4. Grease a deep baking dish with oil and put cutlets into it. Preheat oven to 180 degrees and bake cutlets for half an hour. Serve the meatballs with potato garnish.

Recipe 5. Cutlets with mushrooms and cheese in the oven


500 g of pork and ground beef;


400 g fresh champignons;


50 g onions;

70 ml of vegetable oil;

greens - a bunch;


Method of preparation

1. Cut the peeled onion into small pieces. Fry the onions to transparency in hot oil. Remove excess oil and place the onion in a separate plate.

2. Clean the champignons, wash and cut the straw. Put the mushrooms in a frying pan, where the onions were fried and fry, stirring constantly. At the same time, scoop out the liquid that forms during frying. Then combine the mushrooms with onions, add finely chopped greens and mix. 3. Transfer the minced meat into a separate dish, hammer the egg into it, season with all the spices and mix thoroughly. Wet hands to form small balls. Make each cake. Place the mushroom stuffing in the center. Then combine the edges and make an oval cutlet.

4. Each cutlet is breaded in breadcrumbs and put on a baking sheet. Bake patties for half an hour at 200C.

Recipe 6. Cutlets in the oven with cheese a la “Pozharskie”


half a kilo of chicken breast;

30 ml of vegetable oil;

200 grams of white bread;

two cloves of garlic;

half a cup of milk;

half a cup of bread crumbs;

150 grams of cheese;

a pinch of black pepper;

130 g butter;

two pinches of kitchen salt.

Method of preparation

1. Heat the milk to warm condition. Cut off the crust from white bread, break the crumb, put it in a plate and cover it with warm milk. Soak the bread for ten minutes.

2. Peel and crush the chives in the garlic press.

3. Wash and dry the chicken breasts. Cut them into pieces. Fillet mince with pressed bread. Add minced garlic to the mince, pepper and salt. Stir the stuffing with your hands, beating it slightly.

4. Turn on the oven to warm up. Cut the cheese into bars.

5. Put the breadcrumbs on the plate. Dip your hands in water, take a little stuffing with wet hands. Make a tortilla out of it, place a bar of cheese in the middle and close it with minced meat. Form the patty. Bread the patties in breadcrumbs.

6. Melt the butter in a pan. Put the patties in it and fry them until golden brown.

7. Grease the form with oil. Transfer the cutlets into it and put it in the oven on the middle shelf. Bake patties for a quarter of an hour at 180 ° C. With meatballs, serve vegetable salad or mashed potatoes.

Recipe 7. Cutlets in the oven with “Swallow's Nest” cheese


veal - 400 g;

2 g black pepper;

chicken fillet - 100 g;


two red bell peppers;


two tomatoes;


120 g of young zucchini;

two sprigs of dill and parsley;

two bulbs;

30 ml of vegetable oil;

two cloves of garlic;

hard cheese - 100 g; egg.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the meat, cut into pieces and twist in a meat grinder together with peeled onions, zucchini and garlic. Season the minced meat with black pepper and salt. You can add any spices for meat.

2. Knead the mince thoroughly, beating it slightly. Make small stuffing for minced meat. Cut the tomatoes and the second onion into very thin circles. Coarsely grate cheese.

3. Wash Bulgarian peppers, scrub the seeds and dry with napkins. Cut them into rings, a centimeter wide.

4. Cover the baking sheet with parchment and oil it. Put the pepper rings on the parchment and fill them with minced meat. Top with grease ketchup and put onion rings. Smear the onion with mayonnaise and place tomato mugs on top of it.

5. Spread the cheese chips evenly on the tomatoes. Send cutlets to the oven for 50 minutes. Bake the patties at 180C. Sprinkle the cutlets with chopped greens. Serve with potato garnish.

Cutlets in the oven with cheese - tips and tips from experienced chefs

  • The main secret of delicious meatballs is minced meat made from different types of meat.
  • It is better to make cutlets from fresh minced meat. Cutlets made from frozen, will lose their tenderness.
  • To make the meatballs juicy, put a piece of butter inside each.
  • All for the same juiciness, dilute the mince with a small amount of boiling water.
  • When putting the cutlets on a baking sheet, make sure that there is a gap between them. So the cutlet will be baked simultaneously from all sides.
  • Cutlets can be breaded not only in bread crumbs. For breading, you can use flour or sesame.
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