Kharcho with walnuts - Georgian soup. Recipes of different kharcho with walnuts, pomegranate juice, prunes, adjika, tkemali

Kharcho with walnuts - Georgian soup. Recipes of different kharcho with walnuts, pomegranate juice, prunes, adjika, tkemali

Kharcho - Georgian soup with an unmatched flavor. There are many recipes for this dish, but walnut nuts are especially popular. This additive makes the dish extraordinary, noble and just delicious. Here you can find different recipes of kharcho with nuts and they are worth a try!

Kharcho with walnuts - the general principles of cooking

For cooking kharcho usually use beef, pork or mutton. But you can take the chicken, the recipe with the bird is a little lower. Meat is fried, then boiled or immersed immediately in water and brought to readiness. Then rice is added to it. It is better to use large varieties that do not quickly limp and retain the shape of grains.

What else do they put in the kharcho:

• onions, carrots and other vegetables;

• tkemali;

• walnuts;

• tomato sauces, pasta, tomatoes.

Georgian soups are filled with different spices, you can take a mixture of hops-suneli. Be sure to put the garlic to be crushed, chopped. Their greens prefer cilantro and parsley.

Kharcho with walnuts and Georgian tkemali

The recipe of the famous Georgian soup kharcho, in which not only walnuts are added. If desired, you can use less spices and garlic. For cooking, you will also need a ready tkemali sauce.


• 0.5 kg of beef;

• a pair of bulbs;

• 0.5 Art. rice;

• 50 ml of oil;

• 0.5 Art. walnuts;

• 5 cloves of garlic;

• 0.5 Art. tkemali;

• parsley root;

• 10 peppercorns;

• 50 g of tomato paste;

• 1 bay leaf;

• a spoonful of flour, salt and herbs.


1. Cut the beef into pieces, the size is about three centimeters. Pour water on the stove. Prepare the usual broth with parsley root, which at the end will need to be removed.

2. Cut the onion into dice or straws, whatever you like.

3. Heat the oil in a pan, add the chopped onion and fry until rosy color. 4. As soon as the pieces get rich, sprinkle with flour, fry for another minute, season with tomato.

5. Remove the cooked meat from the broth with a skimmer and immediately place it in the pan so as not to soil excess dishes. You can turn it off.

6. Add rice to broth, add salt and boil for 5 minutes. The pips must remain firm.

7. Chop the nuts, you can dry them in a skillet, the aroma will be more pronounced.

8. Return to Kharcho meat with onions and flour.

9. Add tkemali, bring to a boil.

10. Put the roasted nuts in the kharcho. We continue to cook.

11. Quickly mash the peas of the pepper, chop the garlic, chop any greens to taste.

12. Throw it all into the pan, throw laurel and turn it off. Be sure to set, leave for a while to insist.

Kharcho with walnuts and pomegranate juice

Kharcho soup recipe with walnuts and pomegranate juice. The dish is very rich and fragrant, the juice will need natural.


• 0.5 kg of meat;

• 0.1 kg of nuts;

• 4 tomatoes;

• butter;

• 250 ml of pomegranate juice;

• 1 onion;

• 1 carrot;

• 110 grams of rice;

• tarragon, cumin, pepper, laurel;

• 3 cloves of garlic, cilantro or parsley.


1. Cooking this dish is more convenient in the cauldron. Pour in the oil, put on the stove.

2. Cut the onion, carrot into strips, pour into the oil, fry for a minute.

3. Cut the meat. You can use pork or beef, you can mutton. Add to vegetables, bring almost to full readiness on low heat.

4. Put the kettle on the stove, pour meat with vegetables with boiling water, continue to cook for another quarter of an hour.

5. Scald tomatoes, remove the skin, rub the flesh. Add to the tomatoes walnuts, chopped into small pieces.

6. Mix the tomato with the nuts, then add all the other spices and crushed garlic. We set aside.

7. Throw washed rice in soup. Cook until soft.

8. Shift the tomato dressing, let the soup boil, salt to taste.

9. It's time to add pomegranate juice. Pour in, boil and soup is ready! When serving plentifully sprinkle with cilantro, but you can take the usual parsley.

Kharcho with walnuts and potatoes

Russified version of the Georgian soup, which just added potatoes. It makes the dish more satisfying and familiar for the Slavic peoples. Meat can be taken any.


• 0.5 kg of meat;

• a handful of nuts;

• 1 onion;

• 100 grams of rice;

• 3 potatoes;

• 1 carrot;

• black pepper, red, salt;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• 4 tomatoes or 2 tablespoons of pasta;

• any greens, oil.


1. Cut the meat into slices. Fry in a frying pan, add a little oil, and shift to the pan. Add boiling water, liters 3, put the soup on the stove. Boil for 30 minutes, gently remove the foam that forms during boiling.

2. Put the onion and carrot on the pan in which the meat was cooked. Fry together. If necessary, oil can be added.

3. Grate the tomatoes, pour into the skillet, cook in the pan for about ten minutes. If tomato paste is used, it must first be diluted with a few spoons of water.

4. As soon as the meat is cooked, add the potatoes cut into small cubes. Boil for five or seven minutes.

5. Throw the washed rice, cook the kharcho for another 10 minutes.

6. Shift everything from the pan, give boil. Salt, pepper, throw any seasoning to your taste.

7. Chop the nuts, throw in a saucepan with a dish.

8. Cut the greens, garlic. We throw in the finished soup and turn off, insist 20 minutes before serving.

Kharcho with walnuts and chicken

Option light soup, as it is prepared in chicken broth. But you do not need to defat it, using chicken fillet, it is better to take the hips, wings, legs and skin.


• 600 g chicken;

• 120 grams of rice;

• 2 liters of boiling water;

• 4 tablespoons butter;

• 50 g of tomato paste;

• 80 grams of nuts;

• 2 onions;

• 2 bell peppers;

• greens, garlic, seasonings.


1. We throw half of the butter on the pan, heat it and put the chicken pieces, fry until the color is rosy.

2. Shift the pieces into the pan, add boiling water and prepare flavored broth. 3. In the pan add the remaining oil, lay the chopped onions, cook until golden brown. You can add a carrot, but it is optional. We fill the fried vegetables with tomato paste.

4. As soon as the chicken has cooked a little and is almost ready, put the washed rice.

5. After 5 minutes, we toss the sliced ​​Bulgarian peppers. Salt the soup, pepper.

6. After a few minutes, lay out the onion with the tomato from the pan.

7. Tomim Kharcho on low heat, so that the tastes of the ingredients merge.

8. Fill the dish with chopped nuts, after boiling we throw garlic with greens and turn it off.

Kharcho with walnuts, lamb and Georgian adjika

Spicy version of the popular Georgian soup. You will need a real adjika, but you can use chopped hot pepper instead.


• 700 g mutton;

• 2 spoons of fat or oil;

• 2 large onions;

• 1.5 tablespoons adjika;

• 3/4 cup rice;

• 1 large carrot;

• 2 large peppers;

• 4-5 cloves of fresh garlic;

• 3 tablespoons of pasta;

• various spices, greens;

• 0.12 kg of nuts.


1. Heat fat in a cauldron. Wash pieces of lamb, dry and put in a cauldron. Fry on the strongest fire to ruddy color. As soon as the meat begins to produce juice, reduce the fire and then pieces at a minimum, 15-20 minutes is enough.

2. Add chopped onions to the lamb, then carrots. Cook vegetables with meat over moderate heat for about ten minutes.

3. It's time to add pepper, hops-suneli, zira and other spices. We warm up so that they release the flavor.

4. Fill the lamb with hot water, give the dish to boil.

5. Run the washed rice, salt. Cook the soup until the rice is half cooked.

6. After a couple of minutes, add the Bulgarian pepper.

7. We are engaged in fragrant dressing. Chop nuts, fry for a minute in a skillet, remove from heat.

8. Add 50 ml of water to the tomato paste, stir and squeeze the peeled garlic cloves. Add adjika and carefully rub with a spoon. At the end we fall asleep nuts.

9. Put the dressing in the almost ready soup kharcho, boil a minute. 10. Cut the greens, throw in the pan and can be turned off. Give spicy dish insist.

Kharcho with walnuts and prunes

This dish can be prepared from any meat, but ideally beef will fit in here. Take the neck so as not to delay the process.


• 0.5 kg of beef;

• 0.1 kg of rice;

• 0.1 kg of nuts;

• 0.1 kg of prunes;

• 0.2 kg of onions;

• 0.1 kg of tomato;

• 0.1 kg carrot;

• butter, various spices;

• 1/3 cup tkemali.


1. Pour the meat cut into cubes with cold water, put on the stove, boil until soft, add the washed rice to the broth.

2. Fry the chopped onions and grated carrot in oil, add tomato paste to them and stew vegetables a little.

3. As soon as the rice is almost ready, lay out the contents of the pan. The tomato will not allow grains to limp and lose shape.

4. In tkemali add a few cloves of garlic, chopped prunes, fragrant spices and chopped nuts. Mix everything thoroughly.

5. Fill the cooked soup with a mixture of tkemali and other additives, stir, salt.

6. Cook the dish for another 5 minutes on low heat. Add greens before serving.

Kharcho with walnuts - tips and tricks

• Since kharcho is usually insisted before serving, it is advisable not to cook the rice until the very end. Otherwise, it will limp, it will not be soup, but porridge.

• Do not like the smell of garlic? Serve it separately, do not add to the pan.

• Serve kharcho with sour cream, various sauces, but the dish itself is bright and rich. Therefore, the best supplement is fresh greens. Place a plate of chopped parsley, cilantro onion on the table.

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