Homemade minced meatballs - yes! Copyright recipes meatballs made from homemade minced meat: stuffed with prunes, bacon, loin

Homemade minced meatballs - yes! Copyright recipes meatballs made from homemade minced meat: stuffed with prunes, bacon, loin

Each housewife has her own homemade meatball recipe.

The fact that the minced meat made from personally selected meat of any kind is incomparably better than any high-quality semi-finished product offered in the trading network does not make sense to discuss.

Then, maybe, just share your trademark secrets and find out what other new recipes for meatballs can be added to the notebook?

Homemade minced meatballs - basic technological principles

The word “cutlet” over the last century has expanded so much that now this dish can mean not only a piece of meat on the bone, and even not only a product of minced meat. Modern cooking almost completely removed the "censorship" restrictions and liberated housewives gladly showed imagination in the "cutlet genre."

For mincemeat, we choose any meat or fish, removing bones, cartilage, films and veins: it is not only difficult to grind them in a household meat grinder, but cutlets will turn out like hard and coarse, only smelling meat. Note that in the catering industry there are meat grinders that can grind even bones, and therefore, in order not to suspect or blame anyone, it is better to make the stuffing yourself, and know exactly what it consists of. We leave only fat, because it will give juiciness and softness to homemade meatballs. If the meat is lean, then add any animal fat available, from 15 to 25% by weight of the meat. The fat content in the stuffing is important for each individual recipe for meatballs. Professionals believe that meat minced meat should be prepared from two types of bold meat. But nothing terrible will happen if you add not bold pork to the beef or veal, but pork fat: the taste of the meatballs will not be affected. Even if you add soy, it will be a personal decision, and not a veiled and imposed composition of minced meat, offered under the guise of pure semi-finished meat. The base for the chops is ready. Next comes the addition of ingredients according to the recipe. Similarly, minced meat is made from any other type of meat: pulp with the addition of a small amount of fat. In particular, if, for example, you make minced meat from a broiler breast, dry in consistency of pulp. In the minced fish, especially if the fish is rather dry, add butter. Generally, in the stuffing you can use not whole pieces, but, say, cut off pieces, left after stripping the tenderloin, which in appearance did not fit, for example, for baking the stuffed meat in whole piece.

Cutlets are often made from vegetables, or combining vegetables with meat products. There are lots of different combinations, but simply listing the assortment of meatballs does not make sense, if only because new recipes for meatballs are added to the list almost daily.

Therefore, before moving on to some recipes, some important points to remember:

If you do not plan to immediately cook the chops, then the stuffing should be packaged and frozen. Store fresh in the refrigerator, it can not be. Small particles of meat are much faster and more plunged into the “attack” of harmful, pathogenic bacteria. If you need to add vegetables, cereals or any other ingredients to ground beef, according to the recipe, then do it just before cooking, also for security reasons, especially since some vegetables after thawing become completely unsuitable for consumption.

Recipe 1. Homemade minced meatballs “Chestnuts”


Veal 800 g

Fat 150 g

Salt 5 g

Pepper, ground black 10 g

Yolk, boiled 3 pcs.

Paprika 30g

Basil 50g

Walnut, walnuts (roasted kernels) 100 g

Crackers (for breading)

For lezona:

Egg 1 pc.

Flour 25 g

Oil (for frying)


Pass the veal and bacon twice through the fine grinder of the meat grinder. Blender chop the walnut with egg yolk and basil and combine the mixture with the stuffing, adding salt and spices. Mince and knock out, putting in plastic wrap soak in the cold for about an hour. Cook the egg from the beaten egg and flour. From the meat, form balls of 50 g. Each “chestnut”, moistened with lezone, roll in breadcrumbs. In a deep frying pan with thick walls, pour the oil and fry the “chestnuts” in deep fat until golden brown.

Recipe 2. Home-made minced meatballs with loin


Pork tenderloin 750 g

Brisket smoked (or fat) 180 g

Minced garlic

Salt, black pepper

Onions 200g

Sour cream 15% 250 g

Water 100 ml


Flour (for passaging)


Cut pork into plates 1-1.5 cm thick, 125 g each and repel. Fat or loin cut into thin strips, 30 g each, also repel. In each pork chop, put a piece of bacon, season with garlic, spices and roll the cutlet into a tube. The edges of semi-finished products slaughter a wooden skewer and fry in boiling fat. Put the finished burgers on a plate, remove the skewers. Prepare the sauce: pasta finely chopped onion, adding to it two tablespoons of flour. Combine the sour cream with water and pour the mixture into the skillet with browned onions, bring to a boil. Place cutlets in a baking dish, “seam” down and pour them over with sauce. Wrap the form over the top with foil and bake at 200ºC for 20 minutes. Add chopped parsley to the hot patties with sour cream sauce.

Recipe 3. Homemade minced meatballs: Moscow schnitzel


Pork, bold 250 g

Beef 750g

Pepper, salt

Rusks, white (for breading)

Eggs 3 pcs. (including for breading)


Chilled beef and pork skip through a large grid meat grinder or chop finely with a knife. Season with minced meat with spices, add 2 eggs, mix thoroughly and beat the meat semi-finished product. Soak the minced meat in the fridge before shaping the schnitzels. Divide the minced meat into 125 g portions, taking into account the roasting, form oval flat cutlets, 8 cm long, grind them, first rolled in a beaten egg, and fry on both sides.

Recipe 4. Home-made minced meatballs stuffed with


1.3 kg duck fillet

Beef liver 450 g

Flour (for breading) 50 g

Green Peas 100 g

Carrots, boiled 100 g

Onions, white 100 g

Butter 120g

Milk or cream, boiled 100 ml

Eggs 2 pcs.

Salt and spices

Refined oil (for deep-frying)

Crackers, rye (for breading) Cooking:

Poultry fillet with skin, pass through a fine mesh twice, season with spices, add a raw egg and, mixing the stuffing, knock it out. To cool and bind the structure of the stuffing, place it in the fridge and in the meantime, prepare the second part of the stuffing for duck meat cutlets.

Prepared beef liver cut into cubes, roll in flour and fry with chopped onions. In the roasted liver, add immediately milk or cream, before boiling, and smash the whole mass to the consistency of the paste. Continue whipping by adding slices of softened butter. In the liver pate, seasoned with spices and salt, add boiled peas and diced boiled carrots. Combine vegetables with minced meat and mix. Form pies of 75-80 g made of minced poultry meat. Put 50 g of cooked pate with vegetables in the center of each circle and put it in mince. Roll each semi-finished product in egg and bread crumbs, then fry in deep fat.

Recipe 5. Home-made meatballs “Scrap”


White cabbage, fresh 300 g

Eggs 2 pcs.

Rusk 200 g

Chicken fillet 1.7 kg

Cheese, hard 150 g

Boiled rice 100 g

Salt, white pepper, curry, garlic

Ryazhenka 0.5 l

Onions 150g

Flour 80 g (for passaging)

Oil (for frying) 100 l

Chopped greens


Rub finely any hard cheese, chop cabbage (very finely). Chicken meat mince, with skin and chicken fat; season with spices, add rice, crackers, cheese and beaten eggs. Cabbage slightly remember and also mix with minced meat. Divide the cooled stuffing into 150 g portions and, forming round and flat cutlets, fry them, browning on both sides in boiling fat. After placing the patties on a plate, pass the chopped onion with the addition of flour and ryazhenka. Season the prepared sauce with spices and smash it with a blender. Vegetable oil grease the bottom of the form, lined with foil. Put the patties in the form in a single layer and cover them with sauce. Sprinkle with herbs and cover the dish with foil. Bake for ten minutes closed, then sprinkle with a layer of grated cheese and hold until crusting, but not covering with foil.

Recipe 6. Home-made minced meatballs: turkey fillet with prunes


Turkey fillet 1.0 kg

Sour cream 100 ml

Garlic 50g

Prunes 300 g

Salt pepper

Egg 3 pcs.

Rusk white 250 g

Frying oil


Chop the turkey with a knife, using thigh fillets. Add steamed boiling water and chopped prunes, sour cream, salt, crackers and spices with garlic. Beat out the cutlet mass and form cutlets of 120 g, oblong in shape. Zapanayut and fry cutlets in deep fat.

Recipe 7. Home-made minced meatballs: fish


Fillet of hake milk 0.6 kg

Pangasius fillet 0.4 kg

Lemon juice 50 ml

White roll 200 g

Sour cream 100 g

Onions 150g

Salt, white pepper

Garlic 20g

Eggs 3 pcs. (including for breading)

Breading white

For frying: olive and butter - 70 g each

Lemon zest and chopped dill (for serving)


Grind all prepared ingredients using a meat grinder. Beat off the mince to a viscous mass and cool. Roll the balls 50 g each and air it. At the end of frying, when the cutlets are browned on one side, add butter to the pan and turn over to finish frying. Serve with chopped dill and lemon zest.

Homemade minced meatballs - tips and tricks

  • When frying cutlets, heat the pan strongly and turn the cutlets right after crusting, and you need to fry it afterwards, turning the heat down: this technique allows you to keep the cutlets juicy.
  • When soaking bread in milk, add a little water: the milk protein will rotate when fried and the cutlets may turn out to be dry.
  • When adding eggs to the meat or fish mince, pre-lightly whisk them, topping up with some water to obtain the desired viscosity and keep the juiciness in the mince.
  • For frying fish cutlets, be sure to use butter. Add it, turning the fish cutlet, before frying on the other hand: cutlets will get a creamy taste and the fishy smell will not be too sharply pronounced.
  • If the mincemeat is thoroughly knocked out, then the eggs may not be necessary for its binding: the juice emitted when knocking out the mince contains proteins that will cope with the task on their own.
  • Onion and garlic add flavor to meat. If in respect of garlic, you still need to comply with the measure, then add onions to the minced meat generously. In addition, this vegetable is juicy, it contains a lot of sugar, which gives a nice sweet taste to meat.
  • For minced fish, it is desirable to select two varieties of fish: fat and lean. If only low-fat fish is available, add butter to the mince.
  • So that the double breading is not too thick and at the same time helps to “seal” the juice in the cutlet, after wetting the cutlet in lezon, roll it in flour for the first time, and again in breadcrumbs.
  • For breading you can use semolina mixed with flour, if suddenly, in the midst of work, it turned out that there are no crackers. The cutlets breaded with sesame will look beautiful.
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