Zrazy - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook zrazy.

Zrazy - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook zrazy.

Zrazy - general principles and methods of preparation

Cooked zrazy came up during the times of the Commonwealth, but there was no one to attribute the authorship of this interesting dish with a secret to anyone - this could be Lithuanians, Poles or other people who are not part of this state. Initially, zrazy were only from minced meat, stuffed with eggs, mushrooms, cheese and more. The appearance of potatoes marked a new era in all Eurasian cooking, and even today, potato zrazy firmly hold the lead. Simple and hearty stuffed patties are very tasty.

As a filling, you can try anything - meat, chicken, vegetables (cabbage, carrots, peppers, and others). Fine and rich - cheese. Each hostess is simply obliged to know how to cook a variety of options. Using what is in the refrigerator, you can feed the whole family, or surprise the guests at a friendly party. This pleasant dish is highly respected by men, and the children simply eat with pleasure, wondering what, once again, mom hid inside.

Zrazy - product preparation

For the preparation of zrazov need the base and filling. In potato zrazy boiled potatoes are used, mashed together with butter, fried onions and eggs. In a tight mash is better to put the stuffing. Zrazy just save if some products remain. Yesterday’s mashed potatoes are suitable, if you fry it with a large amount of onions, you will get a wonderful filling. If eggs are used, they are boiled hard boiled.

Zrazy - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Potato Zrazy

This popular dish will be familiar and familiar to you as soon as you learn how to cook it. There are two secrets here - not a very large amount of fat in the filling and flour, in which minced meat collapses during the formation of the burgers.

Ingredients: potatoes (1 kg), butter (30 grams), onions (2 medium), egg, flour (3 tablespoons), sour cream (1 cup), garlic (1-2 cloves), parsley, ground pepper, salt, vegetable oil for frying.

Method of preparation

Peel and finely chop the onion. Fry it until golden. We clean and wash the mushrooms, finely cut and lay them to fry to the onion. Shortly before the readiness add garlic, passed through the garlic. Boil the potatoes and drain the water. It is necessary that the liquid was at the very minimum, so we evaporate it for a couple with the lid open. Knead, mash, add butter and a little pepper. Slightly cool add the egg and 3 tbsp. spoons of flour. Stir the dough thoroughly.

Form the patties with the filling. Pour flour on the dispensing board and lay out the ball, give it a flat shape with your hands. In the middle we place the filling and connect the edges. Press the cutlet a little and put it in the pan with the heated butter. Fry on both sides until golden brown. Serve with sour cream and chopped parsley.

Recipe 2: Zrazy with mushrooms

Mushrooms - this is exactly the filling, which is simply obliged to go inside zrazov. Cooking it quickly and easily, combined with beef just fine, at the same time the dish contains both meat and side dishes.

Ingredients: lean beef, ground into minced meat (700 grams), mushrooms 400 grams, onions (1 piece), cheese (150 grams), tomato (1 piece), pickled cucumbers (2 pieces), dill and parsley, salt, pepper, crackers, vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

Fry chopped onion for 2 minutes, add mushrooms and salt pepper. Fry 10-15 minutes. Add in cheese grated pi cheese half of chopped greens. Salt mince and form a flat patty. Put 1-2 tablespoons of mushroom filling in it and connect the edges of the cutlet mass. Breaded in breadcrumbs. Fry zrazy in butter and under the lid bring to readiness. Beautifully place them on a dish with greens, covered with lettuce leaves. Tear the remaining leaves with your hands and decorate the dish. For the garnish, chop the tomatoes and cucumbers and put them nicely around the dish.

Recipe 3: Zrazy Meat

If you have a little stuffing - Zrazy will be a great solution. You can increase the yield of the product with the help of the filling. These are almost the same burgers, but with a cheese "twist". You can cook them in just 1 hour.


Minced meat (300 grams), onions (1 piece), bread (slice), flour (2-3 spoons). Egg (1 pc.) Hard cheese (100 grams), garlic (2 cloves), pepper, vegetable oil, salt.

Method of preparation First, prepare the stuffing - soak bread, salt-pepper, separate 1 protein, add 1 spoon of flour and mix everything. On a fine grater, rub cheese, add crushed garlic, salt, yolk to it. Stir. Sculpt cakes. To prevent the stuffing from sticking, moisten hands and cutting board with water. The cheese filling will be in the middle, we will pinch the edges like in a pie. Roll in flour and fry in vegetable oil on both sides.

Recipe 4: Zrazy with Egg

A dish of simple and affordable products. Take ground beef, onion and egg - that's enough to make a tasty low-fat dish.

Ingredients: minced meat (500 grams), egg (5 pieces), green onions, flour, salt, pepper.

Method of preparation

Put the minced meat in a bowl, salt and pepper. Stuffing: Mix three boiled eggs with chopped onion greens, mix and salt. We roll minced meat balls, knead it into a flat cake approximately from the palm and spread the filling. Shape burgers. But that is not all. Beat raw eggs in one plate, pour flour in another. Dip the cutlet in the egg and flour and fry in butter. It turns out a wonderful ruddy crust, appetizing and beautiful. Stew a little under the lid - can be served!

Recipe 5: Chopped Zrazy with Horseradish

Give spiciness and piquancy? Easy! Add in some grated horseradish. So that the dish does not seem too dry, stew it in a small amount of broth. Here the filling is not so important as the taste of horseradish fried with bread crumbs.

Ingredients: beef (500 grams), eggs (3 pieces), white bread (3-4 spoons crumbs), grated horseradish (3-4 spoons), onions (1 piece), broth (2 cups) , butter (30 grams).

Method of preparation

Skip the beef through a meat grinder with onions. In the stuffing add 2 egg yolks and 1 egg. Horseradish fry with crumbled bread in a pan with 1 spoon of vegetable oil. Melo chop and ceiling onions. Spread a flat piece of minced meat with horseradish mixture and roll up the burgers. Fry it in melted butter with onions, put in a saucepan and stew in broth. Serve with fried potatoes. Pour over his sauce from zraz.

Recipe 6: Fish Zraz

Our knowledge of the preparation of zrazov will be incomplete if we do not prepare the fish version. Any dry sea fish - hake, cod, sardine. The main thing is to get not greasy and not too thin stuffing. Preparing the dish as well as meat.

Ingredients: fish (400 grams), lard (50 grams), eggs (3 pieces), bread (2-3 slices of white), ground crackers, onions (2 pieces), vegetable oil, garlic, salt pepper

Method of preparation

Through the meat grinder or combine skip the prepared fillet and add the fat. Raw egg bread. It is desirable to mix the stuffing and grind it again. Season with pepper, salt. Fry onion in butter, mix with boiled and chopped eggs and squeeze garlic. In the middle of the cake lay out the filling, pinch the edges and form the patties. Fry in vegetable oil. Green peas and potatoes are perfect for garnish.

Zrazy - useful tips from experienced chefs

A few more popular fillings for meat and potato mince:

- Sour cabbage with mushrooms: mix boiled mushrooms with finely chopped bacon and stewed sauerkraut, small fried onions. To make the filling more dense, add a little breadcrumbs.

- Canned squids. Grind them in a meat grinder and mix with fried onions.

- Walnuts: Crush nuts, add some crackers and butter.

- Potatoes with mustard. Crush boiled potatoes, add fried onions and a little mustard.

Curd zrazy. As a filling, you can perfectly use raisins, apples stewed in butter or pears. The dough is kneaded like cheesecakes.

Buckwheat zrazy. Boil buckwheat and add eggs and crackers to it. Mix with beef. Mushrooms or cheese are best for the filling. This species must be breaded in flour and eggs.

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