How to clean the oil

How to clean the oil

Almost all the summer among the pines can be found mushroom nipples. It is also called Maslyuk, and sometimes yellow - for its yellow flesh.

And indeed, his hat is plastered like butter. And what is interesting is that in dry weather the hat is shiny, and if it rains or fog spreads, it becomes mucous, slippery.

So they think - beginning mushroom pickers are wondering: how to clean such mushrooms.

Certain rules, of course, no. After all, mushroom pickers are a special nation. And each of them has its own methods, which they follow from year to year when collecting certain mushrooms. But still there is something in common.

Collecting oil

Best of all, if the preparation for cleaning mushrooms start in advance - even in the forest.

After all, it is known how much garbage, blades of grass, land and waste remains after cleaning mushrooms. But if part of the work is done in the open air, then you will not have to sweat over a bowl of mushrooms.

When cutting a mushroom, you should immediately examine it for the presence of worms.

If you visually did not notice anything suspicious, cut the bottom of the leg to get rid of the sticky ground.

Using a special brush or a knife, clean off at least the main part of adhered debris from the cap: leaves, grass, needles.

The peculiarity of the oil is that when cleaning the mushrooms, they remove the peel from the cap. However, not at all, but only at large copies. Since this peel gives the finished mushrooms a bitter taste. Yes, and the appearance of mushrooms with dark rags on a hat leaves much to be desired.

But in small oils the skin does not remove. And no one complained about the bitter taste of such mushrooms. Apparently, the skin begins to taste bitter much later.

Although some gourmets believe that it is the bitterness that gives the oils a piquancy. But as they say, tastes do not argue. Some mushroom pickers, while still in the forest, begin to peel off the cap of the butterdish. This, of course, greatly simplifies the process of cleaning mushrooms at home. But there is such a nuance: peeled mushrooms should be processed as soon as possible. And if the mushroom picker assumes that he will wander among the trees for a long time in search of mushrooms, then it is better to remove the skin from the oil after all at home.

The exceptions are those cases when the mushrooms are harvested for drying. After all, these mushrooms can not be washed and even wet. Since wet mushrooms dry out badly and can become moldy.

Someone believes that the skin is difficult to remove. But in fact, with recently picked mushrooms, it is much easier to remove than from those that have lain for several hours in a basket.

And this process is affected by the weather. Immediately after the rain or in cloudy weather, the peel of the oil can be removed much easier than in dry weather. Although it is very difficult to find mushrooms during a drought. And if they are, then, as a rule, wormy ...

How to clean the oil at home

Butters are not made to be soaked in water, as they do with many other mushrooms.

The fact is that boils, like a sponge, quickly absorb water in themselves. Of course, almost all the sticking garbage from them will be removed. But if you decide to fry the mushrooms afterwards, they will swim for a long time in the liquid released from them, which will not make them tastier.

Method 1. The mushroom pickers who know a lot about this are doing this: the head of a large butter dish is slightly moistened with water, and then they pick up the skin with the knife at the edge of the cap and, holding it between the knife and finger, pull it through the center of the cap to the other edge. Peel easily gives way, like the skin of potatoes, boiled in uniform. If the top of the cap has dried out strongly, for example, from long storage after collection, you can soak it literally for a few minutes in cold water and then dry it in air. Since the wet butter can not be kept in his hands, and all the time he tries to slip.

But many mushroom pickers do not risk wetting the oil with water, since after such a manipulation it is necessary to have incredible virtuosity in order to pick up the skin on the cap without dropping the mushroom. Therefore, most often these mushrooms are cleaned in a dry form, without risking contact with water. And clean very successfully.

Peel off oil from the skin can be another way.

Method 2. To do this, put a portion of oil in a colander, put on a pot of boiling water and incubate over steam for about half a minute. It is easy to remove the skin from the oils treated in this way.

In some books on the collection of mushrooms describes this method of cleaning oil.

Method 3. Maslata is put in a colander and immersed in boiling water for five minutes. Then they are dipped several times in cold water in a colander. Such maslata easily part with the peel on the cap.

In peeled butter, the cap is separated from the leg. Large caps are cut into several pieces, simultaneously carefully looking for parasites in the flesh of the fungus. Since these mushrooms are very fond of eating worms. Some of the mushroom pickers remove the spongy layer under the cap. But then there will be nothing, since there will be one leg left.

Now maslita ready for further processing.

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