Seasoning for rabbit

Seasoning for rabbit

Rabbit's meat is not often found on store shelves. And many have not even tried this meat. But it is not only tasty, but also very useful and easily absorbed by the body.

But in order for rabbit meat to fully reveal its taste, it must be properly cooked.

The rabbit is very white and tender meat, which has a specific smell. Someone like him, and someone is trying to veil him with the help of spices and spices.

In the end, it may turn out to be a good dish, but that rabbit meat flavor, which is so appreciated by gourmets, can be lost in a bouquet of herbs. Therefore, we must very carefully approach the selection of spices for rabbit.

What kind of seasoning is used when cooking and stewing rabbit meat

Rabbit meat goes well with classic spices and spices - black pepper, bay leaf, onion, dill.

Therefore, when cooking rabbit together with the roots (carrots, parsley) they are added most often. They not only do not interrupt the delicate taste of rabbit meat, but also make it more saturated and piquant.

The rabbit has dryish meat, so it is recommended to soak it in marinade before frying and baking. Due to this, the meat becomes juicier and softer.

If rabbit is stewed in sour cream, then use a minimum amount of spices that do not have a pronounced smell. These are onions, dill, parsley, pepper. Although gourmets claim that a small amount of nutmeg gives the dish an extraordinary taste and aroma.

What seasonings are added to the marinade for rabbit

For the marinade use a classic set of spices: parsley, celery, bay leaf, garlic, pepper.

They are put into water, boiled for several minutes, and then rabbit pieces are immersed in this spicy solution and kept for six hours or more, depending on the age of the carcass.

If the rabbit is old, then some housewives add other seasonings. Especially when the meat is intended for frying.

If rabbit meat is prepared for the first time, then spices are put in small quantities. And only by understanding what kind of meat will you like in the end, you can experiment with spices.

But among the culinary delights there are dishes made of rabbit, in which, according to the recipe, spices such as cloves and cinnamon are added.

For example, in addition to bay leaf, pepper, parsley and dill, you can put a clove in a stew made from this meat (0.05 g of spices are taken for one carcass).

And when braising a rabbit with prunes, in addition to the above spices, put cloves and cinnamon (0.06 g per one carcass).

But if cloves are added to stew during stewing, in the second recipe, marinade is flavored with cinnamon and other spices, in which pieces of meat are kept for several hours.

What kind of seasoning use for barbecue

Barbecue rabbit meat make more piquant.

To do this, prepare the marinade with the addition of dried basil, marjoram, ginger, bay leaf, pepper and vinegar. During roasting on the grill, the rabbit is poured over this fragrant liquid.

Hostess Tips

  • Young rabbit meat does not need a lot of spices and seasonings.
  • Old rabbit has a specific smell, so it is prepared with cooked with more fragrant spices. It is appropriate to use such herbs as oregano, thyme, marjoram, basil, as well as juniper berries.
  • These spices are used in marinade or rubbed with meat before roasting after they are soaked in water, vinegar, marinade or wine.
  • Spicy herbs with a strong odor are not placed during cooking, but are added during frying or baking. And then in small quantities.
  • While giving preference to one or another spices and seasonings, one should also take into account their compatibility with each other, because if the spices are mixed incorrectly, one may end up with the wrong flavor.
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