Chocolate sponge cake - an exceptional dessert! Recipes delicate and always delicious chocolate cakes from biscuit

Chocolate sponge cake - an exceptional dessert! Recipes delicate and always delicious chocolate cakes from biscuit

Chocolate cake - a treat not only for sweet teeth. It is very difficult to refuse this delicacy, especially if it is cooked at home.

The dessert is distinguished by its freshness, naturalness and extraordinary aroma. It's time to do!

Chocolate Sponge Cake - General Cooking Principles

• Biscuit dough can be prepared in different ways, but cocoa is always present. It gives powder chocolate flavor. The better the additive, the better the cake.

• For kneading sponge dough, it is advisable to use a mixer. Whisk to beat the dough until the fluffy foam is difficult, it will take a lot of time and effort.

• The form for a biscuit is desirable to use detachable. It is important to cover the bottom with parchment, otherwise the cake may stick. It is enough to grease the sides of the form with a thin layer of oil; if necessary, they can be separated with a knife.

• Bake biscuits at a temperature of 170-180 ° C. The higher the cake, the lower the temperature should be. Time is selected individually. The surest way to determine readiness is to pierce the cake with a toothpick and then touch it. The splinter should remain dry.

• The cream in the chocolate cake can be any, both in the composition of ingredients and in taste. It is important to remember one rule - only cooled cakes are greased. Ideally, the biscuit should lie down for at least 10 hours.

Chocolate sponge cake with sour cream

Delicious version of a simple chocolate-flavored sponge cake. It is advisable to prepare the cream from fat and thick sour cream so that it does not drip off the cake layers and soak them well.


• flour 0.12 kg;

• 1 tbsp. Sahara;

• 2 tbsp. l cocoa;

• 4 eggs;

• 0.5 kg sour cream;

• 1 tbsp. powdered sakh .;

• 1 tsp. ripper;

• 40 g grated chocolate.


1. Separate the proteins, put them in a bowl, send to the refrigerator. Add half the sugar to the yolks, beat for five minutes with a mixer. 2. We get proteins, we throw a pinch of salt, we start to beat. The mass will increase rapidly, thicken, begin to add sugar in small portions.

3. Combine the protein mass with the yolks, stir gently, turn on the slowest mixer speed.

4. Separately, you need to stir flour and cocoa, put ripper to them. It is advisable to sift all this together, so that lumps probably did not form. Mix in beaten eggs.

5. Pour chocolate dough into shape, bake. Details about this are written above. Cooling down.

6. Cut the cooled cake into 2 cakes. If a small diameter form was used, then three can be made.

7. Mix the powder with sour cream, coat with chocolate cakes.

8. Sprinkle cake with grated chocolate, send soak in the fridge.

Chocolate sponge cake on boiling water

Recipe for an unusual biscuit on boiling water for chocolate cake. The cake according to this recipe always turns out soft and porous. Cream on condensed milk, but to taste you can make any other option.


• 2 eggs;

• 1 tsp. soda;

• 300 g flour;

• 250 g of sugar;

• 200 ml of milk;

• 4 spoons of cocoa;

• 100 g of oil;

• 200 g of boiling water;

• 1.5 tsp. ripper.

Bank of condensed milk, 100 g of chocolate and 350 g of oil in the cream.


1. We take two bowls, one of them must be dry. We throw flour, a ripper into it, we fall asleep sugar and add baking soda, at the end we throw cocoa. Intensely stir with a dry spoon to get rid of all the lumps.

2. In the second bowl, break eggs, beat for a minute, add milk, beat another minute and pour in vegetable oil.

3. Now combine the ingredients of both bowls, stir until smooth. You can use a mixer, beat a couple of minutes.

4. We take a glass of boiling water, pour it into the dough, all this time we continue to beat.

5. Pour the prepared mass into a form with a diameter of about 23-25 ​​cm.

6. Bake until ready at 180. You can use the slow cooker, but the cake will be quite high.

7. While the biscuit is baked and cooled, prepare the cream. We soften the butter, mix well, gradually add condensed milk. At the very end, add melted but cooled chocolate. 8. The cooled biscuit from the dough on boiling water should be cut across into several layers, fluff cream. Decorate to your taste, you can leave it like that or sprinkle with chocolate, nuts, coconut chips.

Chocolate sponge cake on kefir: an economical option

In fact, this is a very convenient recipe for which you can use not only kefir. The dough will turn out on ryazhenka or yogurt, you can use natural yogurt.


• two eggs;

• standard bag ripper;

• a glass of kefir;

• 1.3 cups of flour;

• 2 spoons of cocoa powder;

• 160 g sugar.

For cream 1 can of condensed milk, you can take with a chocolate flavor, a standard pack of butter.


1. We get kefir in advance, let it stand for a while.

2. We pour out sugar, we add eggs to kefir. Immediately you can pour cocoa. Take the mixer and carefully beat the mass, preferably not less than five minutes. Maximum speed

3. Pour the flour into the dough and the ripper on top of it. Beat a minute.

4. Pour into detachable form or in a multicooker cup. We send biscuit dough to bake. Cooling down.

5. Beat the butter with condensed milk, send the cream in the fridge. You can add cocoa or melted chocolate in it, as in one of the recipes above.

6. Cut the cooled sponge cake into two parts, coat the layers with cream.

Drunk Cherry Chocolate Sponge Cake

Variant of elegant chocolate sponge cake with cherries marinated in cognac. Many have tried it, but did they cook everything? Berries can be used fresh or frozen.


• 4 tbsp. l cocoa;

• 0.2 kg flour;

• six eggs;

• sugar - 250 grams;

• baking ripper.


• 320 g of condensed milk;

• 100 ml of cognac;

• pack of oil;

• 300 g cherries.

• For the glaze 120 g of chocolate and 70 and butter.


1. At the cherry we remove all the bones. Water with brandy, leave to pickle. Periodically stir it so that the berries are well soaked.

2. Sponge cake for this cake is better to cook high. Therefore, we use the form up to 22 cm in diameter. Lubricate, prepare, turn on the stove at 170 degrees, let it warm up. 3. Making a regular sponge cake. Intensively whip proteins with half the sugar to a strong foam. Then beat the yolks with the second part of the sugar. Loose ingredients mix, combine all. Bake until cooked, cool.

4. Beat the butter with condensed milk. It is possible for this cake to use cream from fat cream with sugar, it also turns out delicious.

5. Squeeze the cherries, discard brandy with juice.

6. Cut off the top of the biscuit, choose the inside of the crumb, to get something like a bowl. The depth of the notch is about a centimeter. Crumble crumb, add to cream, put cherries in the same place and mix everything.

7. Cognac with juice sprinkle cakes.

8. Fill the made bowl of biscuit with cream, cover with the top cake, which serves as a lid.

9. Melt the chocolate with butter, cover the cake with icing.

Chocolate sponge cake with Nutella

A variant of a very simple and fast chocolate cake, which is prepared from a minimum set of ingredients. As a cream used chocolate paste "Nutella".


• 4 eggs;

• 150 g of flour;

• can of chocolate paste;

• 25 g of cocoa;

• 170 g of sugar;

• 1 cup of sweet tea.


1. Mix cocoa and flour, sift.

2. Beat up the eggs until cool, gradually add sugar. Continue to beat until all the grains are dissolved.

3. Add flour with cocoa, stir. Pour the dough into the form, bake the biscuit until tender.

4. Brew tea, season with sugar, cool. Korzh also need to cool, then cut into two parts.

5. Spill the lower biscuit tea, grease with chocolate paste.

6. From above we cover with the second cake cake, pour water with tea too, wait a bit until it is soaked.

7. Spread a simple cake on top and sides of the paste, you can sprinkle with nuts.

Chocolate Nut Cake

A stunning recipe for chocolate sponge cake with nuts. The cake is incredibly tasty and fragrant, while preparing is very simple.


• 4 spoons of cocoa;

• 1 tbsp. flour;

• 100 grams of walnuts

• bag of ordinary ripper; • 1 tbsp. Sahara;

• 5 eggs;

For the glaze you need chocolate and 30 g of sour cream, for sprinkling nuts, about another 100 grams.


1. Chop the nuts finely, combine with flour, sifted cocoa and baking ripper. We set aside for a while.

2. We launch the eggs in a bowl, we do not need to separate anything, whip at the highest speed until foam. Then we start to pour sugar, in about 5-6 receptions.

3. Once the sugar is dissolved, take out the mixer, pour the flour with nuts. Stir the dough with a spatula and immediately shift it into the mold.

4. Put in the oven, bake. Cooling down.

5. Nuts for dressing necessarily fry, chop in small pieces or rub.

6. Melt the chocolate with sour cream, you can instead take a heavy cream. Lubricate the sponge cake, sprinkle with roasted nuts on top.

Chocolate Sponge Cake - Tips and Tricks

• The sponge cake will rise and not fall off if a little soda or ripper is added to the dough.

• Soak cakes can be any sweet liquid: syrup, tea, coffee, diluted jam. It will be tastier if you add a little brandy. It is undesirable to use fresh juices, they can ferment.

• If the cream is prepared in advance, then it should be stored in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it will not only flow, but also quickly deteriorate.

• Biscuit can be baked in advance, it is remarkably stored in the cold for several days, but you need to grease the chocolate cake with cream no earlier than 24 hours before the intended use time.

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