Mushrooms with sour cream - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook mushrooms with sour cream.

Mushrooms with sour cream - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook mushrooms with sour cream.

Mushrooms with Sour Cream - General Principles and Methods of Cooking

Mushrooms are a traditional ingredient in Russian cuisine. From time immemorial, our ancestors ate generous gifts of the forest. Currently, there are a huge number of recipes, but true gourmets prefer delicious and fragrant mushrooms in sour cream.

Most often, white mushrooms, chanterelles, wild mushrooms or champignons are cooked in sour cream. Sour cream is added to mushrooms during frying, baking or in the process of making fragrant sauce.

Mushrooms with Sour Cream - Food Preparation

White mushrooms, chanterelles, champignons and mushrooms do not require any special preparation, rinse well and boil for 15 minutes. If more than a few hours pass from the moment the mushrooms are gathered to the cooking process, the forest gifts should be poured with water and let them stand in salted water for about half an hour before heat treatment.

Quite often, housewives refuse to boil mushrooms, preferring to simply scald them with boiling water 2-3 times, in which case it is necessary to prolong the process of roasting or roasting them for 15-20 minutes. Provided that the dish is prepared from white mushrooms or champignons, they should be cut into slices of the same size. Boletus is better to cut into smaller pieces, mushrooms - larger.

Mushrooms with sour cream - preparation of dishes

Mushrooms with sour cream are a traditional Russian dish, its history goes back more than one century and takes pride of place in domestic cookbooks.


- 500 grams of mushrooms;

- 1 onion;

- 500 milliliters of sour cream;

- 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil;

- 1 glass of milk;

- 1 glass of water;

- salt.

Method of preparation

Onions cut into small cubes, fry in vegetable oil, add the prepared mushrooms and salt, pour in water and cook the dish for half an hour. Milk and sour cream mix, pour mushrooms sauce.

As a side dish for mushrooms with sour cream, new potatoes are perfect.

Mushrooms with sour cream in pots

Mushrooms can not only be fried, but also baked in pots, seasoned with cheese and sour cream, they are especially tasty and fragrant. Ingredients:

- 500 grams of white mushrooms (you can use oyster mushrooms);

- 200 grams of sour cream;

- 100-150 grams of hard cheese;

- 1 tablespoon butter;

- ground black pepper;

- salt.

Method of preparation

Mushrooms prepared for cooking (washed, boiled and chopped) should be fried in butter for 7 minutes, then add salt and sour cream, continue processing for another 3 minutes. Put mushrooms in pots, sprinkle with grated cheese. The process of cooking in an oven usually takes 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Mushroom sauce with sour cream

Mushroom sauce with sour cream, while complying with the recipe data, is very tender and tasty, it is wonderfully suited as a side dish of boiled potatoes and rice.


- 500 milliliters of mushroom broth;

- 50 grams of dried white mushrooms;

- 100 grams of sour cream;

- 1 onion;

- 50 grams of vegetable oil;

- 2 tablespoons of flour;

- 2 tablespoons of butter;

- salt.

Method of preparation

Cut onions into small pieces and fry in vegetable oil, add boiled mushrooms to the pan, continue cooking. Next, you should separately fry the flour in butter, add mushroom broth, cook the sauce for 7-10 minutes.

Mix the sauce with the mushrooms, add sour cream and salt.

Mushrooms with sour cream - useful tips from experienced chefs

When picking or buying mushrooms, it is very important to pay attention to their appearance; you cannot use old mushrooms and mushrooms that have dark spots.

To store the finished product for a long time should not be, after a short period of time in the mushrooms begin to produce toxic substances, there is a serious risk of poisoning.

The beautiful color of mushrooms helps to preserve lemon juice (do not overuse it).

Choosing between butter and vegetable oil when cooking mushrooms, it is better to give priority to the first option.

Boil and fry mushrooms should be on a small fire, so they will be elastic and strong.

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