How to cook a rabbit so that the meat is soft. Rabbit recipes in various sauces, the secret to making soft meat

How to cook a rabbit so that the meat is soft. Rabbit recipes in various sauces, the secret to making soft meat

Rabbit meat - dietary and very healthy meat.

It is rich in vitamins, calcium, proteins, phosphorus and iron.

Rabbit meat does not contain cholesterol.

Due to its 100% digestibility, it is indispensable in the diet and baby food.

How to cook a rabbit so that the meat is soft - the basic principles of cooking

Rabbit meat itself is juicy and tender meat, so it is easy to cook.

Each hostess has its own secrets and recipes for rabbit. But the result should always be the same: the rabbit should be soft, tender and juicy. To do this, the rabbit carcass is pre-soaked or pickled. Without this, you cannot get a juicy and tasty dish. Marinade is prepared on the basis of white wine, whey, wine vinegar, sour cream, mineral water or olive oil. Young rabbit is soaked in ordinary drinking water so that it does not lose its natural flavor.

It should be noted that the front part of the carcass is mostly stewed or boiled, and the back part is baked in the oven or fried.

To make the meat aromatic, it is seasoned with various spices. Best for this is clove, celery, basil, thyme, rosemary and other spices.

Rabbit meat can be stewed, fried, steamed, boiled or baked.

Rabbit in sauce - the most common method of cooking this meat. In this case, rabbit meat is soft and juicy. In this way, you can cook it in the oven or stew. The carcass is pre-marinated, then cut into slices and lightly fried. Meat spread on a baking sheet and add to it a frying of onions, carrots and garlic. On top of the dish is seasoned with salt, herbs, pepper and sauce. Bake the rabbit in the oven for 20 minutes.

How to cook a rabbit so that the meat is soft: Recipe 1. Rabbit stewed in sauce


500 g of rabbit;

50 ml of vegetable oil;

1 onion;

6 g of salt;

2 cloves of garlic;

1 bunch of greens;

100 g of flour;

1 tomato;

80 ml sour cream;

30 ml of vinegar.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the carcass of a rabbit, wash it well under the tap and cut it into portions. In water we dilute vinegar and soak pieces of meat in this solution. Leave the rabbit marinate for half an hour. 2. Heat the frying pan well with oil. We take out the rabbit from the marinade and lightly dry them with napkins. We shift the meat to the pan and fry it on both sides, six minutes each.

3. Onion head clean and chop thin quarter rings. Fry it in a separate pan until lightly reddened.

4. In a deep cauldron, pour the flour and lightly fry it until it starts to change color. Then we shift meat and fried onions to the cauldron. Fill all with drinking water so that it almost completely covers the meat, and add sour cream. All thoroughly mixed until uniform. Water is poured gradually, constantly at the same time, stirring so as not to form lumps.

5. Peel and chop the garlic. Add it to sour cream sauce. We salt, we mix once again, we cover with a cover and we twist fire to minimum. Simmer rabbit 45 minutes. Served with boiled potatoes.

How to cook a rabbit so that the meat is soft: Recipe 2. Rabbit in mustard sauce


700 g portions of rabbit;

6 cloves of garlic;

15 g Provence herbs;

40 g of mustard;

80 ml of olive oil;

fresh rosemary;

150 ml of dry white wine;

2 bay leaves;

500 ml of broth;

1 pinch of black peppercorns;

30 grams of flour;

salt and pepper;

1 pc. leeks and shallots.

Method of preparation

1. Divide the rabbit carcass and cut it into portions. Wash well, dry slightly, and grease each piece with mustard. Fold the meat in a suitable dish.

2. Peel the leek and cut it into four pieces. Peel the garlic cloves and chop into thin slices. Mix in a separate plate two tablespoons of olive oil with wine, add Provencal herbs, bay leaf and black pepper peas. Put onion and garlic here. Stir the mixture thoroughly and fill it with rabbit meat. Leave the pickle overnight.

3. The next day, take the rabbit out of the marinade, dip the pieces in a napkin, salt and pepper the meat. Dip each piece in flour and fry in heated olive oil until lightly ruddy.

4. Put the rabbit in a heat-resistant form and pour the juice remaining after roasting and marinade. Cut unpeeled shallots in half and place in the form. Here also send the unpeeled garlic cloves and rosemary. Pour in the broth so that it half covers the meat and send the form to an oven preheated to 170C. Bake for an hour and a half, occasionally turning over and adding broth, if necessary. 5. Put the finished rabbit on a serving dish. In the remaining sauce, add a spoonful of mustard, stir and bring it to a boil. Pour the rabbit meat with this sauce. Serve with any side dish.

How to cook a rabbit so that the meat is soft: Recipe 3. Rabbit in beer


2 kg rabbit carcass;


4 onions;

200 ml of cream;

2 liters of light beer;

200 g of bacon;

balsamic vinegar;

vegetable oil - 80 ml;

6 buds of carnations;

3 g black pepper;

rosemary branch;

flour - 70 g

Method of preparation

1. Cut the rabbit carcass into portions. Wash the meat under the tap and dip it with a towel.

2. Peel the onions and chop the rings. Beer mixed with vinegar, add cloves, rosemary and bay leaf. Put the onions in the marinade and put it on fire. As soon as it boils, twist the fire to medium and boil for about 20 minutes. Pour the rabbit meat with boiling marinade. Cool and refrigerate overnight.

3. Remove the rabbit pieces from the marinade and pat dry with a towel. Marinade not pour out!

4. Mix flour with pepper. Roll the rabbit pieces in this mixture and fry in well heated oil for two minutes on each side. Transfer the fried meat to the cauldron.

5. Cut bacon into small strips and fry it until it is greaves. Put the bacon on a plate.

6. Marinade strain, leave a little onion in it and boil. Pour the boiling marinade over the meat, stir and simmer on low heat under the lid for an hour and a half.

7. Fry the remaining onions in the fat from bacon to softness. Send bacon and onions to the cauldron. Turn off the heat and immediately pour the cream. Stir and leave to infuse. Serve with potato garnish.

How to cook a rabbit so that the meat is soft: Recipe 4. Rabbit with a creamy spicy sauce


50 g of honey;

8 g of salt;

3 g of Tabasco sauce;

4 rabbit legs;

50 ml of cognac;

3 large onions;

1 large head of garlic;

100 ml of soy sauce;

500 ml of cream;

50 g of flour;

200 g of parsley;

on a pinch of nutmeg, Provencal herbs and cumin;

50 g sesame.

Method of preparation

1. Wash and dry the rabbit meat.

2. Onions and four cloves of garlic peel and grind in a blender to the state of porridge. In a deep bowl, mix the honey with soy sauce, Tabasco and brandy. Add the onion and garlic pulp to the marinade and mix well. 3. Put the rabbit meat in a baking sleeve, adding marinade to it. Tie both ends tightly and roll well on the table so that the marinade is evenly distributed over all the pieces. Transfer the sleeve to heat resistant form and marinate in the fridge overnight.

4. Remove the form with the rabbit, leave for another two hours, then send it to bake for one and a half hours in the oven, preheating it to 180C.

5. Fry flour in a dry frying pan. Wash parsley and finely chop. Crush the garlic. Pour the flour in a saucepan, mix it with cream, gradually pouring them in, and mixing so that there are no lumps. Put on the fire, salt, add sesame, parsley, stir and stew over low heat, stirring constantly, for five minutes. Make sure the sauce does not boil.

6. Take the rabbit out of the oven, cut the sleeve and put the meat on a plate. Pour juice from the sleeve and cooked sauce. Serve with vegetable garnish.

How to cook a rabbit so that the meat is soft: Recipe 5. Rabbit in sour cream


3 rabbit legs;

30 grams of flour;

500 ml of kefir;

200 g sour cream;

1 bunch cilantro and parsley;

1 large carrot;

garlic - 4 teeth.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the rabbit legs in half in half. Greens and peeled garlic finely crumble.

2. Kefir mixed with herbs and garlic. Pour kefir mixture rabbit meat and leave to marinate for three hours.

3. Remove the meat from the marinade, salt and lightly fry it until golden.

4. Cut the cleaned carrot into large circles. Onion chop thick half-rings.

5. In the oil, which is left from the frying of meat, fry the vegetables until light brown.

6. Put the rabbit meat in the cauldron, here add the fried carrots with onions.

7. In a skillet, lightly dry the flour, fill it with a half glass of water and mix thoroughly. Add sour cream, salt and warm. If the sauce is thick, add some more water. Pour sauce over cauldron and simmer over low heat for one and a half hours.

How to cook a rabbit so that the meat is soft: Recipe 6. Rabbit in wine with tomatoes


2 kg rabbit carcass;

vegetable oil; garlic head;

black pepper and salt;

six tomatoes;

a glass of dry white wine;

rosemary branch.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the carcass of a rabbit into pieces, wash and dry on a towel.

2. Wash tomatoes and cut into slices. Garlic cloves, not peeling, crush with a knife.

3. In a frying pan, fry the rabbit until golden. Then pour in the wine and put a sprig of rosemary, garlic and tomatoes. Simmer for about ten minutes without covering. Then cover with a lid and continue to simmer over moderate heat for another ten minutes.

4. Heat oven to 180C. Put the meat along with the sauce and vegetables into a refractory form. Cover it with foil and place in the oven for a quarter of an hour. Put the finished rabbit meat on a plate and pour the sauce. Serve with vegetable garnish.

How to cook a rabbit so that the meat turns out soft - tips and tricks

  • Use for cooking only fresh rabbit meat that has not been frozen. Such meat always turn out juicy and soft.
  • To make the meat soft, you must soak the rabbit in water or pickle.
  • If you decide to cook the whole rabbit, do it in the sleeve, so you get juicy and soft meat.
  • Simmer the rabbit on low heat only.
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