Fried suluguni - like in restaurants! Cooking recipes and best breading options for fried suluguni

Fried suluguni - like in restaurants! Cooking recipes and best breading options for fried suluguni

Suluguni - cheese that can be fried!

Anyone who has tried this dish will never forget its taste.

In the slices of the most delicate product with a crispy crust can not help falling in love.

Often suluguni fried with vegetables. In any case, the product is worthy of attention!

Fried suluguni - general principles of cooking

For frying, it is best to use smoked suluguni. This product does not require a prior flour flush. But it's hard to find on sale, unless you live in Georgia. Normal cheese needs to be breaded, and to do it correctly.

What is used for frying:

• flour;

• eggs;

• crackers;

• sesame.

The pieces are alternately processed in the products, creating a dense breading. It should keep the cheese inside when frying. You can dip the pieces of suluguni in the dough. The recipe for cheese in flavored klyare on beer is slightly lower. Fry the appetizer in oil in a pan on both sides. Willingness is determined by a ruddy crust.

No less tasty dishes from fried suluguni with vegetables. Most often tomatoes, greens are used, eggs can be added to them. The advantage of such dishes is cooking speed. Build a wonderful, hearty and flavorful dinner can be a few minutes. The recipes for making cheese with tomatoes are also below.

Fried Suluguni with Eggs

Recipe simple fried suluguni. For the preparation will need eggs and some wheat flour. In a few minutes you can make a wonderful snack.


• 200 g of Suluguni cheese;

• 80 g of flour;

• 1 egg;

• oil, spices.


1. Cut the suluguni into pieces of any shape, which one is more like. Spread out on a cutting board.

2. Beat the egg. You can add any spices that you like or do not put.

3. Heat the oil in a skillet.

4. Dip the pieces of cheese in the egg, then roll in flour.

5. After the flour procedure is repeated. Dip cheese in the egg again, and then apply a final layer of flour. 6. Transfer to hot fat.

7. Cook suluguni until golden brown on both sides. Turn the blade gently to avoid damaging the protective sheath.

Fried Suluguni breading crackers

A common and simple way of cooking fried suluguni in breading. It is important to use high-quality crackers made of white bread, fresh and without foreign smells. The number of products is arbitrary.


• Suluguni;

• eggs;

• spices;

• breadcrumbs;

• oil for deep fat.


1. Beat the eggs with a fork, immediately use a convenient dish to wet the pieces.

2. Put the breadcrumbs on the plate. You can add dry garlic, ground paprika, black pepper and other spices. The breading will turn out much tastier and brighter.

3. Suluguni cut into pieces of arbitrary shape. If you want to get more dishes, then cut into strips. Breading will increase the output.

4. Put the butter to warm up, pour a layer so that the cheese floats freely and does not touch the bottom of the pan.

5. Dip the pieces alternately in the egg, then roll in the croutons with spices.

6. Now you need to hand press the breading to the cheese and dip it into the egg again.

7. Cover with the finishing layer of breadcrumbs and you can start frying.

8. Put the cheese in hot fat. If its temperature is insufficient, the breading will begin to absorb oil, peel off.

9. Fry the pieces on both sides until crispy and ruddy crust. Serve fried suluguni on your own or in addition to meat and vegetables.

Fried Suluguni with Tomatoes and Cilantro

The recipe is an amazing dish for dinner, but better for dinner, as it goes well with a glass of white wine. Preparation does not take more than 10 minutes, which also can not fail to please.


• 250 g Suluguni;

• oil, pepper;

• 2 small, dense tomatoes;

• cilantro.


1. Pour a layer of any oil into the pan. You can use an olive or melt a creamy slice.

2. Cut the tomatoes in circles to half a centimeter. Put in the heated oil in one layer, let them slightly roast. Two minutes is enough. You can flip. 3. While tomatoes are being cooked, you need to cut the suluguni into slices.

4. Slide the tomatoes with a spatula to one side, spread out the pieces of cheese.

5. Return the tomatoes to their place, placing on top of the suluguni. Powder the top of the dish with black pepper.

6. Quickly crumble the washed green cilantro. Immediately pour over the dish.

7. As soon as all the cheese is melted, drown slices of roasted tomatoes in it with a spatula.

8. Remove the pan from the heat, put the fried cheese in a plate, serve on the table.

Fried suluguni breaded with sesame

Variant of very appetizing, aromatic, unusually tasty cheese in a sesame crust. In order for the breading to turn out to be dense and save the gentle suluguni inside, you need to do everything correctly.


• 200 g Suluguni;

• 1-2 eggs;

• 70 g flour;

• 50 g white sesame;

• oil, spices.


1. Beat eggs until light skimming, set aside. If desired, add dry herbs, pepper, and other seasonings.

2. Pour the flour and sesame in different bowls.

3. Cut the suluguni into small pieces. Thickness make about five millimeters.

4. Take a slice of cheese and roll in flour.

5. Then suluguni need to dunk in the egg with spices or without them and move to a bowl of sesame. Roll in the seeds, squeeze the sesame to the cheese and dip it in the egg again.

6. The finishing layer will be sesame.

7. Carefully place the coated pieces in hot oil. They must float freely, so the layer of deep-fried must be good.

8. Fry sesame seeds from both sides until golden brown, spread on napkins.

9. After removing excess oil, you can transfer the cheese to a plate.

Fried suluguni with tomatoes and eggs

Another option is a wonderful dish of fried suluguni, which is ideal not only for dinner. It can be quickly cooked for breakfast or lunch, but in these cases, exclude garlic.


• 150 g of suluguni;

• 2 eggs;

• 1 tomato;

• 0.5 buns of dill;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• oil, pepper.


1. Slice the tomatoes into slices of any shape, but not very finely. 2. Suluguni cut into several plates.

3. Heat the oil, lightly fry the tomato slices.

4. As soon as you turn them over to the other side, lay out the cheese platter. Cook half a minute.

5. It's time to break the eggs.

6. Sprinkle the dish with pepper, chopped garlic on top, cover the pan for a minute.

7. Open, shift the fried eggs with suluguni on a plate, sprinkle with dill and serve immediately, until the cheese is melted, tender and hot.

Fried suluguni, breaded cheese (parmesan)

Fried suluguni in cheese breading is divine! Parmesan is best suited for superficial apparel pieces. He needs not very much.


• 1 cup of white crackers;

• 30 g grated parmesan;

• 600 g Suluguni;

• 2 eggs;

• 0.5 cups flour;

• black pepper, ground paprika;

• butter.


1. Slice all cheese into slices. It is desirable that they have the same thickness, the area of ​​slices does not matter.

2. Pour flour in one plate.

3. In the second you need to pour the croutons, add the grated Parmesan and spices to them. You can use another cheese, but only hard.

4. In the third plate you need to break the eggs, shake the product well.

5. Getting breaded. It is advisable to immediately put all the pieces in the coats, then to quickly fry. Take a large cutting board for laying.

6. Dip the suluguni pieces in flour, then dip the egg and roll in a mixture of crackers and cheese. Gently press the breading to pieces. Put the cheese on a chopping board.

7. In the same way, put on the fur coat the rest of the cheese.

8. Heat the oil, fry the suluguni to the crust on both sides.

Fried suluguni in beer batter

Beer style is ideal not only for fish. Suluguni cheese in it turns out just delicious.


• a glass of flour;

• 300 grams of cheese;

• 2 eggs;

• 200 ml of beer;

• spices;

• vegetable oil for frying.


1. Immediately cut the cheese into sticks or into small cubes, whatever you like. 2. Break eggs into a bowl, whisk with a whisk. Since suluguni is salty, you do not need to salt the dough. But you can add to the eggs other spices, such as pepper.

3. Now you need to pour beer. It is better if the drink is dark, stir and immediately add flour, do it quickly to keep gas bubbles in the drink.

4. In the pan you need to pour oil, put on the stove.

5. Dip the suluguni pieces one by one into batter, put them into the red-hot fat, fry until the color of the dough is rosy.

6. First put the finished slices on paper towels to remove excess oil, then on a plate.

Fried Suluguni - Tips and Tricks

• If there is little cheese, and you need a lot of food, cut the product into small pieces and give preference not to bread crumbs, but to batter. So from 200 g of cheese, you can prepare three large portions.

• There is a batter, no cheese? The wise hostess does not lose anything! Fry any other food in it, for example, crab sticks, other cheese, sausages or sausage. It will turn out gorgeous!

• Pieces of cheese dressed in a fur coat made from breading can be frozen. At hand will be ready-made semi-finished product, which at any time will turn into a chic snack. You do not need to defrost before hot suluguni;

• It is not necessary to add dry dill greens to the bread crumbs. It burns very quickly, there will be black inclusions and burns on the surface.

• For breading it is not necessary to use only wheat flour. You can dip the pieces of suluguni in the ground oatmeal, bran, in crushed corn grits.

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