Canned cucumbers for the winter: will the crunch persist? Various ways of harvesting canned cucumbers for the winter

Canned cucumbers for the winter: will the crunch persist? Various ways of harvesting canned cucumbers for the winter

Who can resist and not try a couple of crispy and fragrant canned cucumbers at a party? Same traditional snack and ingredient of set of salads!

It is proved that all housewives canned cucumbers are obtained quite differently. Even created by the same recipes. These recipes are passed from generation to generation, they are preserved, complemented and modernized.

Basic principles of canning cucumbers for the winter

First of all, let's determine which products are used in the preparation process:

• purified water;

• fresh cucumbers;

• Dill umbrella;

• parsley;

• basil;

• garlic;

• salt;

• peppercorns;

• black currant leaves.

Purified water. The best option if for cucumbers you take exactly spring water. This naturally purified water does not contain harmful impurities, and sometimes it contains beneficial salts and trace elements to improve the quality of salting. In the absence of natural spring water, you can use bottled water, which is sold in the store.

Fresh cucumbers. Here it is better to choose cucumbers just plucked from the garden. When buying pickles for pickling in the store - choose varieties with “pimples”, they are most suitable for preservation.

Dill umbrellas. This is one of the most common components for both pickling and pickling. In their absence, replace the umbrellas - dill seeds.

Parsley. This seasoning is used by both the root and the green itself. Greens will give aroma, and the root will add sharpness and change the taste, giving it a masculine character.

Basil. Spice - for an amateur, the smell with nothing can not be confused.

Salt. Salt choose stone with minimal impurities. If you choose fine salt, then be careful with its dosage.

Garlic. What preparations for the winter can be imagined without this natural preservative and simply aromatic additive.

Pepper Peas. Only pickled black pepper is suitable for pickled cucumbers, while canning or pickling you can add allspice.

Black currant leaves. They are placed on the bottom of the jar and the neck is closed after all the components have been laid. It is important here that they contain vitamin C, which gradually penetrates into cucumbers. In addition, they give the brine flavor and richness. Now we will consider the general technology of conservation when salting.

Salt cucumbers begin with the preparation of cucumbers. They are thoroughly washed and cleaned from black dots. Then it is necessary to thoroughly wash the cans and calcine them over the steam in a water bath or over an open fire of comfort. It is safer and more convenient to do this in a water bath. By the way, for salting, most often use three-liter jars, they are more convenient to stack cucumbers.

Currant leaves and several cloves of garlic are cut in half on the bottom of the prepared jar. They also throw a couple of peas of pepper and an umbrella of dill or a pinch of seeds.

We proceed to fill the jar. Before placing cucumbers in a jar, they need to cut a small piece on the top and bottom. This will help them to more stably put them in the can and speed up the procrastination process. When salting the skin becomes tough, and a small incision facilitates the process of cutting an already finished cucumber.

After laying the first layer in a jar, add a couple of parsley sprigs and a couple of root pieces. Here also add a few pieces of garlic and a couple of peas of pepper. Next, fill the jar to the top. Top spices and a leaf of black currant are laid. Pour cucumbers with brine, close the capron lid and shake well. Store cucumbers in the refrigerator or in a cool and dark place.

Pickling technology for pickling.

In general, the technology is similar to the process of salting, the only difference: we need marinade. On the top sheet of black currant, after pouring the marinade, be sure to drop a few drops of vegetable oil. It will not allow fermented cucumbers and will not allow air to penetrate under the lid. Close pickled cucumbers with a metal lid, while they are sterilized or subjected to multiple pouring.

Multiple pouring - bring the marinade to a boil and pour cucumbers over it. Leave to soak and warm up for 20 minutes. Then everything is drained and the marinade is re-boiled and the pouring is repeated. Ideally, for pickled cucumbers, the potting should be repeated 5-6 times.

After pouring, the jar is closed with a lid turned over to the floor and wrapped until it cools.

Recipe 1. Canned cucumbers - “Red sunset”


• 600 grams of small and even cucumbers; • 2 pcs cloves of summer garlic;

• one head of onion;

• 1-2 glasses of red currant berries;

• 3pcs of black peppercorns;

• 3 pcs clove twigs;

• one liter of water;

• 1 tablespoon sugar;

2.5 tablespoons of rock salt.

Method of preparation

We put cucumbers and spices, as described earlier. Half a cup of currant cleared of twigs and fall asleep between cucumbers. The remaining berries are also cleaned and used for brine.

Prepare the brine as follows: pour water into a saucepan, add salt and sugar there and pour in the rest of the berries. Boil the resulting mixture for 1 minute and pour the jars with boiling brine, after the jars we sterilize for 10 minutes in boiling water, close and let cool.

Recipe 2. Canned cucumbers - “Cold crunch”


• Salt 100 gr;

• 6 pcs of black currant leaves;

• 6pcs peas;

• 1pc of a small parsley root;

• one bunch of parsley leaves;

• 4 pcs cloves of winter garlic;

• 2 pcs of dill umbrella or two teaspoons of seeds;

• 1-2 liters of cold water;

• 2kg cucumbers.

Method of preparation

The whole process of laying and pouring cucumbers corresponds to the classic salting technology. The only difference is that salt is poured into a jar immediately on stacked cucumbers, and then it is gradually washed off with cold water, which is poured over cucumbers. After pouring and closing. the jar needs to be shaken and turned up and down 5-6 times. Put the bank in a warm dark place for a day. Then they are taken out of a warm place and placed in a refrigerator (cellar) for storage or opened for food.

Recipe 3. Canned cucumbers - “In tomato paradise”


• 4-5 kg ​​of cucumbers cooled in ice water;

• 180 grams of peeled garlic;

• 3 tablespoons with a hill of tomato paste or sauce;

• 1 tbsp of vegetable oil;

• 32-35 tablespoons of salt;

• 150 grams of apple cider vinegar 6%;

• 1 hl ground paprika;

• 1 tablespoon ground black pepper.

Method of preparation

Washed and cut cucumbers are cut into quarters, chop garlic with a press. Add cucumbers, garlic and other ingredients, except vinegar to the pan and cook for 30 minutes. During the cooking process, be sure to try the sauce for the amount of salt and pepper. The sauce should be moderately salty with subtle sweet notes. After you have checked the sauce and added the necessary ingredients, simmer the mixture for another 15 minutes. Add vinegar and immediately remove the mixture from the heat. Ready cucumbers together with marinade are laid on banks. Further, at your choice: if you want - sterilize the cans in boiling water for 10 minutes, if you want - you wrap up The cans are covered with metal lids with a special seamer.

Recipe 4. Canned cucumbers - “Apple surprise”


• Apples are taken based on the number of cans. One jar requires 1-2 apples of Antonovka;

• 3-4 pieces of garlic cloves;

• dill seed;

• 1-2 pcs of cherry leaves;

• half a cup of red currant berries;

• 6 pcs black pepper;

• 6pcs of allspice;

• 12 pcs clove twigs;

• 4pcs bay leaf;

• 5 tsp sugar;

• 4 tsp salt;

• acetic essence 70% 2 hl;

• 1-2 kg of cucumbers.

Method of preparation

Cucumbers are stolen in jars mixed with apples and sprinkled with sliced ​​garlic slices. By the way, the peel from the apples is not peeled, it will not allow them to spread on the jar, but the bones must be removed.

Here they use the method of triple pouring, while the first two times the vegetables are poured with boiling water. The third time, add sugar and salt to it and boil for 10 minutes.

Ready marinade pour the jar whole, then pour in the vinegar and if necessary add the brine to the end (so that just overflowed). Banks close the lids and leave to cool wrapped up.

Recipe 5. Canned cucumbers - “Gooseberry with a crunch”


• 3 pcs 700 ml cans;

• 4 kg of small cucumbers;

• a pound of peeled gooseberry berries;

• 1 whole peeled head of garlic;

• 10 pieces of washed cherry leaves;

• 1 piece of horseradish leaf;

• 5 pieces of washed black currant leaves;

• umbrella of dill with a branch;

• 10 pieces of cloves and peppercorns;

• 1 pc of purified horseradish root;

• 3.5 mineral water;

• 2 tbsp salt;

• 3 tbsp. l sugar;

• Table vinegar 9% -80gr.

Method of preparation

Cooked cucumbers obsushivaem napkins. Chop garlic and horseradish root and place in a cup with salt and mix. Give them a little juice. In addition to spices, we throw gooseberry and currant berries on the bottom of the jar. Then put cucumbers mixed with spices. Cooking the marinade, pouring everything except vinegar into the water, boil for 10 minutes and pour the cucumbers threefold. For the third time, pour in the vinegar and boil for 5 minutes, pour the jars with brine and close. Closed banks wrap and leave to readiness.

Canned Cucumbers for Winter - Tricks and Tips

• Most importantly, avoid water containing bleach and other substances that are used to disinfect tap water. Get rid of them will not help even boiling. Cucumbers in a similar marinade will be soft and sour. • If your cucumbers had a chance until your hands reached them, you can simply reanimate them. To do this, we shift cucumbers to a clean basin or bath and pour cold, almost ice-cold water. We leave them to swim for 1-3 hours. After that we get, we dry and it is possible to put in bank. They will be crispy and fragrant even after salting.

• Salt for any preservatives must be selected without iodine. Yes, iodine is good for our body, but if you add it to the preforms, they start to ferment and quickly deteriorate. Cucumbers with the assistance of iodine immediately turn sour and become soft after a couple of days.

• Lay cucumbers carefully. Down stack cucumbers thicker, and leave smaller on top. This will help in one jar to place the maximum amount of products The bottom row of cucumbers are not placed across the banks, but placed horizontally.

• For wrapping cans, it is better to use wool items, for example: a small blanket or a shawl. The bank needs to be wrapped on all sides, so it will cool evenly. From the smoothness of the cooling process will depend on how much your blanks will stand without the threat of deterioration.

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