Fried green tomatoes are an unusual snack made from simple products. Recipes for Gourmet Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes are an unusual snack made from simple products. Recipes for Gourmet Fried Green Tomatoes

Each owner of the garden asked a question: what can be cooked from tomatoes that did not have time to ripen?

There are many recipes for pickling, pickling, or making green tomato salads.

Today we will talk about such a dish as fried green tomatoes.

This is a rather unusual snack, the taste of which will not leave you indifferent.

Roasted green tomatoes - basic cooking

For the preparation of fried green tomatoes using different types of breading and sauces.

To make this snack, you need to take large green tomatoes, flour, eggs, vegetable oil, table salt and spices. Cut the tomatoes across in circles with a thickness of 0.5 centimeters.

In a separate bowl, beat the eggs. Pour flour into a flat plate. Sprinkle each piece of tomato with flour on both sides, then dip in the egg and roll again in the flour.

Put in a heated pan and fry over moderate heat on both sides. They should be reddened.

Put ready-made tomatoes on a disposable towel to absorb excess fat. Flour can be mixed with spices that you love.

If you add some spicy sauce to the batter, the tomatoes will be produced with a spicy, savory taste.

Recipe 1. Roasted Green Tomatoes


green tomatoes - 4 pcs .;

half a cup of flour and buttermilk;


5 g of salt;

on a pinch of pepper and corn flour;

vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

1. For frying it is better to take tomatoes with a slightly pink shade. Wash the tomatoes under the tap and wipe with a napkin. Put it on a board and cut it into half a centimeter thick rings.

2. In a cast iron skillet pour a small amount of vegetable oil and set to warm up.

3. Beat the buttermilk with the egg in a deep plate. Flour flour with salt and pepper.

4. Dip the tomato rings in the flour so that it covers the whole tomato evenly. Then put them in a mixture of buttermilk and eggs. Making sure that the tomato is completely covered with this mixture, roll again in flour. 5. Put the rings of the tomato in a heated pan so that they do not touch each other. Fry on both sides, three minutes each. As soon as the tomatoes become golden brown, put them on a platter covered with a napkin or paper towel to get rid of excess fat. Serve tomatoes with sauce or sour cream.

Recipe 2. Roasted Green Tomatoes with Garlic


three large green tomatoes;

corn flour - half a cup;

buttermilk - 100 ml;

breadcrumbs - 1/4 cup;

sour cream and mayonnaise - 100 ml;

two cloves of garlic;

salt and black pepper.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the green tomatoes under the tap and wipe with a towel. Put on a board and cut into circles. Sprinkle them with spices. Garlic clean and rinse.

2. In a separate plate, mix breadcrumbs, flour and seasonings.

3. Put the cast iron pan on the fire and pour in a small amount of vegetable oil. Roll tomatoes in a mixture of flour, crackers and spices. Put the prepared tomatoes in the heated oil and fry on both sides until an appetizing crust. Put on a dish covered with a paper napkin or towel to remove excess fat.

4. Prepare the sauce. Mix mayonnaise and sour cream, add crushed garlic, season with spices and mix well.

5. Fried tomatoes spread out on a plate, pour over fragrant sauce and serve.

Recipe 3. Fried green tomatoes in batter with beer


green tomatoes - four pcs .;


flour - 250 g;

corn starch - 25 g;

baking powder - pinch;

dark beer - incomplete glass;

lean oil;

salt and pepper.

Method of preparation

1. Wash and dry the green tomatoes, cut them into rings of the same thickness.

2. In a separate bowl, mix the flour, corn starch and baking powder. Salt and season with spices that you like. Pour half a can of dark beer and half a glass of water into this mix. All mix well. 3. Put the pan on the fire and pour a small amount of oil. To check if the oil is warm enough, drip a bit of dough, the oil should drip.

4. Dip the green tomato slices into the resulting batter. Making sure that the dough evenly covered the circle, put the tomatoes in the heated oil and fry them until golden.

5. We cover the plate with a paper napkin or towel, and spread the fried tomatoes on it. The towel will absorb excess fat and the tomatoes will remain crispy.

Recipe 4. Roasted Green Tomatoes with Bacon


400 g of bacon;

two green tomatoes;

half a glass of milk and cornstarch;

1 tsp. salt;

ground pepper.

Method of preparation

1. Put the cast iron pan on the fire. Cut the bacon into slices and place in a preheated pan. We twist the fire to a minimum and fry the bacon until it gives up all the fat. Put the dried bacon in a plate.

2. We rinse the green tomatoes under the tap, dry them and cut them into thin rings. Pour milk into a separate container. Flour poured into a plate. In a bowl, drive eggs, add starch, dry ingredients and mix. Each circle is dipped in milk, and then rolled in flour, again in milk and in a mixture of dry ingredients.

3. Put the breaded tomatoes in the preheated fat from the bacon and fry them until golden brown.

4. Cover the chopping board with a paper towel and place roasted green tomatoes on it. Salt and sprinkle with spices.

Recipe 5. Fried Green Tomatoes Breaded in Cheese


four green tomatoes;


a pinch of thyme;

100 grams of cheese;



kitchen salt and ground pepper;


Method of preparation

1. Beat the egg with a whisk or fork, salt it, add thyme and mix again. Put the pan with butter on the fire.

2. In a separate, deep dish, add breadcrumbs and flour. Sour finely rub and transfer to the breadcrumbs, mix. 3. Rinse large green tomatoes under a tap, dry and cut into centimeter thick circles. Dip the sliced ​​tomatoes with a napkin to remove excess juice. Season with salt and pepper.

4. Bread first in flour, then dip in egg and roll in bread crumbs with cheese. Shake a little and put in hot oil. Fry on both sides until an appetizing crust, for a couple of minutes on each.

5. Put the tomatoes on a plate covered with a napkin to get rid of excess fat. Spread the tomatoes on a dish, sprinkle with finely grated cheese, chopped herbs and serve.

Recipe 6. Roasted Green Tomatoes with Sesame


six green tomatoes;

two eggs;

150 ml of cream;

100 g of butter and breadcrumbs;

30 g of sesame seeds;

5 ml of tabasco sauce;

sea ​​salt and ground pepper.

Method of preparation

1. We wash the green tomatoes under the tap, dry them with a napkin and cut them into circles with a thickness of at least a centimeter.

2. Break eggs into a deep plate, pour in cream, tabasco sauce and seasonings, beat the mixture with a whisk or fork. In a separate container, mix the breadcrumbs with salt, sesame seeds and seasonings. Lightly shake so that the pieces of breading are not burnt in the pan.

3. In a cast iron pan, dissolve the butter. Each circle of tomato dipped in egg-cream mixture, then roll in breadcrumbs with sesame. We spread the prepared tomatoes in heated butter and fry them on moderate heat for five minutes, constantly turning them over with a spatula.

Recipe 7. Fried green tomatoes breaded with semolina and garlic


four green tomatoes;

100 g of semolina;

four cloves of garlic;

on a pinch of salt and pepper.

Method of preparation

1. In a deep dish, mix the semolina with black pepper, table salt and add peeled and chopped garlic.

2. Rinse the tomatoes under the tap and pat dry with napkins. Cut them into thick enough circles. 3. Roll each circle in the prepared mixture so that it evenly covers the tomato on both sides. Put the breaded tomatoes in a pre-heated pan and fry until appetizing crust. Lay the board with a paper napkin or towel and lay out the roasted tomatoes on it.

4. Serve roasted green tomatoes with a side dish of potato or millet porridge.

Recipe 8. Salad with roasted green tomatoes


Half a kilo of green tomatoes;

200 g carrots;

4 cloves of garlic;

100 grams of olive oil;

pod of red hot pepper;


Method of preparation

1. Rinse the tomatoes and peppers under the tap. Brush and rinse carrots. Tomatoes cut in half and chop into slices, the remaining vegetables - rings. Free the garlic from the peel and cut along into quarters.

2. Place the pan on the fire and heat the olive oil in it, add the garlic and fry it for a minute. Then put the tomatoes and carrots in the pan and fry for another minute, at the same time stir the vegetables constantly. Reduce the fire and sweat the vegetables for another five minutes.

3. Season with pepper, salt and mix. A little more hold on the fire, put in a deep plate and serve to the table.

Recipe 9. Fried green tomatoes with dill sauce and sour cream


a glass of chopped dill and green onions, sour cream;

half spoonful of flour;

10 g of corn flour;

on a pinch of salt and pepper;

green tomatoes;

two eggs;

vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

1. Put the sour cream in a small bowl and mix it with dill and green onions. Cover and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

2. Rinse the tomatoes under the tap, cut into slices and shift into a large container. Pour them with ice water and leave for half an hour. Then drain the water and blot the tomatoes dry with a paper napkin.

3. Mix both types of flour, salt and season with pepper. Eggs a little beat in a plate. Dip tomatoes in eggs and roll in flour. 4. Pour butter into a frying pan and heat over high heat. Fry the breaded tomatoes until golden brown. Put them on a paper towel, wait until the fat is absorbed, and spread on a dish. Serve tomatoes hot with sour cream and herbs.

Roasted Green Tomatoes - Chef Tips and Tricks

  • To improve the flavor of tomatoes, add a few tablespoons of fat to the butter and mix until smooth. Fat will make tomatoes fragrant.
  • If bitterness bothers you (it may be present in very green fruits), lightly sprinkle the tomatoes with sugar on both sides.
  • Buttermilk can be replaced with milk and beaten eggs.
  • Instead of corn flour, breadcrumbs can be used.
  • Spices and spices added to breading will give the dish an exquisite taste. As a breading, you can use chopped cracker.
  • For fried green tomatoes, sauces based on sour cream or mayonnaise are perfect. If you add finely chopped greens, garlic and spices to the sauce, its taste will become much more interesting.
  • Serving tomatoes is best hot with a side dish of potatoes or cereals.
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