Homemade mayonnaise - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook homemade mayonnaise.

Homemade mayonnaise - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook homemade mayonnaise.

Homemade mayonnaise - general principles and methods of cooking

Perhaps the word “mayonnaise” comes from the French word “moyeu” (one of the meanings is the yolk), or maybe by the name of the city of Mahon - the capital of the Spanish island of Menorca, now this is not so important. It is perfectly acceptable that it could occur anywhere, as long as there were eggs and olive oil. A long time has passed since, according to French legend, the cook of the Duke Richelieu, on the orders of the ruler himself, spoiled him with a new sauce.

Even our Soviet “Provence” has undergone many changes. At first, state standards stood rigidly on their own, products and fat content were constant, and every inhabitant of the country was happy to get a jar with state standards from traditional ingredients: oil, water, egg powder and powdered milk. Toward the end of the 20th century, standards in Russia and the CIS became more liberal — it was allowed to add chemical additives and freely choose ingredients.

Since 2012, all types of fat content less than 50% are not considered as mayonnaise, but mayonnaise sauce. But this is still not the case, since chemistry in products has become a real threat to our liver and stomach. Only one way out - we prepare mayonnaise at home, without preservatives, chemical additives and “technical” products. The shelf life of the home product is, of course, less, but we get a delicious sauce without soy lecithin and other emulsifiers.

Homemade mayonnaise - food preparation

The basis of mayonnaise - butter, raw eggs, sugar and salt, acid, additives.

- Butter. Olive is preferable, it is tastier and healthier. But sunflower oil is also used, choose only refined species, without any taste or smell. For example, sunflower, grape seed, corn.

- Eggs are raw. Only a fresh egg, preferably with a bright yellow yolk, can give a real taste. Separate the squirrels and leave them for another dish - only the yolk will go into mayonnaise. - Sugar. Better to use fructose.

- Acid. Vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid - choose to your taste.

- Additives. A teaspoon of mustard will give spice, cucumbers, spices, olives or olives and other ingredients will make your sauce richer and more appetizing.

Homemade mayonnaise - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Homemade mayonnaise, basic recipe

So, you can do without dyes and preservatives and get a great mayonnaise by using the basic recipe. For these purposes, it is better to purchase a blender or a mixer, since you have to whisk it with a whisk or spoon for a very long time.

Ingredients: egg yolks (2 pcs), white wine vinegar (2 tablespoons), salt (quarter teaspoon), white pepper (pinch), Dijon mustard (1.5 tablespoons),

Method of preparation

We must remember the main temperature rule - all products must be the same. You can not take something at room temperature, and the other from the refrigerator, it is better to warm up a little or cool everything at once.

Beat 2 yolks in a bowl until smooth, add 2 spoons of vinegar and salt. Drop in a drop of vegetable oil, and beat well, so that the mass thickens. Then you can pour large portions. Pepper, salt and stir in mustard. That's all - you can use the sauce in the salad or for meat and fish dishes.

Recipe 2: Lemon Homemade Mayonnaise

The beautiful name just underlines the presence of one of the ingredients - lemon juice. Try to cook it, and you will most likely forget about store looks.

Ingredients: cooled vegetable oil (1 cup), egg yolks (3 pcs.), Salt (half a teaspoon), half a lemon (squeeze out juice), mustard powder (half a teaspoon).

Method of preparation

Carefully separate the whites from the yolks. It must be said that the fresher the eggs, the more carefully this procedure is separated from the proteins. Add mustard, lemon juice, yolks, salt, and leave in the fridge for 5 minutes so that the temperature of the ingredients is leveled and the emulsion forms more easily. Beat, adding oil at first, literally drop by drop. When the yolks brighten and thicken slightly, increase the speed of the mixer and add oil in large portions. You can determine the readiness by eye. If the sauce turns out too thick, pour in some water.

Recipe 3: Homemade Garlic Mayonnaise

This is the most wonderful kind of sauce, it is suitable for seafood, any vegetables, potatoes and sandwiches. It is best to mix sunflower oil with some other kind, such as olive oil.

Ingredients: egg yolks (2 pcs), vegetable oil (250-300 grams), mustard (half a teaspoon), lemon juice (half freshly squeezed), chopped garlic (tablespoon), salt, white pepper (by half a teaspoon).

Method of preparation

In a high narrow bowl mix the yolks with mustard. Pour in the oil and blend until thick. Put the prepared garlic and pepper into the mixture, add lemon juice and beat until the garlic is completely chopped. Cool in the refrigerator and can be consumed. In the same way you can cook mayonnaise with olives. Simply cut 40 grams of pitted olives into pieces and add to the mixture after the formation of the emulsion.

Recipe 4: Homemade Mayonnaise with Yogurt

Imagine: in a tablespoon of high-calorie mayonnaise can contain almost as many calories as all the salad. Light mayonnaise has almost twice as many calories. At home, you can cook it by replacing part of the vegetable oil with fat-free yogurt, or adding fresh or pickled vegetables.

Ingredients: egg (2 pieces), salt, sugar, ready mustard (half a spoon), vegetable oil (half a glass), yogurt (half a cup), vinegar or lemon juice (1 spoon).

Method of preparation

Separate the yolks and add to a tall glass for the blender, along with salt, sugar and ready mustard. Begin to beat, slowly adding oil. When half the oil is poured, add the yogurt, then the remaining oil. With slow beating, our sauce will thicken before our eyes, and in the end it will be noticeable that it is ready.

Recipe 5: Homemade mayonnaise without eggs

This is a completely non-greasy kind of sauce that opponents of raw eggs can use. Instead, it is proposed to use milk. At first glance, the sauce may seem bold, but this is a big mistake. Prepare a blender and food at room temperature. It is possible to experiment with oil by mixing it, but it turns out remarkably well with the usual sunflower purified version. Ingredients: milk (250 grams), vegetable oil (250 grams), salt (half a teaspoon), sugar (a teaspoon), mustard (half a teaspoon), juice of half a lemon.

Method of preparation

Pour milk, vegetable oil into a glass for a blender, whip: we should have a thick emulsion before our eyes. We add lemon juice, mustard, salt, sugar, and for another five seconds, turn on the blender. It turns out half a liter of wonderful milk mayonnaise. Adjust the ingredients to taste, add greens or garlic.

Recipe 6: Japanese homemade mayonnaise

Unique flavoring shades of Japanese dishes are obtained using special seasonings and sauces. Japanese mayonnaise is also called tamago-no-mono. It has an unobtrusive taste and a lighter texture. In the East, they fill the rolls, noodles and rice.

Ingredients: soybean oil (230 grams), rice vinegar (20 grams), eggs (3 pieces), miso paste (white, 50 grams), lemon zest, salt, white ground pepper.

Method of preparation

Place the yolks in a bowl, stir them with a spoon, add rice vinegar (you can use apple juice or half lemon juice). Beat with a mixer or whisk. In small portions, literally droplets pour in soybean oil. A uniform and thick mixture should turn white. Miso-pasta prepared from boiled beans, with the addition of barley, wheat or rice. Choose a white paste (it is also red). It is this pasta with a slight taste of cheese that gives the Japanese version of mayonnaise an extravagant taste. Add a pinch of ground in a blender lemon zest, salt and pepper, beat well. If you have a hot taste, you can add a little wasabi.

Recipe 7: Homemade mayonnaise with cheese

If you are a “cheese soul”, nothing will prevent us from making cheese mayonnaise. We rub it on the most finely grated and add to the ordinary basic recipe.

Ingredients: cheese (30 grams), yolks (2 pieces), a pinch of salt, cayenne pepper, 1 spoonful of French mustard and 100 grams of vegetable oil, 2 cloves of garlic, rice vinegar (1 tablespoon). Method of preparation

Mix yolks and mustard, add pepper and salt, sugar and beat well with a mixer. Slowly add the oil, vinegar and garlic, passed through the garlic. Beat and pour finely grated cheese. This sauce can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Homemade mayonnaise - useful tips from experienced chefs

With the help of the basic recipe you can get the most famous sauces in a homemade way:

Tartar: chop marinated cucumbers, grated onions and capers on a fine grater. Mix in a blender with mayonnaise.

Muslin: Beat the whites in foam and gently mix in the main mayonnaise.

Curry: Mix the mayonnaise in half with sour cream and add half a spoonful of curry powder, 100 grams of finely grated cucumber.

Caesar: for 1 cup of mayonnaise 2 tbsp. l grated parmesan and 1 tablespoon chopped anchovies.

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