Cake "Count ruins" - classic recipes with highlights. How and from what to cook the classic cake "Count ruins"


Earl ruins - this is the cake that is loved not for the beautiful design and the abundance of cream flowers. This dessert is captivating for its carelessness, bulging chunks and playful streams of chocolate, which are always in the classic recipes. But especially pleased with the unique taste. Let's try to cook?

“Count ruins” classic cake - general cooking principles

It is difficult to isolate a classic cake recipe, since it is prepared in two different ways: either from biscuit cakes or from air meringue. Often these ingredients are combined in one dessert, which is also not prohibited. If you use home meringue, the process may take a bit. Meringue takes a long time to dry in the oven. For the cake of the cake requires cooking biscuit, which can be made on eggs or on sour cream, as you like.

Creams are used in all versions of the cake. Basically, the layer is made from sour cream or condensed milk. Often added nuts, prunes. Chocolate glaze is always used to design the ruins of the county. But it should not cover the cake completely. Usually depict flowing chocolate streams.

Cake “Count ruins” classic with sour cream

The recipe for the classic cake “Count ruins”, which is very easy to prepare and does not require scarce ingredients.


• 2 eggs;

• 0.24 kg white flour (sift);

• 1.5 tsp. soda;

• 230 g sour cream;

• 2 spoons of cocoa;

• 0.18 kg of sugar.


• 0.5 kg fatty, thick sour cream;

• 0.175 kg of powder;

• pinch of vanilla.

Glaze for registration: 100 g of butter and 4 tablespoons of sugar, sour cream, cocoa.


1. Prepare sour cream sponge cake in one bowl, then separate half for chocolate crust. Beat two eggs, you can immediately add sand. Next, we introduce sour cream, but not all, we will postpone 30 g. Stir. 2. Add flour. Immediately extinguish the soda and also pour out. Stir the dough, separate half.

3. Pour the white part into a 20 cm mold, bake. Temperature 180.

4. In the second part add cocoa and sour cream, which remained. Stir and pour into the mold, bake after the white cake until ready. All biscuits are cooled.

5. To prepare the cream, you just need to mix everything.

6. White cake after cooling down is cut into two plates.

7. Dark cake after cooling down cut into cubes.

8. Coat the white cakes like a regular cake. From above we put the pieces of chocolate sponge soaked in cream. We form a hill.

9. Cook the glaze from the ingredients listed above. Then cool the mixture a little, it should not be hot, otherwise sour cream will flow. Pour glaze over the “ruins”. Fully cover is not necessary.

Cake “Count ruins” classic with condensed milk

For this cake the most ordinary sponge cake is baked, but the cream is amazingly tasty and sweet. Condensed milk is better to cook yourself.


• 4 eggs;

• 0.14 kg of flour;

• 0.03 kg of cocoa;

• 0.17 kg of granulated sugar.


• 0.4 kg condensed milk;

• 0.27 kg of oil;

• 25 grams of brandy;

• 0.18 kg sour cream.

Also need one chocolate and 3 spoons of butter.


1. Remove the oil on the table, let it soften. Condensed milk, too, to get the temperature of the ingredients for the cream was the same.

2. Send the eggs to the bowl. Beat a few minutes, then add the sugar parts. Beat another ten minutes.

3. Cover the flour and cocoa, stir.

4. Pour the dough on a baking sheet, bake the cake. Since it will not be fat, set the temperature to 200, time 10-11 minutes. Cooling down.

5. While the biscuit cools down, beat the softened butter until it is pompy, and only after that, in parts, add condensed milk, at the very end, sour cream. For saturation, you can add brandy, any liquor or regular vanilla.

6. Cut a circle from a biscuit - it will be the base. Smear cream. You can sprinkle coffee or tea before that, it will be juicier.

7. The rest of the cake cut into pieces, each smear cream, put the slide. 8. Chop chocolate, combine with butter, set for 20 seconds in the microwave. Then stir, if necessary, warm again.

9. We pour the “ruins” with melted chocolate and makes the cake soak.

Cake “Count ruins” classic with nuts and prunes

For the classic cake "Count ruins" is better to use walnuts. With them it turns out much tastier. You can make large chunks, and grind for core layers.


• 0.3 kg oil;

• 0.4 kg of sugar;

• 10 proteins;

• 0.3 kg of nuts;

• 150 g chocolate;

• 2 lemons;

• can of boiled condensed milk;

• 150 grams of prunes.


1. Wash citruses, remove on a fine grater the zest.

2. Take a large bowl. Beat egg whites and sugar to a dense and fluffy mass, if not afraid of its quantity. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon. The remaining citruses are not useful.

3. We shift the meringue to a pastry bag or to a simple bag, in the second case we make a cut. Squeeze out small meringues on a baking sheet. Dry in the oven for 80 minutes (approximately) at 90-100 degrees. If the temperature rises higher, then periodically open the door.

4. Mix the butter and boiled condensed milk.

5. Spread layers of meringue, lubricate with condensed milk and sprinkle with nuts, together with zest. Places scatter pieces of prunes. We collect the whole cake.

6. Melt the chocolate, pour the cake over the top.

7. Decompose the remaining nut kernels. To stick, scatter on chocolate.

“Count ruins” cake, classic meringue with custard

A simplified recipe for the classic cake “Count ruins”, which is prepared with the usual custard, is easier than the options on condensed milk.


• 3 proteins;

• 250 grams of granulated sugar.


• 0.2 kg of oil;

• 3 yolks;

• 0.5 Art. Sahara;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• 0.2 liters of milk;

• Vanilla, brandy.

For the top decoration chocolate, optional nuts.


1. Prepare the meringue. Beat whites to splendid proteins, we introduce sugar. It is desirable that he was small. 2. We spread on a baking sheet small meringues with a diameter of not more than three centimeters. Dry to readiness at 100 degrees.

3. Cook the cream. This recipe is good because you do not need to think about yolks. They will all go away. Add sugar to yolks, pound. Next, enter the flour and add milk.

4. Put the cream in a saucepan on the stove and cook until it starts to resemble condensed milk in consistency. Stir constantly.

5. Thickened cream removed from the heat, cool. Add the softened butter, vanilla.

6. Grease the meringue with cream, collect the cake.

7. Pour melted chocolate, you can sprinkle with nuts. Leave for impregnation for 10 hours.

Cake “Count ruins” classic with prunes

Variant of a wonderful cake with prunes, which is prepared with traditional sour cream. Sponge cake is also on sour cream, but in theory you can take any other cakes.


• 3 tbsp. flour;

• Four eggs (large, small, take 5);

• 4 spoons of cocoa;

• 260 g sour cream;

• a glass of sugar;

• 2 tsp. ripper.


• 600 g sour cream;

• 250 g of prunes;

• 180 g of powder.


• chocolate;

• 40 g sour cream.


1. First make a total dough. Then divide. Mix together 200 g of sour cream sugar and eggs immediately, add the ripper and flour to them, stir and divide into two parts. One half can be immediately poured into the form, sent to the oven. Bake at 180.

2. In the second add sour cream and cocoa. Stir, bake afterwards at the same temperature.

3. Fill the prunes with warm water, soak them, squeeze and cut each piece into four pieces.

4. Mix the ingredients of the cream.

5. Lubricate the white cake. If it works, it is better to cut it and soak the cream inside.

6. Spread a layer of chopped prunes.

7. Next, collect the cake from pieces dipped in cream. Between them we chop the prunes.

8. Pour the cake with melted chocolate glaze with sour cream.

Cake "Count ruins" classic of ready-made cakes and bananas

A variant of the classic cake “Count ruins” without baking. You need to buy a package of biscuit cakes and in 15 minutes a wonderful cake will be ready! Bananas are used for the layer, but you can take berries or other fruits, you do not need to add much. Ingredients

• package of cake layers (3 pieces);

• 1 pack of oil;

• 1 can of boiled condensed milk;

• 0.5 cans of white condensed milk;

• 2 bananas or other fruits.

Also 80 g of chocolate and 20 g of butter.


1. Mix the softened butter and boiled condensed milk, then dilute the cream with white milk.

2. Bananas cut into small pieces of any shape.

3. Cut the cakes into 2 cm cubes. We leave one for the base.

4. We collect the cake according to the classical scheme: the base, pieces soaked in cream, but do not forget to lay bananas between them. They will make the dessert more interesting.

5. Chop chocolate, put melted in a water bath, add oil, stir.

6. Sprinkle the formed “debris” with glaze, then remove to soak and freeze in the cold.

Cake “Earl Ruins” Classic - useful tips and tricks

• Cake can be collected from purchase meringue. It also turns out delicious.

• If the cream is thick, the slices will soak for a very long time. It is better to slightly dilute the mass with sour cream or boiled, but not hot milk. Also suitable liquid condensed milk.

• The cream will be softer and lush if the butter is added with a mixer before adding to the other ingredients.

• To fill the ruins of the county, you can use any berries and fruits, amazingly obtained with marshmallow. In the children's dessert, you can add marmalade, color dragee.

• Do not pour hot chocolate on the cake. He will quickly drain, fall ugly, melt the cream. Frosting should be warm, but not thick.

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