Banana biscuit is a tropical fairy tale! Easy recipes for homemade biscuits with bananas and cream, sour cream, gelatin, cocoa

Banana biscuit is a tropical fairy tale! Easy recipes for homemade biscuits with bananas and cream, sour cream, gelatin, cocoa

For some reason, bananas are often eaten in their original form. In fact, they are great for baked desserts, especially cool combined with biscuits.

You can add bananas directly to the dough or use them for a layer. In the first version, amazing cakes are obtained, which can be safely called exotic (or paradise) charlottes. In the second variant, wonderful cakes are obtained, delicate and fragrant. What we bake today?

Banana biscuit - general principles of cooking

Biscuit options a huge amount. It can be cooked on eggs, with sour cream or kefir, there are recipes for milk, coffee and cocoa, with coconut chips. All of them will be perfectly combined with bananas, if they are laid between the cake layers, that is, they form a cake, supplement with creams or other fillings. Bananas can also be added to the dough, but exact recipe compliance is required. A large number of fruits can harm, and if you put quite a bit, you will not feel anything.

Bananas are always used fresh, you need to choose fruits without black spots. If you plan to chop beautifully, then take a dense fruit, so that the pieces do not lose shape in the process.

What are bananas combined with:

• chocolate, cocoa, chocolate chips;

• strawberries, raspberries, various tender fruits;

• coconut, vanilla;

• cream, condensed milk and various light creams.

Some of these ingredients can be added to the dough, some products are used as a filling or for decorating homemade desserts. In any case, with them a boring biscuit will sparkle with new colors, the taste will be more interesting, and the view more fun.

Classic banana biscuit

This cake can safely compete in taste with the classic apple charlotte. However, in the recipe there are no secrets, preparing a biscuit with a banana in the same way.


• a glass of flour; • three large eggs or four small;

• two bananas;

• a glass of sugar;

• two pinches of the ripper;

• two spoons of powder for registration.


1. The ripper is needed for safety, so that the biscuit is lush and light. Mix it with flour, be sure to sift.

2. We take a large bowl, check for purity, there should be no traces of fat in it. We break the eggs, mix well with a mixer.

3. After two minutes, we add sugar, first a quarter of a glass, after a minute we are wasted, and so on, in four steps we finish it, just beat the mass until it increases a couple of times.

4. It's time to fill the flour, stir, pour into the form.

5. We quickly clean the bananas, cut them in thick circles, approximately one centimeter, scatter over the entire surface of the dough, press in slightly.

6. And immediately you need to put a biscuit in the oven until it is a donkey. We bake a banana delicacy at 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

7. We take out the form, give a little stand, then turn the biscuit on a plate, cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Banana sponge cake “Sun”

The recipe for a light and delicate banana sponge cake that can be baked in a slow cooker is also excellent. It uses one fruit, but if the bananas are small, then you can take another half.


• 120 grams of flour;

• banana;

• 7 grams of ripper;

• two eggs;

• 1 tsp. lemon juice;

• 100 grams of sugar.


1. Peel the banana, first break it into pieces, then rub with a fork into a uniform mash. Add lemon juice, stir.

2. Beat the egg whites together with the prescription granulated sugar until steep peaks, then add the yolks one at a time, reduce the speed, gradually spread the chopped bananas with lemon juice.

3. At the very end, we introduce mixed wheat flour with a baking powder.

4. Grease the baking dish, sprinkle with flour, lay out the banana dough. Bake flavored sponge cake at 180 degrees.

5. As soon as he gets reddened, we pierce with a toothpick, check the readiness. If the stick is dry, then turn off the oven, let the cake stand with the door ajar for ten minutes, then you can take it out.

Sponge cake with banana and cream

A delicious cake that is relatively easy to make. For a layer of biscuit with bananas for this recipe will need a good fat cream for whipping.


• five eggs;

• a glass of sugar;

• 4 bananas (take five small ones);

• a glass of flour;

• 280 g of cream;

• 120 g of powdered sugar;

• 2 bags of vanilla.


1. We will prepare a classic sponge cake. Therefore, we separate the whites in one bowl, and the yolks separately. We divide sugar approximately in half, add to the yolks immediately, stir it.

2. Proteins begin to beat with a mixer without sugar, as the formation of fluffy foam, we begin to add sand in small portions. Beat until it dissolves and the mass turns into a good and lush foam. Take out the mixer.

3. Beat yolks with sugar. They will not turn into foam, but should lighten, become homogeneous, sugar dissolve.

4. Add flour and proteins to the yolks, mix everything gently and pour one bag of vanilla. You can use vanilla sugar or a few drops of liquid essence.

5. We shift the air dough in the form. Sponge cake is baked at medium temperature until cooked. Then the cake should be completely cooled, cut into several pieces. If the shape is up to 20 cm, you get three cakes. If it is more, perhaps only two.

6. For cream, beat fatty cream. As soon as they increase well, add powder and the remaining vanilla.

7. Slice bananas.

8. We grease cakes, we put layers of bananas, we collect an ordinary cake.

Banana Sponge Cake

The recipe for chocolate banana biscuit, the dough for which is prepared with sour cream. The number of bananas can be reduced if they are large.


• a glass of sour cream;

• four eggs;

• a glass of sugar;

• four bananas;

• 10 g ripper;

• 100 g of oil;

• 5 tablespoons of cocoa;

• 1.4 cups of flour.


1. Mix sour cream with softened butter, set aside. If the butter did not have time to melt, then it can be melted. 2. Beat eggs and sugar into strong foam, work at the highest speed of the mixer for at least ten minutes.

3. Add sour cream with butter. Gently stir a few seconds, do not need to interrupt the mass for a long time.

4. Combine flour and cocoa, pour out a sachet of baking powder to them. Connect with the main test.

5. In a greased baking dish lay out half the dough.

6. Cut the bananas, spread on top of the dough evenly.

7. Pour the remaining chocolate dough on top. If it does not completely cover the bananas. Gently stretch the spoon. The remaining gaps will still disappear when baking.

8. Cooking a banana biscuit in the oven for about forty minutes. Temperature 180.

Sponge cake with bananas, sour cream and gelatin

For this biscuit, you can take two ready-made cakes or bake them yourself from 4-5 eggs, then cut them into two plates with a long knife.


• 500 g sour cream;

• 4 bananas;

• 2 thin biscuits;

• 15 g of gelatin;

• 0.5 cups of milk;

• a glass of sugar;

• 0.5 cups of sweet tea;

• vanillin.


1. Instead of whole milk, water can be used to dissolve gelatin. Mix, leave to swell. 15-20 minutes is usually enough.

2. Combine sour cream, vanilla, sugar, stir.

3. Rams cut into pieces. You can add a few berries or other fruits, such as kiwi. It will turn out brighter and more interesting.

4. As soon as the gelatin swells well, put it in warm water and heat it up to a liquid. All clots should dissolve.

5. Pour warm gelatin into sour cream, mix well.

6. Add the chopped fruit, now stir gently so as not to damage the pieces.

7. Put the biscuit in a detachable form, sprinkle it with sweet tea. Spread sour cream with fruit.

8. We cover with biscuit, lightly press the upper cake, and sprinkle it with tea as well. The form is covered.

9. Leave the sponge cake with bananas and cream in the fridge for two hours. Decorate as desired, can be covered with icing.

Banana biscuit in a multicooker

Option tasty biscuit with bananas in a slow cooker. It turns out not dry, something like the taste of a cupcake.


• two eggs;

• 5 g ripper;

• two bananas;

• 1 tbsp. l Roma (optional);

• 100 grams of oil;

• 60 grams of sugar;

• 120 grams of flour.


1. Peel the bananas, put them in a bowl and carefully knead with a fork until soft gruel. If rum is added, then we mix it into this mass.

2. Oil needs to be well softened. You can warm a few seconds in the microwave.

3. Add sugar to the butter. Beat with a mixer until it is completely dissolved.

4. First add one egg to the butter, and then the second. Each time carefully interrupt the mass.

5. Now add the pounded bananas, stir.

6. At the very end, pour the flour mixed with baking powder. We bring the dough to homogeneity, we shift to the greased cup from the multicooker.

7. Cooking a banana biscuit for an hour on the baking program.

Banana Sponge Cake - Tips and Tricks

• How to choose a good banana? By smell! If it produces a pleasant aroma even through the skin, it will certainly be sweet and tasty. Soil exotics do not smell at all.

• Biscuit cakes can be sprinkled not only with icing sugar. Coconut chips are ideally combined with bananas. To make it stick, the surface is coated with sugar syrup or melted honey, a thin layer of jam.

• To keep banana slices out of thin air for a long time, immediately after cleaning and cutting, sprinkle them with lemon juice. You can dilute a little citric acid dry.

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