Beef Kharcho - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked beef kharcho.

Beef Kharcho - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked beef kharcho.

Beef Kharcho - general principles and methods of cooking

Georgian cuisine is undoubtedly special. Those who have not heard of satsivi, khinkali, khachapuri, chakhokhbili - these dishes evoke an appetite with one melodious pronunciation. The same reaction can cause a person to name another famous Georgian dish - kharcho soup. But not the one that abounded in Soviet catering. And not penny bags of semi-finished products with the name “Soup Kharcho”, in which belonging to Georgian cuisine was defined by red color and abundance of hot pepper. This is the real “dzerohis hortsi harshot” - beef soup with rice and walnuts.

If you have not yet tried a real spicy and rich kharcho soup - immediately fill this gap! You should not go to Georgia for this - although the journey, of course, can be very exciting. Arrange yourself and your home Georgian restaurant at home, prepare one of the beef soup options with rice and spices called “hops-suneli”.

Georgians do not have a clear recipe, Eastern and Western Georgia have their own different cuisines, and each considers his own recipe as the most correct, but the main ingredients, without which the kharcho is not a kharcho, are unchanged. This is broth, sun-dried mashed plum tkalpi, or tkemali, and walnuts. Puree of cherry plum can be replaced with store-based sauces, and pomegranate juice and tomatoes are used as a substitute for them. The taste is a little different, but the kitchen of different nations stands on that - there are many variations, so that each person can choose his or her own original version.

Beef Kharcho - food preparation

Georgian cuisine is distinguished by the abundance of spices that are used in the first and second dishes. The most famous are “hops-suneli”, coriander (cilantro), saffron, basil, tarragon and others. But the classic hot red pepper is used very sparingly, as the combinations of spices are intended only to give the dish an aromatic effect, and not spiciness. A few words about the choice of meat. The common opinion that mutton is preferred in the Caucasus is incorrect. Georgians often use beef and poultry. Here and for kharcho it is best to pick up a piece of fat beef with sugar bone, preferably fresh. Separate meat from films and bones. Cut into neat pieces across the grain.

Beef Kharcho - preparation of dishes

Since the soup is cooked at one time, an average pot is enough for cooking, about 2.5-3 liters. And yet, its size depends on the number of eaters at the dinner table. Of course, sour kharcho should be cooked in an enamel saucepan, and in no case in aluminum. In addition, we need a frying pan for frying onions, and, of course, knives and cutting boards.

Beef Kharcho - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Classic Kharcho with Walnuts Soup

The astringent aroma of freshly crushed walnuts, combined with the sourness of tklapi, will create the characteristic taste of a real Georgian dish. It is enough to lay half a cup of nuts approximately in the middle of cooking. We will not replace them with other ingredients, we will try to cook kharcho as it is served in real Georgian restaurants in Tbilisi.


Beef brisket (one and a half kilograms), onions (2 pcs.), Garlic, uncooked rice (half a cup), peeled walnuts, flour (1 tbsp), greens, sautéing oil, seasonings (kalpi sauce, red pepper and some spicy , bay leaf, 10-12 peppercorns, cinnamon, turmeric).

Method of preparation

Soup always begins with broth, our kharcho is no exception. Coarsely chopped meat is placed in a saucepan and conscientiously watch foam, remove it very high quality. Leave the broth to cook for about an hour and a half. Pasta onion in a frying pan with a spoon of flour to golden color, leave. We take out the cooked meat, cut it into pieces and mix it with onions. Wash the rice, send it to the pan. And then - attention and quickness! After 10 minutes, we pour the crushed walnuts, then add the sautéing, parsley root, crushed black peppercorns, seasonings and tklapi sauce. Add crushed garlic, cover with a lid and wait 15 minutes. Tedious waiting can be taken by setting the table, prune some greens. It is time to spice up this deliciously. The word "pour" is associated with another component of the dinner, which here will be very useful - a pile of cognac.

Recipe 2: Beef Kharcho Soup with Prunes

Prune with beef is a fairly common combination. Kharcho with prunes is a tasty, nutritious and even economical dish. Why economical? There is hardly a person who, after a plate of hot Kharcho, asks for another main course.


Beef on the bone (400 grams), onions (2-3 pieces), rice (4 tablespoons), ripe red tomatoes (400 grams), hops-suneli (1 spoon), garlic, prunes (8 pieces), greens, Be sure to parsley, dill, cilantro, parsley root or celery.

Method of preparation

Cook the broth, carefully removing the foam for about an hour and a half. 30 minutes before the end put celery or parsley in the pot. We take out the bones and meat and filter. Pass the bow. We clean the tomatoes from the skin, for this cut them and scald with boiling water. Cut into cubes, add to the broth along with the rice. We fill the broth with passerovka, spices, chopped prunes, boil for 5 minutes and turn off the fire. Squeeze a large clove of garlic through the garlic box, cover with a lid, leave for about 20 minutes. Separately serve cilantro, parsley and dill.

Recipe 2: Kharcho soup with adjika

This is the easiest recipe, you can even say a quick lunch. The greatest time will be cooking the meat, cooking the soup itself is equal in time to bringing rice to readiness. Yes, and spices are not difficult to pick up - adjika contains almost everything you need. Fresh greens and crushed garlic will do their work. This is not to say that this is a daily common dish - so, for an amateur, but still you can experiment for a change, especially if you rushed home from work - and lunch is not ready.


On a 3-liter saucepan: beef (300 g), 0.5 cups rice (half a glass), onions, bay leaf, adjika, fresh greens.

Cooking Method: Pour large pieces of meat without stones with water and cook until ready. Foam, a small fire - all as it should be in a classic broth. Wash rice. Cut onions and sauté in vegetable oil. Add potatoes as desired. Cook for 10 minutes, add bay leaf and a few spoons of adzhika. We spill right away, pour a pile of greenery on top. Done! Do not forget about pita bread and fresh vegetables - they are always on the Georgian table - both in summer and in winter.

Beef Kharcho - useful tips from experienced chefs

- Another option is also allowed: the meat is removed from the broth and fried with onions, the soup will get a richer taste. You can diversify the taste of the soup by adding finely chopped cherry plum.

- Remember that a lot of greens are used in cooking kharcho. Cilantro has a specific taste and not everyone likes it, so if you are not sure that you will perceive it with a bang, do not add it to the pan or mix it with other products, but serve it separately.

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