Porridge in the slow cooker - the best recipes. How to cook porridge in a slow cooker.

Porridge in the slow cooker - the best recipes. How to cook porridge in a slow cooker.

Porridge in a slow cooker - general principles and methods of cooking

What inventors will not think up to facilitate the work of the modern housewife. Few of them food processors and dishwashers, and there is also a slow cooker! They threw the ingredients, added life experience, spiced it up with fantasy - and went to sleep. In the morning, get ready breakfast, and even hot. Porridges are especially good. With the help of this delicious fixture, you can now not suffer from cooking any porridge - and the milk will not run away and will not burn (if, of course, the technology is correctly followed). Rice porridge, millet, oatmeal, broth or milk - just what you want. Do not forget to set the time and heating, and in the morning your family will wake up from the delicious smell of porridge, and not from the alarm clock, and have breakfast on the kitchen autopilot.

Porridge in the slow cooker - product preparation

The slow cooker is a reasonable miracle pot. In order for the porridge to look fresh and appetizing, and certainly not run away, you can make an oil rim on the top of the bowl. Using the menu, select the mode "porridge". If you are cooking on a delayed start, take an hour of time so that the porridge will stand ready and be ready for breakfast, like from a Russian stove. Many are wondering - isn’t milk souring in a multi-cooker in a few hours? No, not sour. You can use milk from bags, tetrapacks, bottles, or whole milk, but the main thing is to make it cold. Sugar must be present. Porridge in the crock-pot turns out that it is necessary.

Porridge in a multivariate - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Rice porridge in a slow cooker

In a slow cooker, porridge turns out softer than on the stove. It is necessary to rinse the rice well in running water. Note that rice swells more than other cereals, therefore, lay products, based on the capacity of the multi-cooker.

Ingredients: round rice (1 cup), milk (1 l), sugar (4 tablespoons), salt, butter (20 grams).

Method of preparation Put rice in a slow cooker and pour milk. Add salt, sugar, oil, as should be mixed. We put the program “Milk porridge”. After the ready signal will leave porridge for another half an hour. Butter can be served in already prepared porridge. Rice can also be any. In a slow cooker, you can cook rice porridge without milk, which is perfectly suitable as a side dish for meat dishes. For this purpose, in some models there are special rice programs, in which the intelligent machine itself keeps track of when all the water evaporates and stops in the “warm” mode. Fill the rice with water in proportions 1: 3, set the timer for 45-60 minutes. The rice will be crumbly and without lumps.

Recipe 2: Milk porridge in a slow cooker

Almost any porridge can be cooked in a slow cooker with milk. This is buckwheat, the same rice porridge, millet, oatmeal, or even several cereals. Stock up on raisins, dried apricots or other dried fruits, and cook different dishes every day.

Ingredients: milk (500 ml), any cereal (100 grams), sugar (2 tablespoons), salt, butter (2 table spoons), raisins or dried apricots.

Method of preparation

We wash the grits well with plenty of running water. We place it in a slow cooker, add a pinch of salt and sugar, raisins (previously washed). Fill the milk and cover with a lid. You can take milk, diluted with a small amount of water. Cover with a lid, set to “Kashi” mode. It remains to wait a bit until the dish is ready. A special multicooker signal indicates readiness. It turns out three portions of porridge, served hot.

Recipe 3: porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker

Pumpkin porridge is a very healthy and popular dish. She is especially good at breakfast for children. Even the most capricious babies will want to eat with honey or other sweets, and fathers and older children will set a good example.

Ingredients: millet or rice (1, 5 multi-glasses), milk (3 cups), pumpkin (200 grams), sugar (1.5 tablespoons), dried fruits (raisins, prunes, apples, pears), honey.

To make the pumpkin quicker, you can grate it on a coarse grater. Pumpkin turns out a little more than cereals, but after an increase in the volume of cereals it will boil well. This recipe is for 4 servings. If you take millet, it is better to scald it with boiling water to get rid of some bitterness. Stir the pumpkin, cereal and milk, add sugar. Suitable program “milk porridge”. For a thinner consistency, add some milk or water. Multivarka itself determines the time of readiness.

Recipe 4: Artek porridge with meat in a slow cooker

Many do not represent their lives without meat. The slow cooker gives us the opportunity to cook meat porridges without much difficulty. Artek krupa is probably best suited for making chicken porridge. This is not just breakfast, but a real lunch.

Ingredients: “Artek” cereal (2 cups), water (7 ms), chicken meat (500 gr.), Onions, carrots, salt, spices, butter, bay leaf.

Method of preparation

Shred onions, grate carrots, wash the meat and cut into pieces. Fry everything in “Baking” mode for 20-30 minutes. Add the washed cereal to the products and pour the porridge with water. Salt and add butter. Any cereals that require careful “boiling out” can be cooked on the “Buckwheat” mode. The multicooker signal will alert you to a ready and satisfying lunch.

Porridge in a slow cooker - useful tips from experienced chefs

Porridge without milk in a slow cooker can be prepared with the addition of mushrooms. Perfectly suitable for these purposes champignons. First, fry them with onions in the “baking” mode for about 15 minutes, then cook the porridge according to the usual recipe in the “Porridge” or “buckwheat” mode. Such porridge can be a separate dish or side dish for meat dishes, liver and other by-products. This mode can be used to prepare side dishes not only from buckwheat, but also from peas and beans (they should be soaked in advance). As soon as the liquid evaporates, the multicooker goes into heating mode. The density of porridge is governed by the amount of liquid. Bon appetit, let your dinner be delicious!

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