How to make a salad with bell pepper and ham. Unusual recipes for a tasty salad with ham and bell pepper

How to make a salad with bell pepper and ham. Unusual recipes for a tasty salad with ham and bell pepper

You won't be surprised by the familiar, so to speak, native salads on the holiday table.

If you want to show real culinary skills to your family and friends, then prepare a salad with ham and bell pepper.

It will look great on your table and surprise guests with an unusual taste.

Ensure that not only the taste, but also the kind of dishes placed on your table, cause those who look at them to sincere delight and healthy appetite.

We offer you several different recipes for making salad with a hint of freshness.

Basic Cooking Principles

The main ingredients are Bulgarian pepper and ham. Peppers are better to take in different colors, so the salad will turn out brighter and look more beautiful in a vase. Always go to this salad eggs, usually hard boiled. They can be crushed whole or separately - proteins and yolks. Freshness will give cucumber. Depending on the recipe, use corn, beans, garlic, onions, potatoes, olives, and even pasta. For dressing - mayonnaise. You can diversify with different sauces - mayonnaise mixed with mustard, ketchup, olive oil. Fresh greens - cilantro, parsley, basil, lettuce leaves - will give the summer freshness to the dish. And, of course, cheese. Hard or soft - to taste and desire.

Salad with Bulgarian pepper and ham “Classic”


• Eggs (C1 dining rooms) - 4;

• Cucumber (fresh);

• Fresh greens;

• Ham - three hundred grams;

• Bulgarian pepper;

• Corn (canned - 1 can);

• Four tables. l yogurt / mayonnaise;

• Black pepper, salt.

Cooking Method:

Eggs are boiled, then poured with running water, after ten minutes - cleaned. Then the yolks are separated from the proteins and cut into strips. You can rub on a coarse grater. The bell pepper is removed from the bell pepper and cut into strips.

Fresh cucumber peeled and finely chopped. Ham and greens are crushed.

Chopped yolks, salt, black pepper and garlic chips are added to mayonnaise or yogurt. Triturate with a blender. Add chopped greens. If the mass is thick, then add mayonnaise / yogurt.

Pepper, ham, cucumber and proteins spread in a salad bowl, add dressing and sprinkle with herbs.

All products are mixed. Salad ready.

Salad with pasta, ham and bell pepper


• One Bulgarian pepper (sweet);

• A piece of ham;

• One tomato (fresh);

• Half a pack of pasta;

• Vegetable or olive oil:

• Parsley / cilantro;

• Mayonnaise or salad dressing.

For salad dressing:

• One hundred grams of vegetable or olive oil;

• Sixty grams of wine vinegar or lemon juice;

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

Pasta is boiled in the usual way. Water is drained and the flour products are washed in running water, reclined in a colander. Pour olive oil and mix.

Tomato wash and free from seeds, cut into slices. Prepare the pepper: washed, cut out the middle, cut into strips. Ham finely chopped into cubes.

For salad dressing:

Mix olive oil, lemon juice or wine vinegar. Salt, pepper.

Connect tomatoes, pasta, pepper, ham and mix.

Shortly before serving, the salad is watered with mayonnaise or salad dressing. On top you can pour a little chopped greens.

Salad with ham and pepper “Hill”


• Ham slice;

• One onion;

• Red and yellow bell pepper;

• Two eggs (table C2);

• Six tables. spoons of mayonnaise;

• Hard cheese (one hundred grams);

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

The bulb is cleaned, washed and cut. Ham cut with fine straws.

Cooked eggs are cooled in ice water, cleaned and finely chopped. You can grate or skip through an egg cutter. Cheese is ground on a coarse grater. Prepare Bulgarian pepper: washed, removed the core, cut into pieces.

In a deep dish, mayonnaise is combined with salt and mixed thoroughly.

In a salad bowl lay out in layers of ham, eggs, peppers, onions, sprinkled with cheese and seasoned with mayonnaise sauce. All neatly mixed, sprinkled abundantly with chopped greens.

Salad with ham and bell pepper “Autumn colors”


• Red and green pepper (Bulgarian);

• 200 grams of ham;

• Large cucumber;

• Cheese - 150 grams;

• Mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Vegetables are washed and left to dry. Ham is cut into small straws.

Cheese is ground on a grater or finely chopped to obtain cheese crumb.

Red and green bell peppers washed. Then cut out the middle and cut into pieces.

Cucumber cut into thin longitudinal strips, and then cut in half. Give the drain excess fluid and shift to the salad bowl. Add the rest of the prepared ingredients, season with mayonnaise sauce and mix. Clean in the fridge, guests are served chilled.

Salad with ham, bell pepper and maize “Fantasia”


• Corn - one can;

• A piece of ham;

• Bulgarian pepper - sweet;

• Garlic feather;

• Fresh cucumber;

• Eggs table (C2) - 4 pieces;

• Mayonnaise / yogurt - 100 grams;

• Salt, pepper, greens.

Cooking Method:

Eggs are boiled, poured with cold water and left for some time. Then cleaned from the shell. The yolks are separated from proteins and the latter are cut into small pieces.

Ham and fresh cucumber are also ground into sticks.

Prepare bell pepper: washed, cut in half and free from seeds. Finely chopped into cubes.

Prepared ham, vegetables and egg whites are put in a salad bowl. Add canned corn, pre-drain the juice from it.

On a blender, a clove of garlic, egg yolks are crushed until smooth, yogurt / mayonnaise is added. The resulting sauce is seasoned with salad, cooled and served to guests.

Salad with ham, bell pepper and beans


• Beans - one can (canned);

• Cheese - 100 grams;

• Bulgarian pepper;

• Ham (chicken) - 100 grams;

• Two garlic feathers;

• Eggs - 4;

• Salt / greens / mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Chilled ham is cut into strips, then into rectangles.

Pickle the beans from the beans and place them in a deep dish.

Bell peppers are removed in the middle. Then washed it and finely chopped.

Cheese is ground on a grater or cut with a knife.

Eggs are boiled, cooled and cleaned from the shell. Crushed with a knife or through an egg cutter.

The ingredients are mixed with beans and ham.

Garlic crumble through crush, add to salad.

Chopped greens are plentifully poured on top, salted and dressed with mayonnaise sauce.

Serve chilled.

Fresh salad with bell pepper and ham


• Bulgarian pepper (green, red, yellow);

• A slice of ham (150 g);

• Two Chin. mustard spoons;

• Two onions (preferably red);

• Lemon juice - two tbsp. spoons;

• Cheese - 150 grams;

• Olive oil (50 g);

• Single tables. a spoonful of vinegar acid (you can wine);

• One tea. spoon of cane sugar;

• Twenty olives;

• Curly lettuce (green);

• Basil.

Cooking Method:

To prepare a salad dressing, sugar, olive oil, mustard, lemon juice, vinegar are mixed in a blender. A little salt and pepper.

In peppers, cut the stalk. Vegetable cut into pieces. Ham crushed straw. The bulbs are peeled and cut into rings. Olives cut in half. The chopped ingredients are mixed in a deep bowl or salad bowl.

Green lettuce leaves are laid out on a la carte vases. Put on top two or three spoons of the finished salad and sprinkle it with diced cheese. Decorate with basil leaves, Pour over salad sauce and serve each guest.

Salad with Bulgarian pepper and Festive ham


• Bulgarian pepper (one or two);

• Four pickled cucumbers;

• Table eggs - 4;

• Three hundred grams of ham;

• Two potatoes;

• Bulb (bulb);

• Mustard (30 grams);

• Mayonnaise (four tables. Spoons);

• Salt, ground pepper.

Cooking Method:

Boil potatoes in their skins, peel and cut into small rectangles.

Ham cut into cubes or straws.

The onion is peeled and finely chopped.

Cucumbers finely chopped with a knife.

Bell pepper is removed from the bell pepper, cleaned and crushed.

Cooked eggs are allowed to stand in cold water, shelled. Then cut or skip on the egg cutter.

Mayonnaise is mixed with mustard, you can add a little grated egg yolk.

All mix, season with mayonnaise sauce.

This salad can be made in layers. First spread the potatoes on the flat dish, then the ham. Sprinkle with onions. The upper layers are put in sequence: cucumbers - Bulgarian pepper - white - yolk. Each row is coated with mayonnaise mixed with mustard. Salad give soak and served to the table.

Banquet salad with ham and bell pepper


• Ham - two hundred and fifty grams;

• Two eggs (C1 / C2);

• Bulb (red);

• Bulgarian pepper (red, yellow, green);

• Cheese - one hundred grams.

For marinade:

• 15 grams of vinegar;

• Half Chin. spoons of sugar.

For the sauce:

• Two tables. spoons of ketchup;

• 100 grams of mayonnaise;

• Sour cream - three tables. spoons;

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

Onions chop into small rings, add vinegar acid, sugar, and leave to marinate.

Ham cut into cubes. Prepare peppers: cut the stalk, washed, cut into pieces. Eggs are boiled, cooled, peeled, and chopped. Cheese is crushed. In deep dishes mix the chopped ingredients. Add mayonnaise-cream sauce mixed with ketchup and mix.

Salad “Fireworks” with ham and bell pepper


• Four eggs (C1);

• Ham - two hundred and fifty grams;

• Corn - 1 bank;

• Pepper (sweet Bulgarian);

• Onions and mayonnaise - to taste.

Cooking Method:

Raw eggs are whipped in a bowl and baked four thin pancakes. Cool and slice noodles. Onions are cut and doused with boiling water, decanting the water. Ham is cut into thin strips. Pepper seeds are removed and cut into cubes. All products are mixed, add sweet canned corn, mayonnaise. Decorated with greenery.

Salad with Bulgarian pepper and ham - tricks and useful tips

• If cucumbers, fresh or pickled, are added to the salad, chop them and allow excess liquid to drain so that they are not cut off in the salad.

• Immediately after boiling, hold eggs in cold, even ice-cold water. So they are better cleaned.

• To prevent onions from giving bitterness, grind it and pour boiling water on it. After a while, drain the water and add to the salad. Onions will remain crisp, but will not give the salad a bitter taste.

• Salad is recommended to be refilled chilled just before serving.

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