Armenian cakes - recipes of famous sweets. Nut, chocolate, honey options and Armenian Mikado cakes

Armenian cakes - recipes of famous sweets. Nut, chocolate, honey options and Armenian Mikado cakes

Armenians certainly know sweets. The range of national desserts is impressive. But especially they manage to cakes. No, they do not shine with decoration, they are prepared from the most primitive products, but for some reason they always turn out to be amazing. What is the secret?

Armenian cakes - general cooking principles

In Armenian culinary a huge number of recipes based on sponge cake, shortbread, honey or puff pastry. You can always choose the option at its discretion. Cakes are not always collected by classical technology. Additional layers of soufflé, caramel, air meringue, and nut masses are often prepared. Creams are used different: custard, cream, condensed milk. Walnuts are often added. They are present in the dough, in the cream or in the interlayer.

For decoration, chocolate glaze (ganache), nuts or crushed trimmings are usually used. In some recipes, the sides are filled up, and the top is covered with a thick layer of chocolate. It is important that it is not very liquid and does not drip onto its sides. You can sprinkle treat with chopped cookies, waffles, decorate with candy, marshmallow or marmalade.

Armenian cake “Mikado” (classic recipe)

A simple recipe for Armenian cake “Mikado” made of thin chocolate cakes. Cooking time about 2 hours, simple products, it turns out about 8-10 servings.


• egg;

• 5 g of soda;

• 100 g of sugar;

• 0.47 kg of flour;

• 0.1 kg sour cream;

• salt, any acid.

For cream and decoration:

• pack of oil;

• 170 g chocolate;

• condensed milk can.


1. Put the softened butter in a bowl, add sugar to it and add a pinch of salt. All this beat about 15 minutes, add sour cream, stir. Next break the egg, bring the mass to homogeneity.

2. Fall asleep flour. Acetic acid or citric acid quench drinking soda and also send in the dough. Knead. We clean for half an hour in the fridge. 3. Divide the dough into 10 equal pieces. We roll thin flat cakes from each with a rolling pin, cut a circle with a plate so that it turns out to be even. Making punctures with a fork.

4. Put in the oven, bake 5 minutes at 200 degrees. We bake all the cakes.

5. Beat the butter with condensed milk. Melted chocolate (100 g), cool and add to the cream. You can temporarily put the mass in the refrigerator until the cake layers are prepared and cooled.

6. Coat the prepared cakes with cream, sprinkle the Mikado cake on top with grated chocolate chips.

Armenian cake: recipe with nuts (Male ideal)

The names of this Armenian cake, the recipe of which is described below, are several. Most often, it is termed the “Male Ideal,” although women will also like it.


• 4 tbsp. l honey;

• 100 g of nuts;

• 7 g of soda;

• 50 g of brandy;

• 4 eggs;

• 300 g of sugar and white flour;

• a little vinegar.


• pack of oil;

• 0.5 Art. nuts;

• 400 g of boiled condensed milk.

To decorate:

• half a bar of milk chocolate

• 80 g of nuts,

• for impregnating cakes - sweet tea.


1. Melt the honey, but do not overheat. First, beat eggs and sugar, then add brandy with honey, mix well. Next, add flour and chopped nuts to the dough. We stir a little and fill with slaked soda. Now you can mix the mass until uniform.

2. We spread in the form of 20-23 cm. We bake one high cake. Temperature is 180-190 degrees.

3. Cool, cut into 4 layers. If you fail, you can do three things. We use for cutting a long knife in the form of a file.

4. Mix the butter and condensed milk, whisk until fluffy.

5. Now each nutty cake is soaked with sweet chilled tea, greased with cream and sprinkled with chopped nuts.

6. On top of the cake, too, need to smear the cream. From the sides we sprinkle nuts, the top is decorated with grated chocolate. Since the impregnation was used, it is enough to stand for 2-3 hours for the dessert and you can try it, but the next day the delicacy will be tastier.

Armenian cake “Mikado” with bananas

Another recipe for the Armenian cake "Mikado". This delicacy is prepared with bananas, it turns out very tender, juicy and fragrant. Cooked on sponge cake. You will also need apple juice, but you can also take orange juice. Ingredients

• 0.1 kg of flour and sugar in the dough;

• three eggs;

• five bananas;

• 9 g of gelatin;

• 50 ml of wine;

• 100 ml of apple juice;

• 120 g of sugar;

• 500 ml of cream;

• one chocolate bar.


1. Making an ordinary biscuit cake. Before the foam, beat the eggs, gradually introduce sand. After the sugar has dissolved, add flour, mix and bake until tender.

2. Place the cooled biscuit in the ring from the split form.

3. Cut bananas into slices and place on sponge cake dough.

4. Prepare the pot: combine the wine, 70 g of sugar and add the juice. We dissolve, we water the spread out bananas.

5. Gelatin dissolve in a small amount of water, give a swell. We heat up.

6. Whip the cream (400 ml) to a fluffy foam with sugar, add gelatin. Stir and spread on a banana layer. Cool a couple of hours, let the mass harden a little.

7. Mix the remaining cream and broken chocolate. First melt. As soon as the mass becomes homogeneous, remove and cool slightly.

8. Remove the cake from the fridge and cover with a layer of icing. Let stand for a couple of hours to finally get a creamy layer of cream.

Armenian cake: “Snickers” recipe

Dessert “Snickers” can be found in a variety of options, but the recipe of the Armenian cake is especially tasty. If done correctly, it will not differ much in taste from the bar of the same name.


• flour 0.25 kg;

• 125 g of oil;

• 15 g sugar;

• egg;

• 40 g of water.


• 0.12 kg of sugar;

• 0.04 kg of oil;

• 0.1 L fatty cream;

• 30 ml of water.


• 40 g cream of fat;

• 60 g chocolate.

Also for the sneakers need peanuts, you can fry it in advance and clean the outer husk.


1. Chop the butter with flour. Add sugar, add a pinch of salt and then all the ingredients for the dough, including water. Roll the ball out of the cooked dough, wrap it with foil and put it in the fridge for a while.

2. Roll out the dough layer about three millimeters thick, put in a pastry ring. Bake the cake at 180 degrees to wheat-colored, do not need to keep in the oven. 3. Peanuts lightly salted, rub well. Use fine salt. To make it stick well, sprinkle with water. The cake will take 300-400 grams of peanuts, but less is possible.

4. Melt sugar for caramel with water, begin to fry until brownish. We do all this in a skillet. Heat cream with butter separately. As soon as the caramel passes the flavor, gently pour in the creamy mixture, stir and turn it off. Cool slightly.

5. Pour the caramel into the ring on the cake.

6. While the layer is not frozen, we begin to lay and press the salted peanuts.

7. Making ganache from cream and chocolate, just melt it.

8. We cover the chocolate layer that starts to harden caramel. We put the Armenian cake for a couple of hours in the fridge.

Armenian cake “Mikado” with custard

Cakes for this cake are prepared classic, as in the first recipe. But the cream is not quite ordinary custard and has its own nuances.


• 400 ml of milk;

• 20 ml of cognac;

• pack of oil;

• 150 g of sugar;

• 2 yolks;

• 1 tsp. coffee;

• 0.5 cans of condensed milk;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• 4 spoons of cocoa.

For ganache: 150 g of chocolate and 50 g of cream of fat.


1. Making cakes according to the first recipe.

2. Milk is sent to the stove, add coffee, pour sugar and leave to heat.

3. In a bowl, combine condensed milk with yolks, cocoa and flour. Stir, pour into warm milk.

4. Start cooking cream. As soon as it starts to thicken, continuously interfere. Remove the brewed mass from the stove and cool it.

5. Butter to beat up a good foam, it should become white, increase in volume. Shift in the cream, stir.

6. Add brandy and can be greased cakes.

7. Melt the ganache ingredients together, cover the dessert with icing.

Armenian cake: recipe “Bird's Milk”

The Armenian recipe for the “Bird's Milk” cake is completely different from ours. It is a completely different dessert, but no less tasty and sweet.


• 0.1 kg margarine;

• 4 spoons of milk;

• two eggs;

• one ? hl soda;

• 3 tbsp. flour;

• 3 l. honey;

• a glass of sugar. Cream:

• half a liter of whole milk;

• 0.25 kg of oil;

• three tablespoons of flour;

• a glass of sand.

Chocolate and three spoons of butter for the glaze.


1. The dough is prepared according to the type of our honey cake. We warm up the margarine (or we take butter) in the honey bath, add soda and eggs, dissolve all the ingredients into a homogeneous mixture. Add milk with flour. Knead cool mass.

2. Divide the cooked dough into 5 cakes. Roll out, cut circles with a plate, bake. Trimming also need to cook, they can sprinkle the sides of the cake.

3. Making ordinary custard. Connect everything except oil. Brew. Cool and mix with softened (can be whipped) butter.

4. Send in the honey cakes of the Armenian cake with cream. Coat the sides, the top is not affected.

5. Rub the baked pieces to crumb, sprinkle with the sides of the cake.

6. To melt the chocolate with butter, cool a little and put the mass beginning to thicken on top.

Armenian cakes - useful tips and tricks

• Often brandy is present in Armenian cakes. It gives the dessert a noble taste, a special aroma. But if the delicacy is prepared for the children's table, alcoholic beverages should be excluded. It is allowed to add brandy to the dough before baking.

• If there is no chocolate, then icing for the cake can be made from cocoa. Milk, sugar and butter are added to it, the mixture is heated and applied to the surface of the dessert in a warm form.

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