Barley porridge in a slow cooker is cooked for the whole family. Crumbly, lean, sweet options for barley porridge in a slow cooker

Barley porridge in a slow cooker is cooked for the whole family. Crumbly, lean, sweet options for barley porridge in a slow cooker

Barley grits, as it is easy to guess from the name, are made from barley grains. From the close relative, pearl barley, differs in texture.

Barley is whole grains, and yachka is ground.

The main indicators of taste and utility are similar, but the porridges are quite different, the yachka is mostly thick and viscous.

Porridge from these cereals is highly recommended for restorative diets, it is absorbed somewhat easier than barley and due to this it is considered more satisfying.

Barley porridge in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

• It is recommended to rinse the barley grits well before use, as during the production it often gets cake and industrial dust. In order to remove all the excess, the grain is poured into a deep dish and filled with water. As a rule, the entire litter immediately floats to the surface. Water is drained and the procedure is repeated several times until the water in the tank is sufficiently transparent. After that, spread the yarn on a sieve and wait until all the liquid has gone.

• For cooking tasty barley porridge in a slow cooker, the ratio of cereals and liquid added to it is important. To get crumbly porridge optimal ratio of 1: 2. Milk need to add a little less, and it is best to dilute it with water.

• In the preparation of any barley porridge there is a small nuance, the finished dish should be allowed to “stand up”. If, after cooking on the stove, ready-made barley porridge is wrapped with a blanket, it is cooked in a slow cooker, kept under the lid when the cooking modes are stopped, or left for a quarter of an hour in the “Heating” mode.

• The yachka in the slow cooker is cooked quickly, additional ingredients give the main taste to the porridge. Barley porridge in a slow cooker can be cooked with milk, boiled in water for garnish. Often, the meatball is prepared in parallel with meat dishes (meatballs or meatballs), which are spread in a steam container. Often, barley porridge in a slow cooker is cooked with pork, chicken, mushrooms.

Mushroom barley porridge in a slow cooker with chicken


• glass yachki;

• 300 gr. chicken fillet;

• 100 gr. fresh mushrooms (champignons);

• one onion;

• small carrot;

• 50 gr. lean, preferably refined, oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse fresh mushrooms and chicken fillet thoroughly with tap water. Blot the fillet with a towel, dry the mushrooms. Cut chicken into small strips and mushrooms into thin slices.

2. Coarsely rub the peeled carrots, onions as small as you can.

3. In a small amount of vegetable oil on the “Fry” toast the pieces of chicken.

4. Add chopped onion, grated carrot. Stir all ingredients and continue cooking with the set mode until the vegetables have a light golden tint. Put the vegetables and meat in a separate bowl and rinse the bowl well with warm water.

5. Insert a clean bowl into the body, pour barley grits into it. Pour in two glasses of drinking water and lightly salt it. Run the option “Porridge” and cook before the signal.

6. Then add to the porridge previously prepared chicken roast with mushrooms and mix everything well.

7. Switch the “Frying” mode to “Baking” and bring the porridge to readiness in the specified program. It takes 20 minutes to complete.

Lean barley porridge in a multivariate with champignons


• three large champignons;

• one celery stalk;

• yachka - 1 tbsp .;

• carrots - 1 pc .;

• three spoons of butter;

• small onion.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the barley grits into a deep bowl and rinse them thoroughly with cold water. Well strain all the liquid and transfer the cereal to the cooking container.

2. Cut the champignons in small pieces and send the mushrooms to a bowl in the bowl.

3. As far as possible finely chop the onion, cut the carrot into small cubes and put the vegetables in the bowl.

4. Add a teaspoon of finely ground table salt, pour in the oil.

5. Fill all with two glasses of boiling water, mix and run the “Cooking” program for a period of 25 minutes.

Crumbly barley porridge in a slow cooker for garnish


• 30 gr. butter, or frozen homemade cream;

• two glasses of filtered drinking water; • a small pinch of salt;

• glass yachki.

Cooking Method:

1. Start the “Baking” mode on the multicooker.

2. Pour all cooked cereal into the hob and fry it on the established program until browning.

3. Then pour in boiling water and immediately add salt, stir.

4. On top, spread out the cut into pieces of butter and close the lid.

5. Translate multicastry from the option “Baking” to “Porridge” and cook until the end of the program.

6. Immediately do not open the lid, then barley porridge in the slow cooker on the heating is still about a quarter of an hour and only then serve.

Barley porridge in a slow cooker with pumpkin


• 1.5 cups yachki;

• four glasses of water;

• onion;

• 100 gr. ripe fresh pumpkin;

• one carrot;

• spoon of purified oil;

• half a teaspoon of nutmeg powder.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the barley grits into a sieve and rinse well with plenty of water.

2. Slice carrot into thin straws, pumpkin pulp into thin cubes, finely chop the onion.

3. Put the chopped vegetables in the cooking bowl. Add sunflower oil and run the “Frying” option on the multicooker.

4. As soon as the pieces of vegetables are reddened, pour four glasses of warm water to them. Salt, add nutmeg, lay cereal.

5. Gently mix everything and transfer the multicast in the program “Krupa” or “Rice”.

6. After completing the program, let the barley porridge brew for about half an hour, it will be softer.

Barley porridge in a multicooker with milk


• three glasses of 3.2% pasteurized milk;

• a quarter spoonful of salt;

• a glass of barley grits;

• sweet cream butter;

• tablespoon of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. To prevent the milk from escaping, grease the sides of the cooking vessel with butter.

2. Then put the washed barley grits into it, with which you must strain all the water well.

3. Add sugar and salt to the yarn and chopped butter.

4. Fill everything with milk, stir well and turn on the “Groats” option. The time of this program is set automatically for 50 minutes.

5. Mix porridge well, and, laying on plates, be sure to add small pieces of butter.

Barley porridge in a crock-pot with pork


• barley grits - 180 gr .;

• 300 gr. pork (pulp);

• carrot - 150 gr .;

• tablespoon of lard;

• onion head;

• 20 gr. lean oils.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the pork into small pieces, rub the carrot with a large grater, finely chop the onion.

2. Pour vegetable oil into the bowl of the device, add lard and soak the mixture on “Baking” for about three minutes.

3. Then put the pieces of pork in the bowl and bring them in the prescribed mode to light ruddy.

4. Salt lightly, pepper. Add the onions and carrots and cook everything together for about a quarter of an hour. To vegetables roasted evenly, be sure to stir them periodically.

5. Spread the washed yachk on an even layer of meat with vegetables and gently pour in 500 ml of hot drinking water. Add a little salt, do not mix.

6. Close the lid of the device, install the automatic program “Kasha” on the panel and switch it on.

7. After the sound of the sound signal, notifying of the completion of the program, mix the porridge with meat well and leave under the lid for about 20 minutes.

Barley groats in a steam cooker with a cutlet


• one and a half cup yachki;

• 3.5 glasses of water;

• two spoons of olive oil;

• a pound of lean pork;

• one large onion;

• a small slice of white bread (50 gr.);

• egg;

• a glass of pasteurized milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the crust off the bread and cover the crumb with milk. After 10 minutes, remove and squeeze all the liquid well.

2. Rinse the pork and cut into large pieces. Twist the meat in a meat grinder, together with the peeled onion, twice. Add the soaked crumb to the mince, break the egg. Salt lightly, sprinkle a little and knead well. Hands moistened in water with water, oblong small patties and put them in a steam container greased with olive oil.

3. Pour about a spoonful of oil into the bowl, place the washed and dried yachka and fill it with warm water. Salt to your taste.

4. Place a steam container with cutlets on the bowl, close the lid and start the “Steaming” mode for half an hour. 5. After stopping the program, take out the container with the chops and place them in a bowl. In order not to get cold, cover with a plate and wrap with a towel.

6. Stir the porridge and leave for 20 minutes with the programmed “Preheat” mode. After that, let the porridge stand in the disconnected multicooker for another 15 minutes.

Barley grits in a multi-cooker - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• To make the barley porridge have a brighter taste, fry the washed cereal in a bowl on “Roast” or “Baking” until golden brown without adding oil.

• Serve as a garnish for meat dishes boil porridge in meat broth. He will give her a more resistant meat taste.

• Barley porridge likes butter. Therefore, add it to the dish not only during cooking, but also when serving.

• Barley porridge on a milk basis, supplement the dried fruit or fresh berries and fruits. They will enrich the nutritious porridge with vitamins. Sugar can be replaced with honey. But do not add it to the hot dish, the useful properties of the product are lost.

• If the barley cereal is filled with cool water, it will be ready in the “Kasha” mode after 50 minutes. But if the liquid is poured hot, the cooking time is reduced to 35 minutes.

• If you decide to cook a yachka, but the soul does not belong to any recipe, scroll through the tips on cooking dishes from the flakes “Hercules”. You only need to adjust the ratio of cereals to liquid, but specify the cooking time.

• Try to avoid sharp spices, the yachka does not like them!

• If you are going to please your loved ones with an unusual side dish, note that watery gravy are not very suitable for yachts. Most preferable tomato, on a smaltse - to dishes from pork, beef, or white dense gravy from sour cream - to rabbit, or poultry meat.

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