Compote of plums and grapes is a healthy drink all year round. Fragrant compote of plums and grapes does not happen much

Compote of plums and grapes is a healthy drink all year round. Fragrant compote of plums and grapes does not happen much

Sweet compote of plums and grapes is one of the most delicious drinks. It can be prepared for the winter, and enjoy the ripening of fruits and berries.

After all, the plums and grapes ripen almost simultaneously.

Letting go of your culinary fantasy, and she will help to prepare a lot of goodies.

Compote our body will take with pleasure. There are no additives and preservatives in it, the drink is prepared only from natural products.

However, there is a small drawback - a significant amount of sugar, which increases the caloric content of canned compote.

It can be reduced, but it is dangerous to get along completely - the drink will spoil ahead of time.

One of the compromise options is to freeze more fruit. Of them at any time get a good fresh kompotik.

Compote of plums and grapes - the general principles of preparation

Compote of plums and grapes are equally tasty and chilled and warm. They are stored for future use and used as a dessert.

Summer compote is made from fresh fruit. In cold weather, previously frozen plums and grapes, or conservation, will do. The latter is considered the best fruit and berry preparation, because thanks to the recipe it is stored for at least a year and does not lose its taste and usefulness.

Compote - a dish that is prepared much easier than a variety of jams, jam or jam. Preparation of the drink - a lesson from all sides:

  • fruits do not disappear and are processed with benefit;
  • year round healthy drink is at hand, successfully replacing soda and store juices;
  • Plums and grapes from compote are conveniently moved to desserts and milk cereals.

The company of two tasty ingredients can be replenished with other fruits.

You can roll up the drink with pasteurization of cans, and without it.

Fresh compote is prepared from any grape varieties and plums. But more suitable for seaming:

  • Sabbat;
  • Cardinal;
  • Moldova;
  • Muscat of Alexandria;
  • Isabella and others.

First you need to prepare the berries and fruits: sort, wash and shake off the water. If the compote is stored, it is better to remove the bones from the plums - they contain harmful substances that can get into the drink. The grapes are most often separated from the twigs. Small clusters with small fruits can be further washed and sent to the entire bowl. Fruit for compote must be ripened with dense pulp. They fit into the dishes so that they take up a third of its volume.

When canning compote, plums and grapes in a jar to squeeze more tightly.

Filled glass containers are filled with sugar syrup. Its optimal concentration is 30%, that is, one liter contains 0.7 ml of water and 0.3 kg of sweet ingredient. The amount of sugar is adjusted depending on how acidic the fruit is added.

The syrup heats up to 45 degrees, which protects the berries from bursting.

Banks are covered with sterilized lids and pasteurized in a wide saucepan with hot water. After boiling the liquid, the process lasts from ten minutes (half a liter container) to half an hour (three-liter containers).

It is rational to pour syrup in a boiling state into a large volume container, since it is inconvenient to pasteurize it.

Banks with ready-made compote are sealed or twisted tightly, turned over and slightly covered with a towel.

After cooling, the compote is removed in a dark and cool room: a storage room, basement, cellar, refrigerator.

Compote brewed not in store, must be brewed after brewed about five minutes. You can cook it without sugar, and add some honey to the cup.

Improve the taste of compote orange or lemon peel, mint. They are placed during cooking, and then removed from the cooled beverage.

Recipe 1. Compote from plums and grapes “It's time to relax”


• two hundred grams of plums;

• a pound of grapes “Isabella”;

• 300 ml of water;

• 50 grams of sugar;

• sprig of thyme;

• five mint leaves;

• three juniper berries.


Plums and berry clusters thoroughly wash and shake off the water.

Grapes are separated from the twigs and placed in a separate saucepan.

From plums remove bones (but you can leave). Put them in the same saucepan. We send capacity to the plate.

Fill fruits and berries with hot water, add sugar.

We throw a sprig of thyme, juniper berries and mint leaves in compote.

When the water in the saucepan boils, remove it from the heat.

Mint leaves are removed.

In a sterilized container pour a little compote. We shift plums and grapes into cans, fill in the remains of compote.

Hermetically close the glass container. We put it on one towel and cover with another.

After cooling, we hide the cans in the pantry or in the refrigerator.

Recipe 2. Compote from plums and grapes “Emerald”


Tara 3 liters:

• 1/3 cans of green grapes;

• five plums;

• 1/3 spoonful of citric acid;

• two liters of water;

• 0.4 kg of sugar.


Sterilize the glass container and the lid.

Grapes and plums are washed and dried.

Boil in a clean pot of water.

In the jar put grapes, cut off from the branches. We throw plums as a whole (with bones).

We pour sugar and citric acid on the surface of berries and fruits.

When the water boils, carefully pour it into the jar. Cover and roll.

To help the sugar to dissolve, jar gently and gently shake.

Turn over and cover with a towel. We leave the compote for a day, then we send it to the place where it will live until it returns to the dining space.

Recipe 3. Compote of plums and grapes with juice


• one liter of grape juice;

• 250 grams of sugar;

• 300 grams of grapes;

• 150 grams of plums.


Brush the grapes washed with water and placed in liter jars.

Plums free from seed, throw on the berries.

Boil the juice and add sugar. When the sweet ingredient is dissolved, pour the liquid into the jars.

Cover the glass container with lids, place in a wide saucepan with hot water and pasteurize for 15 minutes.

We turn over the hot compote in the banks, cover it with something warm and hide it in the storage room in a day.

Recipe 4. Compote of plums and grapes


• one liter of water;

• 0.45 kg of sugar;

• 0.25 kg of grapes;

• five drains.


Fill the jars with half plums.

Grapes immersed in water and washed several times. Separate the berries from the branches and place them in the jar.

Fill with fruit and berries no more than half a jar.

Boil water and fill it with jars. Cover with a lid. Drain the water in about ten minutes. The second time we pour boiling water on fruits and berries. Pour it into the saucepan after it has cooled slightly.

It's time to cook the syrup. The amount of water will tell you how much sugar to add.

Pour the sweet ingredient, mix and bring the liquid to a boil.

Pour syrup into the glass container to the top and roll it up.

Turn and wrap.

After cooling the container is placed in a dark and cool room. It remains to endure until winter, so that the compote is infused and turned into a fragrant and vitamin drink.

Recipe 5. Compote of plums and grapes “Fragrant dessert”


• one and a half liters of water;

• 0.5 kg of grapes;

• 200 gr. drain;

• orange peel;

• five spoons of art. Sahara.


Separate the grapes from the branches. Wash out in several waters and dry.

Pure plums are free of bones.

In a deep saucepan, pour some water, heat until it boils. We load grapes and plums.

Cook for three minutes and pour the sweet ingredient. Stir, boil again and cook another five minutes on low heat.

Before the end of cooking add finely chopped orange peel.

Remove compote from the stove and insist for at least half an hour.

Recipe 6. Compote of plums and grapes with wine


• half a kilo of grapes;

• 300 gr. drain;

• two spoons of art. Sahara;

• 100 ml of sweet red wine;

• two liters of purified water.


Wash fruit well.

Plums free from pits and cut into four.

Grapes are left in clusters.

Fruit fruits are sent to a three-liter saucepan, pour water and send to the fire.

After boiling, cook for five minutes.

Turn off the fire, but do not remove from the stove. Pour sugar, pour the wine and cover the saucepan.

Compote of plums and grapes should be infused for about an hour.

Recipe 7. Compote of plums and grapes “Mix”


• six glasses of water;

• 500 gr. Sahara;

• two clove buds;

• 1/3 teaspoon h. Cinnamon;

• 20 gr. lemon peel;

• one article spoon of rum;

• 300 gr. plums and grapes.


Water is heated to 100 degrees, then pour sugar into it. After another boiling of the syrup, cook for five or seven minutes. My fruit. Plums cut in half and free from pits. Grape berries tear off from the branches.

Dip the fruit in boiling syrup and cook for three minutes. Add the cloves with cinnamon, pieces of lemon zest. Cook another minute and set aside the compote for cooling.

Add rum.

After the drink has cooled, remove the lemon zest.

Compote of plums and grapes - tricks and useful tips

  • To make a drink a success, it is better not to use tap water, but stock up with key or filtered water.
  • We place frozen fruit in cold water, because they need time to defrost and swell.
  • Fresh plums and grapes are not recommended to be loaded into boiling water. They collapse, not having time to give the vitamins and juice.
  • Compote can only be boiled slightly and turn off the heat. The drink must be infused for several hours, then the vitamins in it will be preserved almost completely.
  • Citric acid will not only help to preserve compote longer, but also improve its color: it will make it brighter.
  • To improve the taste, rum, port or madeira is added to the drink: five or ten ml per serving.
  • If the amount of grapes is significant, it can be placed in a large basin or bath and filled with water. Gradually, all the bugs and spiders will appear on the surface, hiding among the twigs.
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