Zrazy or egg cutlet inside - recipes. Options for stuffing and decorating dishes for patties with eggs inside

Zrazy or egg cutlet inside - recipes. Options for stuffing and decorating dishes for patties with eggs inside

Of course, cutlet is associated with many, above all, with minced meat.

But sometimes you want some kind of diversity, or the body needs lighter proteins, and eggs are a complete protein of animal origin.

In addition, egg whites are completely absorbed in the process of digestion, not accumulating in the form of fat folds on the sides, and even schoolchildren know about the benefits of vitamin B, which eggs are rich in now.

Let's talk about the light version of cutlets.

Egg cutlet inside - basic technological principles

In principle, even an ostrich egg can be wrapped in minced meat, which will certainly look fashionable and original, but its size and weight are equal to the weight of twenty chicken eggs. It is unlikely that anyone will overcome such a portion of the meatballs with the egg inside.

The average weight of an egg is 50 grams, and it is more suitable for wrapping, because the standard weight of the cutlet is 100 grams, and the chop with minced meat inside can reach a weight of 120 grams, depending on the type of filling.

Want more egg stuffing? Buy duck eggs. Their fat content is slightly higher than that of chicken eggs, but on the other hand, the content of beneficial amino acids exceeds the same indicator in chicken eggs. In the extreme case, you can grind them before wrapping them in a meat casing: the volume of the egg will decrease slightly, and, accordingly, the weight of the required stuffing will decrease. But the meatballs with the egg inside are still much larger than any other types of meatballs.

Absolutely ideal in size for the cutlet with an egg inside is, of course, a quail egg, which is five times smaller than a chicken, which, of course, will appeal to “meat-eaters” who do not want to give up mainly the meat component and agree only to a partial replacement of meat protein with egg.

Having decided on the choice of eggs, consider the options for stuffing meatballs. By the way, meatballs with minced meat inside are called zrazazy.

Stuffed patties are not a new invention. The word “Zrazy” itself is directly related to Polish cuisine, but the Poles are not the discoverers of the recipe for stuffed cutlets. A similar dish is in Scottish and Eastern cuisine. The Central Asian cuisine in the preparation of recipes for burgers with a filling even in a certain sense surpassed European cuisines, offering world-class cooking recipes from the past with raisins, dried apricots and other dried fruits. The East is not only a delicate matter, but also a particularly refined one. In spite of the fact that many products are combined with eggs, except meat, dried fruits, except prunes, are not very suitable for them. In addition, we must bear in mind that cutlets or zrazam require heat treatment, in connection with which some combinations of products with eggs will have to be excluded from the list. Then we will try to wrap them in different types of minced meat in order to get new interesting options, zraz or meatballs with eggs inside.

Recipe 1. Chicken cutlet with egg inside


Chicken fillet with skin 900 g

Boiled eggs, chicken 6 pcs.

Green onions 90g

Crackers 300 g

Oil (for deep fat)

Raw egg 1 pc.



Mustard to taste


The recipe is designed for 6 servings. Chicken meat can be combined with pork in a ratio of 1: 1, at the rate of 150 g of minced meat per cooked chicken egg. Instead of onions, you can use dill, parsley or other herbs.

Boil hard-boiled eggs, peel them and cut them in half. Remove them from the halves of the yolks and fold them into a bowl. Mash with a fork. Chop the green onions and remember it in a mortar, adding a little salt. Optionally, to the yolks, you can add pepper and mustard, combine them with onions and mix. Stuff the halves of proteins with cooked mass.

Repel meat cutlet, pre-seasoned with salt and pepper. Divide the stuffing into 6 pieces, form the circles. Place an egg in the center of each meat product and wrap it in minced meat. Beat the raw egg with a whisk, add water and mix. Dip the patties in the egg mixture, tan, and repeat this operation. Cutlets can be baked in the oven or deep-fried.

Recipe 2. Cutlet with egg inside of pike


Pike (fillet) 1.2 kg

Onion, 350 g

Lemon juice 70 ml

Butter 100 g

White bun 300 g

Raw egg 2 pcs.

Milk 100 ml

Boiled eggs 4 pcs.

Dill 50 g


Ground nutmeg





Chop the peeled onions, sprinkle with lemon juice and set aside. Soak a roll in milk.

Boil four eggs, peel them and chop; add the chopped dill (it can be replaced with any herbs, to taste). Prepare a raw egg for breading: beat it with a little water.

Onions, pickled with lemon juice, lightly squeeze, combine with a bun soaked in milk, add a second raw egg, fish fillet kisochki, freshly ground spices and chop the mince twice to get a homogeneous mass.

For one semi-finished product you will need 80 g of minced meat and 50 g of egg stuffing. Divide the meat into equal parts and wrap in each billet prepared filling and 15 g of oil. Roll the balls and breach them, alternately dropping them into a raw egg and crackers. Fry the fishcakes with the egg inside in the oven or deep-fried.

Serve hot with lemon or sour cream sauce.

Recipe 3. Rice cutlet with egg inside


Cooked rice 500 g

Minced onion 200g

Butter, melted 100 g

Raw chicken egg 1 pc.

Flour (or starch) 70 g

Pepper, ground nutmeg, dried basil, curry, salt

Quail, boiled eggs 10 pcs.

For garnish:

White cheese 300 g

Cherry 600 g

Green peas, frozen 250 g

Baked ham with hot red pepper

Salad (large leaves)


Cook the sticky rice porridge. In melted butter, pass the chopped onion until light, golden brown. Combine the onion with rice porridge, add a raw egg, combined with flour, and season the rice stuffing with spices, dry herbs. Form the balls by putting one boiled egg inside. Lay the rice patties with the egg inside in a greased form and bake them in the oven until golden brown. Turn off the oven, cover the cutlets with a lid and leave in the cupboard until cooked garnish and spicy tomato sauce. Cut the washed “cherries” into slices, the brynzu - into large cubes, the sharp baked ham - into thin plates. Put the side dish on lettuce leaves, pour with spicy tomato sauce, top with hot rice cakes with egg inside.

Recipe 4. Mince mushrooms and beans for meatballs with egg inside


Cooked red beans 700 g

Fried mushrooms 500 g

Sour cream, fat 120 g

Garlic 70g

Fried onions 300 g

2-3 raw eggs


Flour 150 g

Quail eggs, boiled 15 pcs. Deep-fried 0.5 L

For garnish: sour cream sauce with dill and parsley, potatoes or rice


Sauté onions, fried mushrooms and boiled beans, place in the bowl of the combine, add sour cream, garlic, spices, flour (70 g), and beat the raw eggs. Grind the mixture until a homogeneous mass. Divide the stuffing into equal parts, according to the number of boiled eggs. Wrap the eggs in cooked mince and roll the obtained zrazy in flour. Deep-fry.

Serve with french fries or boiled rice and sour cream sauce with chopped greens.

Recipe 5. Chicken with egg stuffed inside of double stuffing - original zrazy


Potato (mashed potatoes) 500 g

Flour 50 g

Onions, bulb (net) 150 g

Pork and ground beef 600 g

Raw egg 3 pcs.

Potatoes, raw (grated) 120 g

Milk 150 ml



Green onions


Quail eggs 12 pcs.

Oil for frying 100 ml

For the garnish: olives, pickled champignons with onions, “cherry”


Cook the potatoes, mash them, add butter (100 g), two chicken eggs (raw), 50 g of flour and 150 ml of hot milk; mix mash thoroughly and let cool.

In the minced meat, add the spices, raw egg, finely chopped onion and grated raw potatoes. Stir.

Chop the cooked greens, lightly salt and mash, to let the juice. Peel the cooked quail eggs.

From the minced meat, form flat round patties, dividing it into 12 equal parts. Fry patties in a heated frying pan on one side for 2-3 minutes. Put them in the prepared baking dish. In the center of each patty, place a spoonful of cooked greens, quail egg. Warm the mashed potatoes squeeze out of the pastry bag, with a large stellate nozzle, cutlets with eggs. Heat to 200C oven and bake in the oven until golden brown.

Serve two per serving, hot, with sliced ​​mushrooms, olives rings and cherry halves. Decorate the dish with leaves of fresh greens.

Recipe 6. Cutlet with egg inside of pork chop


Pork tenderloin 900 g Eggs, chicken (boiled) 3 pcs.

Chicken liver 400 g

Onion 120g

Carrots 100 g

Spices, ground: pepper, coriander


Cream (20%) 100 ml

Crackers 50 g

Sesame 30 g


For the recipe you will need disposable foil baskets.

Wash the meat, dry and cut into thin plates, across the fibers, for 6 servings. Pork beat off, season with spices and salt. Place the broken meat in foil molds so that its edges hang down slightly through the side of the baskets. Cut the eggs in half and place the halves into each of the forms.

Pass the chopped onions and carrots until soft, add pieces of liver, pour in 100 ml of thick cream, season with spices and simmer for 5 minutes. Beat the liver with vegetables in a blender and spread the pasta on the eggs, covering them with liver pate. Brush the surface with a beaten egg and sprinkle with breadcrumbs mixed with sesame seeds.

Bake at 180C for 10-15 minutes. Serve can in baskets of foil, hot.

Egg cutlet inside - tricks and helpful tips

  • Even if you cook diet patties, do not exclude fat from the stuffing, so that the patties will not turn out to be overdried and coarse. For juiciness and delicate flavor, add milk, sour cream or cream to the stuffing.
  • If lean meat is used for making minced meat, add fatty ingredients: butter - to chicken or turkey minced meat, pork lard to pork, beef, lean lamb or duck. The creamy taste is also suitable for minced fish.
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