How to store dill

How to store dill

Fragrant and fluffy green sprigs of dill were grown more than five thousand years ago on the territory of the African continent. During the time of the Roman Empire, this fragrant grass spread widely throughout Europe. Her traces are even found among the ruins of Roman buildings in England. In the Middle Ages magical properties were attributed to this culture, able to protect against evil forces.

Her healing properties were appreciated by the ancient Egyptian healers. Modern medicine and cosmetology also pay tribute to the extracts and oils derived from dill seeds and herbs.

But its main use of this wonderful herb at all times found in cooking. In fresh and dried form, it is added to salads, soups, meat and fish dishes. Dill is excellent for pickles and pickles. The pronounced aroma and unique taste allow you to use it without adding other spices.

How to prepare dill for storage

The widespread popularity of dill has led to the fact that people have come up with many ways to store it for a long time. But in order to keep the spice for a long time without losing its properties, it is necessary to select and process the plants correctly.

  • When choosing dill, first look at the twig. Leaves and stem should not be lethargic and have darkened leaves.
  • The tips of the stalk must be resilient, and the cut must not shrink.
  • Smell a bunch of greenery. If you smell the smell of decay, such weed is no longer suitable for storage, and also for consumption.
  • If you plan to keep dill whole sprigs, do not wash it before storing it, and if it is wet, dry it with a paper towel.

How to store fresh dill

Fresh greens in any dish looks nice and joyful, recalling the sunny summer days with its taste and aroma. In addition, it retains all its useful properties. To keep dill fresh at home longer, you can use several methods.

  • A fragrant green bouquet will perfectly feel for 2-3 days, standing in a jar with water at room temperature. To prolong his life for 3-4 days, you can cover the greens with a plastic bag and put it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.
  • A dill bag packed in plastic film, with a perforation bag or in a special plastic container can be spent in the refrigerator without loss for about a week.
  • Dill can be stored in the refrigerator for about a month, if you remove the bundle in a plastic bag, you must also place the onion cut in four pieces and tie tightly. Greens before packaging do not wash and air it after five days, at the same time replacing the onions with fresh.
  • Even longer, up to two months, dill can be stored in the refrigerator, if, after washing and dried, it is finely chopped and placed in dry glass jars under plastic covers.

How to keep dill for the winter

In order to preserve fragrant grass at home for the whole winter, it can be dried or frozen.

  • Dried dill is quite undemanding of storage conditions. It may even be room temperature. The main thing - to protect it from too high humidity, placing in airtight containers, preferably glass.

    To dry the dill:

    • should be thoroughly rinsed beforehand, properly do it in a container with water, in which the bundle should be thoroughly rinsed;
    • then finely chop and thin in a large dish or tray;
    • In the scattered form, place in the shade and with good ventilation (preferably in the open air) leave there until ready.
  • Frozen dill is very convenient to use and not at all troublesome to store. Simply divide the greens into portion bunches, pack each separately into plastic wrap, put in a container and put into the freezer. Such portions are very convenient to defrost parts as needed. Do not forget that you should not wash the dill before freezing. This can be done immediately before use.
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