Billet for the winter of cucumbers: more, tastier, more diverse! The success of the preparation for the winter of cucumbers depends on the correct recipes

Billet for the winter of cucumbers: more, tastier, more diverse! The success of the preparation for the winter of cucumbers depends on the correct recipes

Harvesting cucumbers for the winter is a traditional activity during an active harvest.

Billet for the winter of cucumbers - general principles of cooking

Cucumbers can be salted or pickled both sliced ​​and whole, you can use them in combination with other vegetables and make salads, and even there are recipes for cooking cucumbers.

Regardless of the recipe, the whole process of harvesting cucumbers is carried out in two main ways. This is either salting or pickling. Each cooking process has its own nuances that need to be considered so that the harvesting of cucumbers for the winter will be successful and delight in the winter period.

If you decide to use pickling cucumbers, then you need to consider that pickling occurs within 3 - 10 days. If you want lightly salted cucumbers, then for this it is enough to keep cucumbers in brine for 3 days, for 10 days you can get the final version of salted cucumbers.

Cucumbers can be salted, pouring them with cold pickle, you can pickle with vodka, you can in an oak barrel. But the most common option is to pour cucumbers with hot pickle followed by rolling in a jar.

When pickling cucumbers, vinegar is most often used. With it, make marinade, pour them cucumbers, laid out in banks, and sterilized. There are also several options for the preparation of marinade: with vinegar, citric acid, mustard, etc.

Next, we consider the basic methods of harvesting of cucumbers for the winter, which are easy to make.

Recipe 1 - Simple pickling of cucumbers

Ingredients (per 1 liter jar):

• Cucumbers

• Dill - 1 pc (umbrella)

• Horseradish leaf - 1 pc

• Garlic - 5-6 cloves

• Hot pepper - 3-4 ringlets

• Bulgarian pepper - 2 ringlet

• Currant leaves - 2 pieces

• Coarse salt - 20 g

• Atsetilka - 1,5 tablets

Method of preparation

Carefully select cucumbers. Cucumbers are desirable to use medium-sized and even. Cucumbers must first soak 4-5 hours. Banks must be sterilized, and cover the lid with hot water or boil.

All ingredients are washed, cleaned. Horseradish, dill and currant leaves are placed on the bottom of the jar. Then the jar is tightly filled with cucumbers. Garlic slices and pepper circles are laid on top.

Then the cucumbers are poured with boiled water and covered with lids. Banks need to give time to cool. After that, the water is drained from all the cans into the pot and another 100 ml of plain, boiled water is added to it. All this is brought to a boil. Meanwhile, salt and a crushed acetyl tablet (aspirin) are poured into cans. After that, each can is poured with boiling water to the top.

It is recommended that the bank be immediately tightened tightly. The water should constantly boil, even when you need to stop the cans from rolling up, so leave the saucepan with water to simmer. Ready banks need a day to keep the top down in a warm place.

Recipe 2 - Lightly salted cucumbers

Ingredients (for 1 kg of cucumber):

• Cucumbers - 1 kg

• Garlic - 1 pc

• Dill greens - 1 bunch

• Sparkling mineral water - 1 liter

• Vinegar - 40 ml

• Granulated sugar - 10 g

• Cumin - 5 g

• Coriander seeds - 5 g

• Bay leaf - 3 pieces

• Pepper allspice - 5 pcs

• Whole cloves - 2 pcs

• Sea salt - 25 g.

Method of preparation

It is necessary to wash the cucumbers properly and remove their tips. Cucumbers must be placed in a glass or enameled container. Slices of garlic must be crushed with a knife and add to cucumbers. Then dill, pepper, cloves, cumin, coriander, bay leaves are added. Then pour vinegar and add salt and sugar. At the end, everything is filled with sparkling water. Cucumbers are put for a day in a cool place. After that, the cucumbers are ready to eat or seaming.

Recipe 3 - Cucumbers marinated with mustard


• Fresh cucumbers - 2 kg

• Carrot - 1 pc

• Sugar - 125 g

• Dry mustard - 2 tbsp. l

• Salt - 50 g.

• Ground black pepper - 1 tbsp. l

• Garlic - 2 heads • Refined vegetable oil - 125 ml

• Vinegar 9% - 125 ml.

Method of preparation

Cucumbers well washed and cut into slices or slices. Slices of cucumbers laid out in a convenient, large pot.

Carrots must be grated, preferably on a medium grater, add to cucumbers and mix with them. Then you need to chop the garlic, squeeze it with a press and also add to the cucumbers.

For the marinade, sugar, salt, pepper, mustard, oil and vinegar are measured. All this is added to the cucumbers, mixed and left to marinate for 3 hours. Cucumbers should give juice.

It is necessary to prepare jars. They need to be thoroughly washed or sterilized. Cucumbers are laid out on the banks and poured the resulting juice.

Banks are placed in a cold oven and sterilized there at 170 degrees. In the oven, cucumbers must be kept for 20 minutes. At last, the banks are rolled up and wrapped until cool.

Recipe 4 - Pickles with Red Currant Berries


• Fresh cucumbers - 600 g

• Horseradish root - 10 g

• Currant leaves - 3 pcs

• Garlic - 3 pcs

• Water - 1 liter

• Salt - 2 tbsp. l

• Dill - 1 bunch.

• Red currant - 1 cup

Method of preparation

All ingredients must be thoroughly washed. Banks and lids sterilized. Oak leaves, horseradish, garlic and dill are placed on the bottom of the jar.

Then cucumbers are tightly packed, and currants are poured on top. Water must be boiled, add salt and pour cucumbers.

After that, the banks are covered with a lid and infused for 1 - 2 minutes. Then the water is drained, again boiled and again poured into a jar of cucumbers. Banks then need to tighten the cap. Banks overturn and cool in a warm place.

Recipe 5 - Preparations of cucumbers for the winter in Czech


For brine:

• Water - 750 ml

• Vinegar 9% - 3 tbsp. l

• Salt - 2 tbsp. l

• Sugar - 4 tbsp. l

• Bay leaf - 3 pcs.

• Black Pepper - 15 Peas

• Mustard seeds to taste.

For each bank: • Dill greens - 50 gr.

• Dill umbrellas - 2 pcs.

• Carrots - 1-2 pcs.

• Horseradish root - 1/2

• Onions - 2 pcs. average

Method of preparation

Carefully wash the jars and put onions and carrots, cut into slices, on its bottom. On top of this fennel fits - greens and umbrellas, as well as horseradish. Only after that cucumbers are tightly placed in the jar. Prepare all the spices for the marinade and prepare it, and then poured into the jar on the very edge. After that, the bank is sterilized for 30 minutes and rolled.

Recipe 6 - Cucumber salad for the winter


• Fresh cucumbers - 5 kg

• Onions - 1 kg

• Dill (greens) - 300 g

• Vinegar 9% - 100 ml

• Granulated sugar - 5 tbsp. spoons

• Salt - 2 tbsp. spoons

• Black pepper peas - to your own taste.

Method of preparation

Cucumbers must be very well washed and soaked for 1 hour in cold water.

Cucumbers cut into half rings, also washed and peeled onions are cut. All this develops in a large bowl and left for half an hour, because It is important that cucumbers give juice.

If you want to add dill, then it must be washed and chopped. Vinegar, sugar and pepper are mixed in a large saucepan.

Dried vegetables and dill leaves are added to the same saucepan. Thoroughly mixed all the products. The saucepan is placed on a small fire and the billet must be brought to boil, the mixture must be periodically stirred.

The pan is removed from the heat when the cucumbers change a little color. After removing the salad from the fire, you need to quickly decompose into sterilized jars. They must be filled to the top, the marinade must completely cover the cucumbers. Salad cans twist and wrap themselves to cool completely.

Recipe 7 - Preparations for the winter of caviar in the form of caviar


• Cucumbers - 1 kg

• Tomatoes - 500 gr

• Carrots - 300 gr.

• Onions - 200 gr.

• Bulgarian pepper - 2 pcs.

• Vegetable oil - 1/2 cup

• Salt - 2 tbsp. spoons

• Sugar - 1 tsp.

• Pepper allspice to taste

• Hot pepper - 1 pc. (optional) Method of preparation

Bulgarian pepper must be cut into small cubes. Tomatoes are recommended to skip through a meat grinder. Onions cut into rings. The cucumbers with carrots themselves are rubbed on a coarse grater. Onions are fried in oil, then carrots are added.

So all the ingredients are gradually added, and everything is cooked for 40 minutes. The finished product is transferred to sterilized jars. Banks are firmly rolled.

Rolled banks wrapped to cool completely, and then exhibited in a cool place.

Recipe 8 - Preparations of cucumbers for the winter in tomato sauce


• Tomatoes - 2 kg

• Cucumbers - 5 kg

• Garlic - 250 gr.

• Vegetable oil - 250 gr.

• Sugar - 250 gr.

• Salt - 3 tbsp. spoons

• Table vinegar 6% - 2 tbsp. spoons

Method of preparation

All tomatoes need to scroll through a meat grinder, put in a saucepan and bring to a boil.

Cucumbers are cut into slices 3–4 cm thick and added to boiling tomatoes.

Then add vegetable oil, salt, sugar and vinegar. Everything boils for about 20 minutes.

Crushed garlic is added last. Everything is mixed well and left for 3 minutes.

After that, the product is laid out on the banks and rolled.

Recipe 9 - Preparations for the winter of cucumbers in sweet and sour marinade


• Cucumbers - 1-2 pcs.

• Salt - 1 tsp.

• Onion - 1 pc.

• Mustard seeds - 1/2 hour. Spoons.

• Sugar - 0.5 cup

• Vinegar 5% - 1/2 cup

• Celery - 1/4 spoon

• Ground turmeric - 1/4 tsp.

Method of preparation

Cucumbers and onions must be cut into small pieces.

In a bowl that is suitable for cooking in a microwave, you must mix the sliced ​​cucumbers, onions, salt, mustard seeds, sugar, vinegar, celery seeds and turmeric.

Everything must be cooked in a microwave oven at maximum power for 7-8 minutes.

In the process of cooking it is necessary to mix everything slowly until the cucumbers soften and the onions become transparent. Everything is transferred to a sterile jar. The product can be rolled up, and you can simply store in the refrigerator.

Billet for the winter of cucumbers - tricks and tips

• In order for the workpiece not to deteriorate quickly, it is necessary to select small cucumbers, dense and with black spines. It is better not to use piled cucumbers, and use freshly cut. It is also not recommended to use cucumbers with white spines, because This variety belongs to the perishable form.

• In order for the cooked cucumbers to crackle, it is necessary to pre-soak them for 2 to 6 hours. For crunching, you can also add leaves or oak bark.

• To prevent cucumbers from exploding, you can add mustard seeds or 1 tablespoon of alcohol to the pickle.

• To prevent mold formation of cucumbers, you must additionally put chopped root of horseradish. It will also improve the taste of cooked cucumbers.

• Fans of spicy or spicy taste can add a double portion of garlic and horseradish when salted.

• For salting, it is better to use coarse rock salt, since it is she who does not allow the vegetables to soften and sow the product better.

• If you pickle cucumbers in a barrel, you need to carefully prepare, wash and process them, because otherwise, cucumbers can spoil and become moldy.

• Before pickling, pickle cucumbers preferably with boiling water. So cucumbers better absorb spices and marinade.

• When pickling cucumbers in a barrel, it is best to put a wreath of black currant and cherry on top of the blank, instead of a wooden mug with a load.

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