Chicken omelette - the best recipes. How to cook chicken omelet correctly and tasty.

Chicken omelette - the best recipes. How to cook chicken omelet correctly and tasty.

When you ask yourself the question of what to quickly and tasty cook for dinner or breakfast, you usually open the refrigerator, and quickly run through the contents. It seems to be like the shelves are not empty, but for the preparation of a dish will take time. You involuntarily stop to look at the section with chicken eggs and begin to fantasize in your head - how to cook them so that it is tasty, satisfying and interesting.

Naturally, we are now talking about the omelet - the old and good companion of our whole life. Varieties of cooking omelette there are quite a large number, and they are in their own interesting and tasty. But as you understand, we would like to cook some nourishing food. Here bacon or meat comes to the rescue, in particular, chicken meat, which can be quickly cooked and, with the other ingredients, create a masterpiece. To do this, just turn on your fantasy, and the issue will be resolved. Now we will try to turn on your imagination and offer you several options for cooking omelet with chicken meat.

Recipe 1: Chicken Omelet

We take out the following ingredients from the fridge to the desktop: chicken eggs - 3 pcs .; chicken breast - 100 g; tomato - 1 pc .; greens, salt, pepper and, of course, sunflower oil.

For cooking omelet is not necessary to use chicken breast. You can safely take the chicken thighs, remove the bones and send them to the pan for boiling. Boiled meat and then cut into cubes. Wash the tomato and also cut it into cubes.

Now we will heat up the butter in a pan and send it into roasting cubes of meat and tomatoes. Salt the pans and pepper and cook vegetables on minimal heat until ready. Separately, whisk the eggs in a bowl with a whisk and send them to the tomatoes with meat. Spread the eggs over the pan evenly, so as not to mix. Cover the pan with a lid and cook the chicken omelet over low heat for another 5 minutes. During this time, he will rise beautifully and take a gentle structure. Cut the greens and sprinkle it with the ready-made omelet. By the way, the omelet is much more beautiful and tastier is obtained on an electric stove.

All chicken omelet is ready and you can already treat your household. Serve ketchup or mayonnaise for omelette, if desired. Your breakfast is ready.

Recipe 2: Chicken Omelet (from Quail Eggs)

Prepare with you an omelet of quail eggs. Ingredients: quail eggs - 4 pcs .; chicken meat - 150 g; zucchini - 14 small fruit; broccoli - several inflorescences; carrot - 0.5 pcs. Cauliflower - a few inflorescences to taste, pepper and salt, greens.

Dice chicken meat and send it n6a pan fry in butter. Dice vegetables and send to meat. When all the ingredients in the pan are ready, beat 4 quail eggs with a whisk, salt, pepper and pour in some milk. Again, beat and pour the mass in the pan to the vegetables and chicken meat. Cover the dish with a lid and cook over an omelet on low heat until tender. Remove the cooked omelet from the stove, sprinkle with chopped greens and serve portions.

Recipe 3: Chicken Omelet (with Tomatoes)

Necessary ingredients; chicken breast - 1 pc .; milk - 100 ml; eggs - 2 pcs .; Tomato - 1-2 pcs .; grated cheese - 2-3 tbsp .; green dill and parsley - to taste, butter - 1 tbsp, pepper and salt.

In a skillet melt butter. Wash chicken meat, dry it and cut into thin strips. Fry the meat in butter until golden brown. Tomatoes cut into half rings or cubes - as you like best. Separately, beat the eggs, add milk to them, salt, pepper and whisk again. For the piquancy of taste we recommend adding a little nutmeg. Put the meat from the pan into a heat-resistant form and pour everything over the prepared egg-milk mixture. Sprinkle with grated cheese on top and send the dish to the oven to bake for 15 minutes. Before you make an omelette, sprinkle with chopped greens.

Recipe 4: Chicken Omelet (in a Multicooker)

By the way, a great chicken omelet is made in a slow cooker. You do not know the recipe of its preparation. We correct a misunderstanding and offer an original recipe. Prepare these ingredients: eggs - 6 pcs.; boiled chicken meat (you can substitute ham, sausages, wieners); tomatoes - 2 pcs .; green onions, spices to taste and salt.

Get to the process. As usual, we first oil the bowl. Then chop the boiled chicken meat and dip it into the pan. Dice tomatoes and green onions and send them to the meat. Now turn on the “baking” mode and fry the contents of the bowl a little. This process can be avoided, especially if you are in a hurry - nothing terrible will happen. Now we beat the eggs, add milk to them, salt and pepper the mixture. Fill the bowl and close the multicooker lid. Choose the function "baking" and cook an omelet 25 minutes. After the corresponding signal is sounded, insert a basket-steamer into the bowl and easily turn the omelet over. Sprinkle it with greens, as a rule, and serve to the table. Beautiful !!! In appearance, it strongly resembles the Italian pizza "Margarita".

Recipe 5: Chicken Omelet

In France, the omelette have a special relationship. For them, scrambled eggs are not scrambled eggs. Omelette is the first dish! Therefore, for its preparation select a variety of ingredients. Prepare the following ingredients: chicken breast - 150g; Tomato - 2 pcs. Bulgarian pepper of different colors - 2 pcs .; olive oil - 2 tbsp .; milk - 125 ml .; basil - bunch; zucchini - 1 pc .; eggs - 6 pcs .; salt and pepper to taste.

Chicken meat can be cut into small strips and fry in a frying pan, and you can boil it beforehand, cut it into strips and just season with vegetables. We choose the second option.

Pour olive oil into the pan. Dice tomatoes and peppers. First, send the cubes of tomatoes into the pan. After they let go of their liquid, add the pepper - leave to stew until the peppers take in the liquid. Zucchini is not peeled, but only cut into cubes. Send to the vegetables and let it go for another 2-3 minutes. Now we send chicken meat to the pan, salt and pepper to taste, cover the pan and cook it all together for 5 minutes. During this time, beat the eggs, add milk, a little nutmeg and pour into the pan with meat with vegetables. Again, cover with a lid and cook over an omelet on low heat for about 5-7 minutes. Sprinkle with chopped basil on top, and - woo-ala. Dinner is served.

Secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

-. If you want your omelet to be lush and tender, then you do not need to beat the eggs hard. After you add the milk to them, just try mixing the spoons so that the two ingredients combine well.

- Salt and pepper omelet need at the end of the process.

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