When they collect milk

When they collect milk

Among the whole variety of the mushroom world, milk mushrooms are probably the richest in kindred mushrooms. What there is no gruzdey! It is real, aspen, yellow, mauve, oak, black, pepper.

Despite the common name, each of them has its own favorite trees, and only suitable soil for them.

The fungus is not an early mushroom. Despite the fact that milk mushrooms are not suitable for frying or cooking, mushroom pickers are waiting for its appearance with impatience. After all, there is nothing better than salt salty - dense, tasty, fragrant! Of the most salty mushrooms, the most delicious is the real one, which in the old days was called “the royal mushroom”, but experienced mushroom pickers do not disdain other types of mildew, making real “bouquets” of them during salting.

When the gruses appear

The very first — in August — appears a real grunt. Although in a warm climate, this mushroom may appear as early as July. It grows in pine-birch forests, loves mountain ranges, prefers sandy and sub-sandy soil.

Mud grows in large groups. He often hides under the foliage in shady, damp places. Seeing the bump, just gently stir the leaves with a stick and here it is - the long-awaited mushroom family! And if we take into account that the hat of this gruzdy grows up to twenty centimeters in diameter, then in the fruitful year in one meadow only several baskets of mushrooms can be collected. This is the most beautiful of all kinds of mushrooms. The young mushroom hat milky white, but with age it becomes yellowish. In adult mushrooms, the cap is funnel-shaped, with fluffy, curled edges. He has a short fat leg, also white. When breaking, milky juice is secreted, caustic, darkening in air, but after processing the bitterness disappears.

Mushroom pickers distinguish these mushrooms by their "heavy" smell. It seems that even the area where there is milk, smells in a special way. The scent of a mixture of mushrooms, fruit and ... horseradish is in the air.

To collect the mushrooms choose the moment after the “mushroom” rain. But torrential rains do not affect the quality of mushrooms very well. Connoisseurs say that even if such mushrooms grow quickly, they don’t want to be stored - soon they start to deteriorate.

Collect not very large mushrooms, because they are the most resilient and strong. Adult mushrooms like not only mushroom pickers, but also worms. It is enough to turn over such a mushroom and you can see a lot of moves done by the omnipresent worms.

Yellow grudge is similar in appearance to a real grudge. The difference is the yellow cap and the fact that it grows in spruce or spruce-fir forests on clay soil. Appears no earlier than the end of August.

About the location of the gruzdya aspen his name says. This mushroom grows in deciduous forests, which must be aspen. Aspen wood is similar to a real white hat, but unlike a real one, which has whitish plates, aspen they are pink. Oakwood is found in deciduous forests. He has a yellowish-orange cap with whitish-cream plates.

Black grudge (chernushka, black niddle) has a greenish-brown, dark brown or even almost black hat, but with white flesh. This moss grows in birch or mixed forests.

In gruzdya pepper, although a white hat, but it differs from other peasants very caustic juice. All varieties of moor are harvested up to September. Of course, if at this time there will be warm weather, interspersed with the same warm rains, due to which the soil will not dry out.

Although black and pepper mushrooms are edible mushrooms, mushroom pickers do not like them, considering these mushrooms to be tasteless. But, despite this dismissive attitude to the pepper load, it has healing properties. This mushroom has a depressing effect on the tubercle bacillus. And if it is slightly roasted, it has a positive effect in the treatment of renal stone diseases.

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