Beef liver: benefit and harm

Beef liver: benefit and harm

Thinking about how to pamper their relatives for dinner, hostesses tend to choose not only what will be delicious, but also useful. Today we will tell you about the beneficial properties of beef liver, and we are sure that tomorrow you will prepare it for your household.

Beef Liver: composition and caloric content

Beef liver must be included in the diet, because this product contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Heated liver protein (up to 18% of the total composition). The vitamin cocktail contains all the useful alphabet - B, C, D, E, K, H, PP, and there is so much vitamin A in beef liver that by eating only 400 grams of this product, you will fill your body's monthly requirement him

Among the micro and macro elements in the beef liver emit sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc and many others.

In addition to the already mentioned, amino acids are included in beef liver, as well as selenium and thiamine, which are known to be powerful antioxidants. Thus, regular use of this product will be an excellent prevention of malignant tumors and lesions of the cardiovascular system.

Finally, beef liver contains a high content of folic acid, which is why this product should be included in the diet of pregnant and pregnancy-planning women. Now let's talk about the calorie beef liver. Depending on the method of cooking calorie per 100 g of the product ranges from 114, 5 kcal (boiled) to 199 kcal (fried).

Benefits of beef liver

Acquainted with the composition of beef liver, you see, in its usefulness there is no doubt. However, you should still be informed about its beneficial properties.

1. Activation of metabolism.

2. Optimization of the brain and the neutralization of the detrimental effects of alcohol and tobacco on it.

3. Fighting iron deficiency.

In addition to the designated , doctors recommend using beef liver to people with kidney problems, as well as suffering from infectious diseases. This product is also useful in diseases of the central nervous system. Hemoglobin regeneration promotes dishes from the liver, and they increase immunity.

Talking about the beneficial properties of the liver on the human body can be quite a long time, but we are sure that this is enough to put this product in one of the first places among the most necessary.

Beef liver damage

Along with the beneficial effect, beef liver can be harmful. First of all, lovers to indulge in a liver should remember that it contains the enemy of mankind - cholesterol, which provokes the development of such diseases as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke. Keratin, which is also listed as a beef liver, can play a cruel joke on people over 60 years old.

These are the objective reasons why you should not abuse the liver. However, there are several subtleties that can turn the liver into evil. It is believed that improper storage of the product quickly makes it unusable. Therefore, buying this product, carefully examine the selected piece, and getting ready to cook a dish of cookies for dinner, mercilessly cut off from it everything that causes even the slightest suspicion. Otherwise, beef liver can be at best useless, and at worst - dangerous to health.

Finally, traditionally you want to appeal to you, dear readers of our online magazine, tell us about the beneficial properties of beef liver, which are known to you. You may also know when this product can be dangerous. We are waiting for your comments! Be healthy!

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