Rabbit in a pot: with sour cream, mushrooms, in wine. Nice chores - stew rabbit meat in a pot

Rabbit in a pot: with sour cream, mushrooms, in wine. Nice chores - stew rabbit meat in a pot

Cooking dishes in pots is akin to a mysterious shaman ritual. All the households from the kitchen are expelled, all have noses in the wind and ears at the crown, and the head cook dances around the oven with bunches of spices and a long spoon. Well, if rabbit meat is used as meat, which is almost akin to game, then in general you can imagine scenes from the life of the aborigines. The main thing is that the mother, in the end, fed the young chingachguks with a fragrant and nourishing rabbit.

Potted Rabbit - General Cooking Principles

• Options for cooking a rabbit in a pot can be completely different. You can put not only rabbit meat, cut into pieces, into the clay container for languishing in the oven, but also other products with which such meat harmonizes well. The most frequent combination is vegetables and mushrooms.

• The technology of cooking dishes from a rabbit in a pot is simple. Rabbit pieces are placed on the bottom of the pot, and additional components are placed on top of the layers. Meat, mushrooms and vegetables can be laid raw or pre-fry with a small addition of vegetable or animal fat.

• Rabbit meat will never be soft and tender without liquid, so water or broth must be poured into filled pots. For the finished dish to not be liquid, broth is poured a little more than half the volume of the container, while it should not completely close the stacked products.

• Clay pots, if placed in a hot oven, may crack. Therefore, the filled containers are placed in a cold oven, positioned on the grill, set at an average level of the oven. The time and temperature of preparation are always indicated in the recipe, as they depend on what products are used and in what form.

Delicate stewed rabbit in a pot with vegetables and mushrooms

Ingredients for six pots:

• two liters of kefir;

• whole rabbit carcass;

• a pound of fresh champignons;

• five large onions;

• 600 gr. potatoes;

• Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc .;

• 250 gr. sour cream 20% fat;

• non-aromatic sunflower oil;

• seasonings - to taste.

Cooking Method: 1. Rinse and wash the rabbit carcass several times with water, chop it into portions.

2. Shred three onions into half rings and mix with kefir and slightly knead with your hands.

3. Place the pieces of rabbit meat in the prepared marinade, mix well and put in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Twice a day, be sure to turn the pieces so that they better absorb the marinade.

4. Remove the thin skin from the cap mushrooms, slice the mushrooms into thin slices and lower for a minute and a half into boiling water. Squeeze all the liquid, throwing the mushrooms in a colander.

5. Fry the patty pieces of mushrooms on a low heat with the addition of vegetable oil and seasonings.

6. Cut the carrots into thin circles, the remaining onions - rings. Put the chopped vegetables in a separate frying pan and fry in oil until amber color.

7. Fry chopped peppers separately.

8. Peel the potatoes, cut the tubers into slices.

9. Soak the rabbit soaked in kefir and rinse off the remains of the marinade, put the pieces in pots and lightly sprinkle them with spices.

10. Top roasted mushrooms, and on them slices of potatoes.

11. Put a layer of onion fried with carrots on top of the potatoes, the pepper will be the last layer. Spice up all the spices.

12. Add cold water to each filled pot so that it does not reach the top layer.

13. Put a sour cream over a layer of bell pepper with a spoon and place the containers in the oven.

14. At 250 degrees bring to a boil, then reduce the heating of the oven to 150 degrees and continue cooking for 40 minutes.

15. Remove the lids from the pots and hold them in the oven, without turning off the heat, until the sour cream is browned.

Rabbit in a pot, stewed in red wine


• rabbit meat - 750 gr .;

• Fresh lard - 250 gr .;

• three large onions;

• two thin slices of black bread;

• Wheat flour;

• dry red wine.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the rabbit with cold water, lightly blot the carcass with a towel and chop the portions.

2. Cut sliced ​​bacon into thin slices. Be sure to cut the skin.

3. Rub the rabbit with salt mixed with pepper and roll in flour. 4. Crumble the bread with your hands, shred the onion in a small scale.

5. At the bottom of a large clay pot lay part of rabbit, on top of it slices of bacon. Dust with chopped onion mixed with bread crumbs.

6. Put the layer of meat back on, put the lard back on it and sprinkle with the onion and bread mixture. Alternate the layers until all the meat is gone.

7. Pour wine into the pot so that only 75 percent of the rabbit lined in the pot is covered

8. Place the pot in the oven and simmer the rabbit in wine for about an hour and a half, at 180 degrees, until the meat is completely soft.

A simple recipe for braised rabbit stew in a sour cream sauce


• small rabbit carcass;

• 200 gr. low fat sour cream;

• 2 large onions;

• Lavrushka.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the rabbit carcass according to the general principles into portions and fill the meat for three hours with cold water. Drain the liquid, and pieces of rabbit wipe dry with a disposable towel.

2. Season sour cream with ground pepper, salt, put onion and rabbit cut in small slices. Stir thoroughly so that all meat is covered with a sour cream mixture.

3. Arrange in small pots, add to each sauce remaining in the bowl, lay a leaf of laurel and place the containers on a wire rack in a cold oven. You can cook a rabbit in one large clay pot.

4. Cook at 200 degrees for about an hour. Every quarter of an hour, lift the lids and, if necessary, add a little water to the pots, about a quarter of a glass.

Delicious roast with a rabbit in a pot

Ingredients for two portion pots:

• 600 gr. rabbit (thigh with leg);

• two onions;

• five medium potato tubers;

• 200 gr. fresh champignons;

• two small carrots;

• garlic;

• sour cream - a little less than a glass.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut four potatoes into large strips and arrange in two pots.

2. Rinse the rabbit meat, dry it, and separate the meat from the bones. Cut the fillets randomly and place them in the pots on the potato layer.

3. On the meat, lay the onion, shredded into small circles or quarter rings of the rings, and the mushrooms cut into slices or plates on it. 4. Cover the mushrooms with a large carrot straw and sprinkle it with finely chopped greens.

5. The last layer of sliced ​​lay the remaining potatoes. Pour the pots on a third of the volume with water, cover the top potato layer with sour cream and put in the oven.

6. Approximately an hour later, take out the containers, mix their contents well and serve them to the table.

Fragrant rabbit in a pot with potatoes and tomato

Ingredients for 4 clay containers:

• rabbit meat - 800 gr. (small carcass);

• 800 gr. potatoes;

• bitter onion head;

• garlic;

• 100 gr. butter 72% butter;

• one and a half teaspoons of hops-suneli;

• four teaspoons of delicate tomato ketchup or tomato;

• seasonings “For potato dishes” - to taste;

• refined oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the rabbit soaked in water into pieces.

2. Cut the peeled potatoes in half lengthwise, and each half across, in wide slices. Put the potato pieces in a bowl, season with spices, lightly salt and shake to mix.

3. Put the rabbit pieces in a deep frying pan, add a little vegetable oil to the meat and fry on medium heat until a light blush appears.

4. Then add to the rabbit chopped onion half rings. Without changing the heat, cook everything together, stirring until the onions lose their milky color. Add some salt, hops-suneli, and mix.

5. Spread the rabbit meat roasted with onions evenly over the clay containers and place the tomato boat of tea on it. Then fill the clay pots to the top with potatoes. Lay between potato straws on a small clove of garlic and pour 100 ml of drinking water.

6. Cover with lids and place exactly 50 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees. Then add 25 grams of oil to each container and bring to readiness by lowering the oven temperature to 180 degrees for another 15 minutes.

7. Turn off the heat and stir the dish with the door closed for about half an hour.

Delicate rabbit in a pot with nuts in a wine sauce


• carcass of a young rabbit;

• 200 ml of water or meat broth;

• two bulbs;

• 20 ml of cognac;

• dry red wine, tart or sour - 100 ml; • three large cloves of garlic;

• 50 gr. bacon;

• Tablespoon of lard;

• a small bunch of fresh parsley;

• 50 gr. walnut kernels;

• one bay leaf.

Cooking Method:

1. Serve pieces of rabbit meat from all sides with salt and pepper. Fry on all sides until golden brown in well-heated lard and put on a plate.

2. Cut the bacon and onion into small cubes and place in the remaining fat after frying.

3. When the onions are lightly browned and covered with a golden crust, put the fried pieces of meat in it. Pour over brandy and set it on fire.

4. After the flame goes out, stir and spread the rabbit meat in clay pots, and pour red wine, water into the pan and bring to a boil.

5. In a slightly boiling mixture, add chopped parsley, crushed nuts and laurel. Press garlic with a press and heat the sauce slightly, literally 30 seconds.

6. Pour the sauce spread over the clay containers with the prepared sauce, cover with lids and put the stew in the oven for an hour and a half at 180 degrees.

Potted Rabbit - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Before cooking, rabbit is recommended to soak in water for a long time or pickled. For this purpose it is better to use kefir, whey or specially prepared marinades with white or red dry wine.

• The use of wine in marinating can not only soften the coarse meat fibers, but also remove the characteristic smell.

• Spice will help to kill the smell of rabbit unloved by many and to make the dish more fragrant. Traditionally, the rabbit in pots cooked with ground pepper and bay leaf, if desired, you can flavor the meat and other spices. Ideal for rabbit meat, basil, dill (fresh or dry) and oregano.

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