How to separate the white from the yolk

How to separate the white from the yolk

Eggs are used in many dishes. But if in one they lay an egg entirely, then in others you need one thing: a white or yolk. Sometimes they are added in order of priority.

If experienced housewives with egg separation into white and yolk cope easily, then newcomers to the cooking business before such an action are often lost.

In fact, everything is very simple. And there is not one way to divide the egg into whites and yolks, but several. And the most popular of them will be discussed below.

But first you need to remember one simple rule. Eggs must be washed before use, because when breaking eggs, possible microbes that are littered with shells can get inside.

How to separate the yolk from the protein: method 1

Prepare two bowls for whites and yolks and one container over which you will break the eggs. Move it closer to the main dish.

Some housewives are advised to break the egg on the edge of a bowl designed for proteins or yolks. But in this case drops of the spoiled egg can get there (if you suddenly get one).

  • Take the egg in your hand, hold it on both sides with your fingers. With a sharp knife, knock on the shell with a sharp, but not strong, movement so that the egg divides into two halves. Open them up. In one half will be the yolk.
  • Carefully transfer the yolk from one shell to another. At the same time, the protein will begin to drain into the bowl, over which you will perform these manipulations.
  • When there is no protein left in the shell, put the yolk in the second bowl.

How to separate the yolk from the protein: method 2

This method was made possible by the appearance of plastic bottles. Take a dry bottle from under mineral water, as there may be traces of fat or other ingredients in the container from under other drinks, which may adversely affect the chipping of the protein.

  • Prepare a bowl. Washed eggs break into this dish so that the yolk remains intact. If you doubt your abilities, break each egg over a separate bowl, and then shift it into a common dish.
  • Take the bottle, slightly squeeze it in the middle, thereby releasing some of the air. Dip bottle neck in protein. Wetting the edges will prevent the yolk from sticking to the plastic and eliminate the possible violation of its integrity.
  • Lift the neck to the yolk, relieve the pressure on the bottle. It will take its natural form, with the air retracted yolk.
  • Lift the top of the bottle - the yolk will be on the bottom. In the same way, pull the remaining yolks into the bottle.
  • Turn the bottle over another bowl. Lightly squeeze the sides, and the yolks will slide off safely into the pan.

How to separate the yolk from the protein: method 3

This method, though not very aesthetic, but the hostess also often used in their practice.

  • Carefully clean the washed eggs in a bowl. Wear disposable rubber gloves.
  • Catch each yolk with your hand, while the yolk will remain in the palm of your hand, and the protein will flow through tightly closed fingers back into the bowl.

Helpful Tips

If you used proteins, and the yolks are left, put them in a jar, cover with cold water, put in the refrigerator. So they will remain fresh for several days. But without water they dry in a couple of hours.

Yolks can be folded into plastic containers and frozen in the freezer. Of course, water in this case is not poured. When the yolks are needed, they will just need to be defrosted.

If you are not satisfied with any of the listed options for dividing eggs into whites and yolks, then look for special equipment in hardware stores with which this can be done easily.

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