Black currant without cooking - summer freshness and benefits in the blanks. What delicious cook black currant without cooking for the winter

Black currant without cooking - summer freshness and benefits in the blanks. What delicious cook black currant without cooking for the winter

Black currant, harvested for the winter, without cooking - a tasty, bright and useful source of vitamins and microelements that can strengthen the immune system.

Black currant without cooking - general principles of cooking

To collect, and after harvesting the berries for the winter - a common tradition in our country. And in order to preserve all the benefits of currants all year round, it is best not to give the berries a heat treatment.

From black currant without cooking you can make jam, jelly, jam. In addition, a useful berry can be dried and frozen. All this is under the power of any hostess, even without special culinary experience.

The main thing is to stock up on berries, sugar and necessary for the process of harvesting dishes: a saucepan or stainless steel basin, sterilized jars and lids, a large spoon for mixing. Dishes must be clean, dry and sterile.

Berries for drying and freezing, as well as for jam, use unripe, whole. Of course, many are accustomed to float when preparing blanks from various berries, crushed and broken berries, but the black currant is not cooked without cooking, so it must be without traces of rot and dirt, otherwise your preparation will simply sour.

Another important point is sugar. Since you do not have to boil the black currant, make sure that the granulated sugar is clean, free from crumbs and impurities. It is best to use the product just taken out of the store packaging.

1. What to make of black currant for the winter without cooking: drying and freezing

Who does not want a cold winter evening to enjoy delicious fresh jam from the garden, only boiled compote, cakes, pancakes with fragrant black currants. But here's where to find a product, except in expensive stores, where they are far from affordable. An excellent option would be drying or freezing the berries. These procedures do not require boiling, a long process of preparation and a special expenditure of effort.

Freeze. The main thing to remember and take into account, the berries do not need to be washed. The fact is that during washing the water remains in the currant, which leads to deformation of the berries during freezing. Therefore, you should sort out the currants, remove the leaves, twigs and spoiled berries and spread the berries on a board or tray. Freeze berries in the freezer for 24 hours at -18 ° C. After transfer the berries in a bag or container, as you like. Drying. So that the dried berry does not spoil, remains tasty, it is recommended to collect it in sunny, dry weather. Wet berries dry out badly. Currants can be dried and individual berries, and tassels. Take the currants, put them on a metal baking sheet so that they do not fit tightly to each other. Dry in the oven for an hour at 60 degrees, without closing the oven door. Store dried currants in dry, tightly closed jars in a dark place.

2. Black currant without cooking for the winter


• one and a half kilograms of black currant;

• one and a half kilograms of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Carefully remove the berries from the twigs, remove all the leaves and grass that fell during the harvest, throw away the spoiled currants.

2. Rinse the selected berries in water and divide them into approximately the same three parts.

3. Twist two-thirds of currants in a meat grinder.

4. Mix currant puree with whole berries and sugar in a suitable-sized container.

5. Carefully, so as not to crush whole berries, while stirring the jam with a spoon, wait 30-45 minutes for all the sugar to completely dissolve.

6. Pour the prepared jam into sterile jars, close tightly with lids.

7. Store in a cool place.

3. Blackcurrant jam without cooking with orange


• two kilograms of black currant;

• three kilograms of sugar;

• two large oranges.

Cooking Method:

1. Black currant sort out, separate the berries from the twigs, remove the spoiled fruits and leaves. Put the berries in a colander, rinse well, let the excess liquid drain.

2. Put the currants in the pan, chop with a dipping blender. You can also twist the berry in a meat grinder through a fine grate.

3. Rinse the orange thoroughly, sponge if necessary. Cut, without peeling, into several pieces and grind.

4. Mix the currant mass with the orange mass in one large container, add sugar.

5. Leave the jam for a few hours until all the sugar nuggets are completely dissolved. Stir occasionally.

6. Once the sugar has dissolved, transfer the jam to sterilized jars, tightly cover the container with lids. 7. Store the blank for no more than a year in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place.

4. Blackcurrant jelly without cooking for the winter


• kilogram of black currant;

• kilogram of granulated sugar or powdered sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. To make the jelly a delicate texture, you need to use icing sugar in its preparation. You can purchase a ready-made product or make powder on your own from sugar.

2. Pour sugar in small portions in a coffee grinder, grind to a state of powder.

3. Grind the thoroughly washed and sorted berries in a blender, then put the mass on a sieve with small holes. Grind the berries to possibly large peel, the seeds do not get into the jelly.

4. Pour sugar in currant jelly in small portions, stirring the mass constantly.

5. Transfer the most delicate jelly to clean pre-sterilized jars, roll up.

5. Blackcurrant without cooking for the winter with raspberries


• a pound of raspberry;

• 1 kg of black currant;

• 1.8 kg of granulated sugar;

• glass of water.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel and wash currant berries. Fill with boiled water for 2 minutes. Throw hot currants on a sieve, skip berries through it.

2. Raspberry sort and chop in any convenient way to the state of mashed potatoes.

3. Prepare sugar syrup: pour sand with water, bring to a boil, remove from heat and mix thoroughly. Wait until the syrup has not completely cooled, you can periodically stir the mass, so that all the grains are exactly dissolved.

4. Pour the jam into sterile hot glass containers, close the lids tightly.

5. Leave the black currant for a couple of days at room temperature, then transfer to a cooler place for storage.

6. Jam Assorted. Strawberries, black and red currants without boiling


• kilogram of strawberries;

• a pound of red currant;

• a pound of black currant;

• a bag of citric acid (15 grams);

• one and a half kilogram of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Take a good look at all the berries, separate the currants from the twigs, tear off the tails of the strawberries.

2. Put the strawberries in a bowl blender, chop into mashed potatoes. 3. Fold the black and red currants into a large glass container and pour boiling water for 1 minute, then immediately drain the water and rub the berries themselves through a sieve.

4. Mix the currant mass with strawberry puree, add sugar and citric acid.

5. Set the jar aside for half a day. This time is enough to dissolve all the sugar. Do not forget once or twice an hour to approach and mix the berries.

6. Pour black currant jam without cooking into a sterile container, sprinkle the top with a small amount of sugar, roll up.

7. Store in any convenient cool place.

Black currant without cooking for the winter - secrets and little tricks

• You can diversify the taste of your winter blanks and prepare not just blackcurrants for these recipes, but various assorted berries. For example, currants with gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, and a mixture of black currants with red and white currant berries. The principle of cooking does not change, the main thing is to follow the proportions of berries and sugar: one to one. You should not put less sugar, because the berries can not be heat treated, because of the insufficient amount of sugar, jam, jelly or jam can deteriorate, and “not having survived” before winter. A surplus of sugar can lead to sugary product.

• If you do not like stones in jelly or jams, do not forget to grind the berries through a sieve. And so that it does not constitute any particular difficulties, it is recommended to pre-chop the berries or blanch them.

• Place already prepared blackcurrants in clean, dry, sterilized jars. Banks can be easily and quickly sterilized by placing them in a heated oven for 15 minutes.

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