When to collect hawthorn

When to collect hawthorn

Everybody knows that hawthorn is useful. We will not talk today about the unique composition of this plant, since this is a topic for a completely different conversation. We will talk about when to collect hawthorn and how to dry it at home, so that you can enjoy a tasty and healthy drink on a quiet family evening.

When and how to collect hawthorn

A suitable time for gathering hawthorn is the period of its maturation - it is approximately from the end of September to the first frost. It is not recommended to harvest from bushes growing along highways and busy highways. Fruits must be harvested in dry weather, and it is necessary to pick not individual berries, but clusters, if, of course, this word can be used in relation to hawthorn.

Preparation for drying hawthorn

If you collected hawthorn in order to dry it, then this matter cannot be postponed. The drying stage is preceded by the preparatory stage, which consists in removing the stem, immature, damaged by insects and darkened fruit, and thoroughly washing the berries.

Drying Hawthorn

You can dry hawthorn in several ways: in the sun, in the oven or in an electric dryer.

How to dry hawthorn in the sun

We decompose the hawthorn prepared for drying with a thin layer on a piece of cloth, thin paper or a special grid. We leave the berries in a well-ventilated place for a few days, remember that direct sunlight must not fall on the berries. Periodically, hawthorn fruits need to be inverted for uniform drying.

How to dry hawthorn in an oven and electric dryer

The hawthorn fruits prepared for drying are laid out on a baking sheet and sent to the oven / electric dryer. When drying in the oven, it is periodically necessary to open the door in order to remove excess moisture from the cabinet, it is good to mix berries to ensure uniform drying. To dry the berries should be at a temperature not higher than sixty degrees. It takes several hours to dry. You can understand that the berries are ready for long-term storage in the following way: squeeze a handful of hawthorn in your fist, if after they break up into separate dry berries, then the drying must be completed.

Dried hawthorn can be stored in paper or woven bags or in tightly sealed glass jars for no more than 2 years. If you decide to store hawthorn in a plastic bag, then remember that this can lead to debate berries.

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