How to remove the bitterness from the eggplant

How to remove the bitterness from the eggplant

Many people love summer, not only because it is time to leave, but also because it gives us a lot of vegetables, berries and fruits. In particular, in the summer, we can pamper ourselves with salads and appetizers made from eggplants. However, often the taste of the dish can be spoiled due to the bitterness inherent in this vegetable. Today, dear visitors of our portal, you will learn how to remove the bitterness from the eggplant.

Each housewife probably has her favorite and proven way of relieving eggplants from bitterness. We will tell you the most common ones; it is possible that you will find your favorites in this list or you will learn something new that you haven’t even thought about before.

Salt Treatment

Take the vegetables prepared for cooking. Wash them well and cut tails. Cut the vegetable into slices or slices (depending on how they are required for the dish). Fold the blue ones in a deep bowl, carefully rub them with coarse salt and leave for 20 minutes (if eggplants are required as a whole, then the salting time will have to be increased by about an hour). As the salt dissolves from the eggplants, droplets begin to protrude. Now you have to wash the vegetables under running cold water and use as directed.


Remove the bitterness from the eggplant can be another simple way - just soaking them in water. To do this, the fruits that have been washed and cut as required must be folded into a bowl, filled with water and salt added (1 tablespoon of salt is required per 1 liter of water). Cover the top with a lid and place the load (a bank filled with water will be suitable as a load). Soak the eggplants should be about half an hour. After this time, the eggplants should be rinsed under cold water and cooked if desired. By the way, soaked vegetables in frying will absorb less oil, and therefore the dish will turn out even softer and tastier.


To be honest, we must admit that often eggplants are not bitter. Nevertheless, if you think that vegetables bought in the supermarket are not as sweet as you would like, you can peel off the skin (of course, if this does not contradict the technology of cooking the dish). In this case, be sure: all the bitterness will definitely go away and will not dare to spoil the taste of your dish. And finally, do not forget, dear visitors of the portal, that only old eggplants gourch, young ones can be prepared without the preliminary procedures suggested above. How to distinguish young eggplants from the old? Quite simply: young fruits have a shiny smooth skin, without dark spots and traces of rot, they are oblong, not too large, but relatively heavy, if you cut such an eggplant, you will not see dark seeds inside. If the blue ones selected for purchase do not meet the stated characteristics, we advise you to look for other options.

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